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Pastor called off burning

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I hope he converts to Islam.

"I was about to light one for a test run when I started reading. . ."
Talk about a mindf*ck for the "conservatives". lol

There is more to this guy...

The Daily Kos put some of the pieces together.


I'm surprised they missed this one. The "pastor" wrote a book, described here:

The publisher of the "pastor's" book is this guy:

He's sooo fickle

apparently he's rethinking his rethinking. He found out that the deal he cut involving the relocation of the mosque was a sham.



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Remember in "Jaws2"...

There will be a sudden flurry of backyard koran-burning vids uploaded on YouTube anyway. How people respond remains to be seen.

My question:

Because you have the right to be offensive, is it always the productive answer?

The pastor came to his senses.

"Some get spiritual 'cause they see the light and some 'cause they feel the heat."

Pastor Jones is better at

Pastor Jones is better at using the media than Ron Paul

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That's because Ron Paul

Doesn't lie. Easy the use the media if you are a liar, with no consistent principles, look at beck

True, but Americans don't

True, but Americans don't always demand the truth

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the media loves to spread hatred and divisiveness.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Of course I didn't agree with

Of course I didn't agree with this fool, but it could have been a teaching event to let everyone know that although we may not agree with someone abusing their freedom of speech by promoting scaremongering or religious needling, we still are willing to defend their right to say whatever they want because we (used to be) different as a country, where freedom of speech still (meant) something.

I think you're contorting this "defending their right" concept..

That concept is defending their right from censorship FROM GOVERNMENT.

It is wholly not anti-libertarian to allow people to be peer pressured into doing the right thing as long as the coersion does not come from government.

Consider the 10th amendment. Any rights not explicit in the const are reserved to the state OR THE PEOPLE.

If someone wants to act like an ass#$%^, other people are perfectly within their right to point out to the person acting like an ass#$%^ that they are being an ass#$%^.

That has ZERO to do with the first amendment which states "CONGRESS shall pass no law....."

No, I'm defending their right of free speech

You're reading into my statement what you want.

The only right of free speech I know of is....

the right to be free from government censorship or coersion.

Otherwise, if you want the "freedom" in terms of speech to be an ass@#$% like this particular pastor, you can and should be publicly castigated for being an ass@#$$.

You shouldn't be prohibited from being an ass@#$%^, but it's wholly appropriate for those around you to point out that you are being one and,in their freedom of speech, to pressure you into not being one.

I simply don't agree that

I simply don't agree that burning a few widely available religious texts (as opposed to one-of-a-kind historical objects) which I assume were purchased by this character, should be the focus of so much personal and political pressure. Protecting freedom of speech is much more important.

In addition... who gives a darn what this fellow says or does? He should be ignored for the attention-seeking jerk he is.