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Gradual devaluation of USD, China, Russia start pushing dollar out of trade 'within weeks'

China and Russia plan to start trading in each other's currencies as the world's second-biggest energy consumer and the largest energy supplier seek to diminish the dollar's role in global trade.


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Russian Rouble being considered to back failing Euro




"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Fact: This article explains

Fact: This article explains that the Russian political and banking establishment are working towards making their Ruble a world reserve currency.

Theory: I believe Russia's support of Iran is to lure the US and Israel into a large-scale regional war in the Middle East in hopes of bankrupting the U.S. and destroying OPEC's Petro-Dollar relationship and thereby replacing it with the Petro-Ruble. A Petro-Ruble standard would force the world to accumulate Rubles in order to purchase oil. That strong demand for Rubles would instantly strengthen their currency and increase the Russian government's stature around the world.