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Ron Paul iPhone App update released today

In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks, the new update allows users to run the app in the background so that they can listen to Ron Paul and Free-Market related audio feeds while they do other stuff on their phone.

Users will also be able to read e-books. Over the next few weeks I will be releasing a bunch of free, Libertarian and Austrian Economics e-books on the app for people to read.

It is also easier to tell when new forum and activism posts have been posted. Unfortunately, I still need to raise $500 in order to build a notification system, like Facebook status updates or calendar alerts, that will basically allow us to mass text each other whenever there are important calls to action. The notification system would be spam free and opt-in only of course.

The good news is that we are just $500 and one step away from having the best activism/news/communication/organizational/educational/campaign tool in the history of mankind!

The bad news is that the app is losing ranking in the App Store. At one point the app made it into the top 25 News apps and we are now in 97th place, almost out of the top 100. We need reviews in a bad way, especially now that an update has been released our reviews for this new version get reset to 0.

Our Diggs for the Ron Paul App Digg page have also been reset with Digg's new website update.

Here's the link if anybody want to help Digg the app:

Dan Chen

P.S. Reviews, reviews, reviews. We need them badly. To leave a review you just have to download the app through iTunes' App Store on your computer, phone, or iTouch. Once you've downloaded the app, you go back to the app in the App Store, go to reviews, and click 'Write a Review.' If we can get enough people on board, we will be more connected and up-to-date than any other candidate. Even if they try to copy our App, we will have such a huge head start that they would not even be able to catch up!

App Link:

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Must be all about the music.

Is your app available for

Is your app available for Android?

*****The Federal Reserve is neither.*****

It will be

The iphone app is to  a good enough point now, so Dan has said he will work on putting out an android app next. I don't know how soon we're talking though, whether it's a simple port or if it has to be remade from scratch, I don't know, but it is definitely in the works.

Thanks POQ!

I look forward to it and would volunteer for the beta test. Cheers!

*****The Federal Reserve is neither.*****

I am digg number 3

here is a bump I don't have a iphone

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+1 Bump

and Dugg

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Bump, I am most likely going

Bump, I am most likely going to get one of these ipods tomorrow and if I go through with the purchase, your app will surely be my next.(along with a review : )

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It's well worth it

Half the time I'm on DP it's through this app. When I'm away from my computer,killing time between my schedule, on a flight or long car trip the Ron Paul app has kept me sane and up to speed on the latest liberty happenings. It has given me opportunities to share videos and articles with others out in everyday life too.

Updating now!

that was faster than I expected, thanks for constantly improving this Dan!

"...the best activism/news/communication/organizational/educational/campaign tool in the history of mankind!"

sounds a little sensationalistic, but... actually, it very well could be. It's probably the most concentrated collection of Ron Paul and free market news anywhere, and those activism tools will help keep our campaign juggernaut well connected and well coordinated. Imagine, being able to take and send videos, pics, posts and action alerts on the fly wherever your at whenever "it" is happening.

Even before the update it was pretty dang powerful and useful, I can't wait to see the update and bug fixes now!

Hahaha yeah

I was just so excited that it was finally released. Getting it out was so damn hard this time. I really do want want the app to give the competition something to be scared of though.

Hi Dan, I sent you an email

Hi Dan,
I sent you an email already, but I just wanted to reiterate my problem. I have an iPod Touch 4th Gen and I am running Wi-Fi. When I try to access the app, it tells me I'm not connected to the internet. Please help ASAP! Thanks.


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