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Youtube starts live streaming test for 2 days

Kind of funky, kind of cool

Starts Monday and Tuesday.


Once it's available to everyone, I think we'll be able to put this to good use :-)

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Im sensing a bad idea if they ever allow live public broadcasts

Think....Chatroulette. A zillion pervs with 2 hr old profiles and a lot of helmet polishing. Dumb criminals and people who don't realize that all uploads are forever. Maybe they will use it as an excuse to revoke internet freedoms rather than put things back the way they were. More than likely though it will be the advertising hook for YouTube to get paid subscriptions so viewers can buy live news/ weather/pay per view entertainment etc. My goal in life is to never pay for anything I see on the internet.

Sounded like it will only be available to "partners"

Interesting but I doubt they'll ever open pandora's box and allow general use of live streaming. I wonder how it will be used and if we should try to get in on it.

Is becoming a partner in the realm of possibilities and/or desire of daily paul or the greater liberty community?
Ustream is already available right? What advantage if any would youtube live stream have over it?