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Hidden Secrets Of Money
Part 1 - Currency vs Money
Part 2 - Seven Stages Of Empire
Part 3 - Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity
Part 4 - The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind
Part 5 - TRUE History Of Money
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Bitcoin: Rate Charts and Commodity Exchanges
Welcome to the Daily Paul Metals thread. This thread was designed to keep all metals questions and comments in one place. At over 19,000 posts, we try to keep the price of Metals in the headline as up to date as possible...but sometimes it can get away from us. Feel free to ask questions about (all) investing here...you will get an array of answers that will help you in your decisions. Remember...any investment can have loses or gains...If we knew exactly where the markets will be tomorrow or a year from now we would all be wealthy.......The people here have strong opinions one way or another, so... Do your own research and then decide if metals are good for you. Ron Paul is a firm believer in holding physical Gold and Silver. Many of us share that same view! Welcome!
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How Governments will confiscate your GOLD!!!
4 Must watch videos...NOTE:These videos give you a heads up of what is coming!
Madness of a Lost Society (in 4 parts)
The Day the Dollar died...
Gold $5000 and Silver $200 an ounce...

Rob McEwen: Your readers need to appreciate: Gold is money. It is currency. I think the number of people familiar with gold will grow as people see gold as a currency. China, India, Russia are buying gold to diversify their foreign reserves. To restore the confidence in currencies, I think some central banks, such as the Chinese and possibly the Russian, will increase their gold holdings to the level that the percentage of their total currency will be greater than that of any other currency in the world. At that point, they will assert that their currency should become the reserve currency of the world.
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Inflation or Deflation....Metals win...
Why Deflation is good for Precious Metals:

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Gold $1,273.60
Silver $20.73
Platinum $1,602.50
Palladium $546.00

"Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves."
–Norm Franz, Money and Wealth in the New Millenium

Top Gold Goodies:
From Mark Twain: It links to one page for Options Expiration & another page for Futures Expiration. It is easy to save or print out for reference all year long. It is a handy reference identifying when US contracts expire for 2014.
This is where I watch it happen: http://www.goldseek.com
This is where I buy from: www.apmex.com:
A great read. Think and Stop Investing!
This is an incredible site for watching metals:
This site monitors all ebay metals prices.Check it out:
Jim Sinclair - a Great read everyday: http://jsmineset.com
Hard Core Gold site. Great reads: http://321gold.com

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CRB index down 10% this year

Alright guys, maybe I've been talking a little too much trash lately, so let me try to offer something of a little more value...with all credit for the observation to the guys at EWI (They look at a lot of stuff I would never think to look at).

Robert Prechter was on CNBC today and he mentioned that that the CRB index was down 10% on the year. In tonight's short-term update by his colleague Peter Kendall, they published a weekly chart of the CRB (log scale). It shows a clear 5 wave drop from the July 2008 (around the time crude oil peaked) high above 450 down to the Feb 2009 low near 200. Over the next two years it rallied in a 3 wave corrective move to a 62% retracement this past spring.

Since then it has been declining and broken below the channel which contained the rally for those two years. Anybody preparing for a hyperinflation scenario would do well to consider the message of this chart.

To see the interview on CNBC, go here...
(Note, some of the cnbc graphics that come up are not really reflective of what he said in the interview or even what his current view is. For example, I think he views the prospect of the bear market rally continuing further as lower probability right now)

For subscription information, go to...


No counterpoints, no rebuttals, no comments, no vote downs, nothing. I guess we're just going to ignore the fact that the CRB just made a new weekly closing low for the year and is now around the same level it was at the end of 2009 (that's two years ago). Is every commodity in the index being manipulated as well, or is hyperinflation not even in the cards right now?

Keep dreaming bulls, it's been working out really well for you so far.

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ETF holders are just starting to realize their etf may be worth

only 1/100 of it's current price. Wait til that notion goes mainstream.

Undo what Wilson did


The ol Fractional Reserve System Secret.

I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

hehehe if some only knew.../

hehehe if some only knew.../

SteveMT's picture

Buying opportunity going, going,....

With a lower price, comes more buyers.

Being board

Watching the APMEX channel,100 oz JM bars channel someone releaved there shelves of one hundred bars in one shot this afternoon.Staggering!

I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

SteveMT's picture

Quickly cleaning off the shelves.

They got a good deal, too.

Prep walk into Sea of Liquidity. Mutiny on the Bounty, 1935

Comex GLD & SLV option exprity December 15.


Comex is celebrating the waterfall profits based on spectacular cliff dives by Gold, Silver & the other exchange-traded funds that claim to be part of price discovery for metals.

Did Dollar prospects improve? Suddenly? What can be made of the sudden price dives? ... ---- ... Profit for those in the Cartel. More price dives for their sea-weathered investors?

See your dealer for details.

Mutiny on the Bounty, Day One opening scene, Tahihi, 1935

    HMS Bounty sails for Tahiti by way of Cape Horn...and into movie lore. Grandly filmed, Mutiny on the Bounty captured the 1935 Best Picture Academy Award and eight nominations total. Charles Laughton portrays Captain Bligh [Blythe Masters mentor], a seafaring monster ruling with the law of fear. Clark Gable is first officer Fletcher Christian, whose will to obey erodes under Bligh's tyranny. And Franchot Tone plays idealistic midshipman Byam, torn by his allegiance to both. That all three portrayals are vividly memorable is accented by the fact that for the only time in Oscar history, three stars from the same film were Best Actor nominees. Own this on 11/16.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

My Birthday


I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

im making like white trash

With a buy one get one free Red Man coupon. Im buyin this dip. I love it! I celebrate when the price drops like this, its a christmas sale on metals baby. The fundimentals of our broken monetary system are still in place no reason to worry or panic. This is the time to do your best impression of a hungry fat guy at ihop and get as many stacks as you can.

Don't Cha?

(to the tune of the pussycat dolls song)

Don't cha wish you boys had gone SHORT like me
Don't cha wish you didn't have a clue like me
Don't cha
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Don't you wish you boys ignored bix like me
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Don't cha
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Sorry if I crossed the line guys

but please understand we are nowhere near the low. Not in price, and not in time. If you must own physical for insurance or whatever, then please consider hedging for lower prices.

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Undo what Wilson did

aww, ease up fireant

it's all in good fun. You have witnessed the arrogance of the bulls. I'd rather be short and classless than a classy bull on my way to the butcher shop.

ron, we've had a good rapport here in the past....

but I've got to say I'm really not digging all this gloating and fight-baiting you've lowered yourself to lately. It's really a shame. You used to present your arguments with some maturity and logic, and because of that, your views were worth reading and considering. Why stoop to the "arrogance of the bulls"?? Now you're no better than they.
I'm really sad to see this change. The high road is better, my friend.



Hey ckpac, sorry you feel that way. Yes, we've had a good rapport and when I think that you returned from your self-imposed posting exile to voice your disappointment with me I feel kinda bad (and I didn't before). I didn't think playfully changing some lyrics around was that big a deal, especially compared to what has been thrown my way over the past year, but I'll think about what you said.

I suppose I am frustrated because I joined the discussion to try to help people, but they didn't want to listen. I told them what was going to happen before it happened, and since the top I have called every major move, up and down. And after all that has happened, they can't wait to throw even more money at it.

I don't want to make anybody feel bad, I just want them to understand what is coming and take action to protect themselves. Maybe gloating isn't the way to achieve that, but presenting my "arguments with some maturity and logic" didn't work either. What's sad is that the only people I'm getting through to probably don't neeed my help, and the ones that do will not take it.

The Green Line

on Kitco 24hr spot chart is about to punch a hole in the bottom and Silver will pour out for all to gather up.$25.40 is my call.Anyway Merry Christmas all . http://youtu.be/oMlqn_Hjyi8

I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

Is the Gold Bull Really Dead?

"Economist Dennis Gartman announced in his newsletter, yesterday, that he has sold all of his gold. I don’t know if it was physical or paper gold in an ETF (exchange traded fund), but it is gone. According to Bloomberg, Gartman said, “Since the early autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere gold has failed to make a new high. . . . Each high has been progressively lower than the previous high, and now we’ve confirmation that the new interim low is lower than the previous low. We have the beginnings of a real bear market, and the death of a bull.” Mr. Gartman thinks so much damage has been done to the price of gold and to market psychology that, in his words, “. . . wholesale liquidation, and perhaps forced liquidation, shall be the outcome.” "


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Flight to perceived safety in the dollar.

Guess what that means for the stock market and commodities?

Also, look at this story. The Realtors have been lying to us (Excuse me. They just made a 5 year mistake) about double counting existing home sales. Things are even worse than what they have been telling us.

Realtors: We Overcounted Home Sales for Five Years
Published: Tuesday, 13 Dec 2011 | 5:21 PM ET

Data on sales of previously owned U.S. homes from 2007 through October this year will be revised down next week because of double counting, indicating a much weaker housing market than previously thought.

The National Association of Realtors said a benchmarking exercise had revealed that some properties were listed more than once, and in some instances, new home sales were also captured.

"All the sales and inventory data that have been reported since January 2007 are being downwardly revised. Sales were weaker than people thought," NAR spokesman Walter


Come on Ben

say it!SAY IT BEN!!!

I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

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Cold, hard, cash.

FRNs. Not a number in an account.
Vote me down if you must, but they will be getting scarce and in demand; soon imo.
Will europe get out of it's mess without more de-leveraging? I don't see how, and it could be massive. Gold and silver have alot of headwinds already. Europe likely will cause more downward pressure. As world reserve currency, and until europe finds a balance, the dollar will continue to catch panicking wealth, and will be in demand as confidence in the financial institutions continue to erode. For the time being, I'm half cash and half metals, fwiw.

Undo what Wilson did

SteveMT's picture

Paper money destruction. "Cold hard cash" in your pillowcase.

The banksters seem to have decided that there will be no more bailouts for the time being. Bank runs in Latvia and ongoing in Greece seem to be what lies ahead for the rest of the world. Hard assets and cash in hand are the places to be.

Yup Agreed


I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

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Good interview..

a little dry, but well worth listening.

Undo what Wilson did

$134 Billion UST Bonds confinscated.


I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.

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12/13: $1 dollar coin minting suspended

[What are they out of anyway? Copper?]
Sheriff Biden cracking down on $1 coin production
byCharlie Spiering - December 13, 2011 1:04pm

You know what is really wasteful? Those presidential dollar coins produced by the US Mint.

Vice President Joe Biden today announced the U.S. Mint would suspend the production of dollar coins for circulation, which according to a release from the White House, "will save taxpayers at least $50 million per year in production and storage costs."

Biden announced during conference call that he was "intent on changing the way the government does business," reminding listeners that "nobody wants these coins."