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Vote To Get Jake Towne On Freedom Watch

Dear rEVOLutionaries!

If you had a chance to help get Liberty candidate for Congress Jake Towne MSM coverage, would you help? OF COURSE! In that case, please go to this link and vote for Jake Towne (vote button is under the # of present votes). You get max of 3 votes and the more votes someone gets, the better chance he has of getting on Freedom Watch on FOX News!
Please vote! http://freedomwatch.uservoice.com/forums/16626-freedom-watch...

Thank you!

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Posted comment there.

What about PA Congressional candidate Jake Towne? He is a Constitutionalist, like Ron Paul. What about having a debate and invite the other candidates? Which one will win a debate focused on Constitutional values?


Bump for Liberty!


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voted and bumped

Jake has met the Judge before, but it would be AWESOME to have him again before the elections!

Thanks you so much Ginny and others


when I posted this yesterday Jake had 130 votes and now he has 285!!

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