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Colo. Republicans come out for Tancredo over GOP nominee

More than 20 elected and formerly elected Republicans have abandoned their party's gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes to throw their support behind third-party candidate Tom Tancredo.

Citing concerns over Maes credibility, as well as his ability to wage a winning campaign, defectors said Tancredo was the only candidate armed with the necessary conservative credentials and fund-raising prowess to beat Democrat John Hickenlooper.

"The narrative has been written about Dan Maes and the weakness of his campaign. He can't overcome it and beat Hickenlooper," said Republican state Sen. Ted Harvey of Highlands Ranch. "We've worked very hard in the conservative trenches to have an opportunity like this ... and Tom Tancredo is the only

strong conservative in the race who can raise money and put on a credible campaign."


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This is really an interesting

This is really an interesting happening. Seems like the 2 party system is starting to crack..
who is this Tancredo guy, anyway?