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Dems plan for a future without Pelosi

For House Democrats, planning for a future without Nancy Pelosi is neither pleasant nor easy.

But as the polls worsen and a Republican-controlled House looks more and more possible, Democrats are beginning to realize they face a top to bottom leadership shakeup if the powerful speaker steps aside in a Democratic minority.

For the most part, Democrats have no obvious roadmap, no heir apparent to the Pelosi mantle, and a fairly thin bench around which to plan the future of their party. After the election, Democrats would face a power vacuum in the lower ranks – assuming current Majority Leader Steny Hoyer takes the helm as minority leader in a post-Pelosi Democratic caucus.

“This is a subject that everybody in town is thinking about,” said a former House Democrat who keeps close contact with his former colleagues.


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2 1/2 years of planning....

hope they figure it out soon.

even Teddy Roosevelt disdained pandas


if they tried appointing somebody who is not a refugee from an asylum for the criminally insane, it might be a good start.

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Hupfully future with out Reid too