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Psywar - An Incredibly Important documentary video

This is NOT Alex Jones so there won't be any 'screaming' OK.

This is an amazingly well researched documentary. A keeper. It validates what so many of us have been piecing together for years.


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Love the sign at


That could be today!

good one

Thanks for posting.

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Nice vid

but don't think it doesn't incorporate psyops in its presentation.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I was thinking that too

re: the socialist historians continuously calling America a 'democracy'. THAT in itself is a psy op, I agree.

yes (to the two above)--

I noticed that.

I think I commented on it--

there has been so much controversy about democracy--

and so much controversy about the founding fathers; they were no all truly 'united'--

And I can just see the big corporatists and bankers clapping roundly at the idea of 'free enterprise'--

it's all very sticky--

if there hadn't been so much abuse by those 'elite'--

wouldn't it be wonderful to see free enterprise REALLY have a chance to work?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

A voluntary mass re-education of our history and the deeper

meaning of the Declaration of Independence.

This will manifest pretty soon. Its coming.

Have not watched yet, but I am sure it is worth the time

"Mind control" is one of the hardest things to wake up to. (That is not ironic, it is painfully obvious to anyone who thinks critically.) We can see everyone around is is sheepnotized, but magically each individual is sheep-proofed, just ask them...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



I enjoyed it too.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

What an incredible video.

This documentary really spells out how mind-control and propaganda work together to control the masses/sheeple. I saw "A Century of Self" and this documentary is as good as that video. This is a "must-see" for everyone on the planet, IMHO!

Yes. I thought so too.

Like you, I watched, 'Century of Self' re: Edward Bernays and propaganda. Definitely this too is a keeper and good reference to connect dots.

The history of propaganda in this film is interesting but they chose labor organizations as victims, which they were, but there was so much more going on especially with the paving the way for Federal Reserve which they left out and all the world wars propaganda.

The only thing I was not too impressed with were the 'historians'. Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, etc. These folks are socialists. I was sickened by their constant referral to USA as a democracy when they know damn well it is a Republic. And how they commented that the Anti-Federalists were the more 'democratic' and the Federalists were the 'elites'. What a skewed story they tell.


thank you. I *knew* all of this, but putting it together in this way is powerful.

I can see, however, quite a few libertarians suggesting that "*we* are not a democracy and were not intended to be a democracy"--

yes, I know. I've always wondered how true libertarians (I have called myself one) would manage the huge corporatists and banksters--

I know the Austrians have answers, and I haven't researched it enough, but all those public relations campaigns for wars are horrific.

Some of that I admit that I did not know.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

One more bump...

Folks really need to bookmark this for later viewing!