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Politico: Rand Paul Campaign Impersonator was Impersonated!

by Ben Smith | Politico

I posted yesterday that DailyKos appeared to have caught a Rand Paul staffer pretending, in the comments, to be a progressive with doubts about Jack Conway. Paul aide Gary Howard, however, tells me -- and has evidence to back it up -- that this was an even more complicated online game, and that the culprit impersonated the Paul staffer to embarrass Paul's campaign...

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My comment: WTF?

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who cares

kind of a non-story.

i think this is evidence that rand's balanced budget, read the bill, where in the constitution, term limits, etc. message is resonating.



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I just got the scoop from Tom

This was all fabricated by Kos in order to boost the moneybomb yesterday for Jack Tough. It was all planned out in advance to stir frenzy and outrage among their mob.

Not only do they not have any proof, the reason they don't have proof is because it isn't true.

Big distraction, big lies to stoke the fires, chickens talking to ducks.


was a cybercrime committed somewhere along the way? sounds like the FBI needs to take a look-see.

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Dang Snitch!


There is no limit

to the lies and distortions and deceptions that the left will stoop to.
Absolutely no limit.

I just accept that fact and move accordingly.

Daily Kos can't really prove anything regarding this issue.


It's essentially their word, against the campaign's. Why trust Kos?

I tried reapplying that formula to see if I fully grasped it

and i think i confused myself.

Is this right? It would be like if a daily paul member posed as a daily kos member who poses as a daily paul member who has doubts about Ron Paul with the goal to be exposed as a dk member and discredit dk for being low down dirty deceivers...

...head asplode!!!

My gut tells me the original

My gut tells me the original story is true. It's too easy to track people on the internet these days, you aren't as anonymous as you think.

Politico couldn't find time to write about Ron Paul in 2008

but they manage to devote time and resources to this non-story. Stay classy Politico.

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The Net is the biggest defender of the truth there is....

as long as it is kept free.

Rand Paul 2010!

Who in the world cares about posters on

the Lame DailyKos. (or any other on-line forum for that matter.)

This smacks of desperation.

This smacks of desperation. It is truly pathetic. I love inflicting pain on despots. Suffer Con-way!

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I second


Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"