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NRA Supports BATF Firearms Modernization Act

"S. 941 (Crapo, Leahy): This is the Senate counterpart to H.R. 2296 and is a reincarnation of a bill which contains a hodge-podge of relatively minor good things -- and one really bad thing which was used to secure the cosponsorship of Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy. The bad thing is that the bill would allow BATFE to impose, for the first time, civil penalties on federal firearms licensees. Civil penalties could easily put a small licensee out of business, but can be imposed without the burden of proof, disclosure requirements, and other protections accorded criminal defendants. And, although proponents argue that civil penalties will allow BATFE to impose penalties short of license revocation, there is no requirement that license revocations be reduced commensurately -- and it's pretty clear (and GOA has in fact been told) that this anti-gun provision was added as an inducement for the support of Leahy and Obama. And, while GOA has pushed other provisions in the bill tightening state-of-mind requirements and gun definitions, these are not enough to offset giving the BATFE a tool which has served as the central engine for expanding the power and jurisdiction of other agencies (like the SEC)."

Please, stop funding the appeasing NRA!

Gun Owners of America (GOA)
The Only No-Compromise Gun Lobby in Washington

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May Wayne Lapierre and his ilk suffer eternal torture

in the American concentration camp of their choosing. (since that's what we will be dealing with if they continue to get their way appeasing the Nazi wannabes in government)

I really would like to see someone of stature publicly challenge their treason.

What can you say about an organization founded by...

Union officers? No wonder I read AMERICAN RIFLEMAN for years and never found a single quote from Jefferson.


...as it was explained to me...the NRA used to be an organization that would go to the lawmaker and say: "this is what Joe Q. Public wants" ... now ... the NRA goes to Joe Q. Public and says "this is what you better SETTLE for" ...

So, I am all for COMPETITION amongst lobbyists; the NEW BREED challenging the old guard; and COMPETING for those dollars and VOTES!

Needle in the haystack information!

[It's also be nice if the lay self-professed evangelical would DEMAND an honest preacher, or parent association not beholden to the IRS also - instead of these cookie-cutter, seminary graduates who have a BLIND, uninformed LOYALTY of the Republican Party for no good reason; since they do not know America's REAL spiritual heritage!!!] - just sayin' - I'd like to see some COMPETITION to challenge the STATUS QUO of mainstream American Christianity!

true that