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Paul 46 percent, Conway 46 percent.

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RealClearPolitics, a CNN/Time blog itself, calls this an outlier

'even by registered voter polls'.

Most pollsters are now polling likely voters, since the election is so close.

Rasmussen and SUSA (the historically most accurate poll for KY) both have Rand up by 15 points, the RCP poll average has him up by 8.8 points.

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INtrade predictions market

People place real money speculating on such matters. In my experience, the site is very good at predicting events.

Currently at the market site there, they show Rand Paul with an 80+% chance of winning.



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Here is why the Rassmussen and this poll is skewed.

Both polls break up the state into 4 areas, the west, the east, the bluegrass, and Jefferson county.

Guess which area has the second most populous voting districts ...

Answer ...

None of the above.

Northern KY is the second most populous and it isn't even polled.

And guess what ...

Trey was from this area and Paul beat Trey handily in this district. And it is the only district that has more registered Republicans than Democrats.

The Survey USA poll is much more accurate. The Louisville Courier Journal sponsored this poll. They polled Northern KY. There catagory is North Central, not Bluegrass. (bluegrass only includes Lexington and Frankfort.)

One additional note: Survey USA polled likely voters as opposed to registered voters.

Check out the numbers and see for yourself. Compare the Bluegrass breakdown from this poll to the North Central breakdown from the Survey USA poll. The difference is stagering.

You're getting good at this


And it's just starting.

Rand Paul may not be the lightning rod his dad is in politics, but the real powers in place also know that it would be a real chink in their armour to allow Rand Paul to take a senate seat. So watch for all kinds of underhanded tactics, including the outright assistance of the media to report on any fictitous garble they're fed from their wonder boys in power. This CNN/Time poll proves their intent.

alan laney

agreed, he is still a bit new

agreed, he is still a bit new to everything kinda like how Ron was back in the 70s. Luckily there is some balance in such a big race. Ron has years of experience in this kind of fight. Which the fight being Democrats pushing money and support hard for Jack Conway.

Rand had a 6 point lead three

Rand had a 6 point lead three days ago, that just completely vanished in two days? This shit is fixed.

The poll is obviously skewed

Here is the breakdown


First it appears that very few people between 18-34 were surveyed. Rand appears weaker among older people.

Second, it appears that a significant number of people polled come from Jefferson county ( louisville area) where Rand is weak.

If I were Rand, I would be watching for shenanigans in the poor Louisville precincts.


hard to believe.

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Could be correct. Why am I not surprised?

Rand shouldn't have cozyed up to his Neocon buddies. Now he is seen by many as just another politician.

Could be divine providence.

those that do not suit bob's mind and his personal bias will suffer divine intervention and punishment. you remind me of those christian wackos, seriously. and you are hilarious.. did you even go to the page where a poll showed rand leading by double digit and making a different excuse to address your disappointment? i've never seen someone willing to go so far to embarrass himself to champion a gripe arising out of his own biased view and misunderstandings.