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Arvada settles excessive force suit; incident videotaped

ARVADA, Colo. - Another case of alleged Arvada police brutality has surfaced, this one caught on video.

Last week, Arvada police revealed numerous officers has resigned or been put on leave following allegations of excessive force and cover-up.

FOX31 News has learned about a new case -- this one costing Arvada taxpayers $100,000 dollars.

At least one of the officers involved in this new case was involved in the previous case as well. The Court family sued the Arvada police for illegally entering their home, beating them, falsely arresting them, and then lying about it.

At least 15 officers are named in the lawsuit.

The City of Arvada settled with the family for $100,000 dollars.

The family says the video shows one of the sergeants yelling at the other officers to stop tasing their son, Lucas Maliszewski. But they did not.

"I complied and even then...complying to the full extent...they still proceeded to beat me and tase me," Maliszewski told us.

The whole thing started with a simple noise complaint.

The family says the officers did not have a warrant and did not have permission to enter the house. But the officers refused to leave the home, and then grabbed homeowner, Belinda Court, pulling her outside, handcuffing her and taking her into custody in the patrol car.

The suit notes that the law does not allow that in the case of a noise complaint. Police later released her without filing any charges.

The lawsuit also says another officer punched daughter Katrice Maliszewski in the face.

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