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Welcome to the Daily Paul Metals thread. This thread was designed to keep all metals questions and comments in one place. At over 19,500 posts, we try to keep the price of Metals in the headline as up to date as possible...but sometimes it can get away from us. Feel free to ask questions about (all) investing here...you will get an array of answers that will help you in your decisions. Remember...any investment can have loses or gains...If we knew exactly where the markets will be tomorrow or a year from now we would all be wealthy.......The people here have strong opinions one way or another, so... Do your own research and then decide if metals are good for you. Ron Paul is a firm believer in holding physical Gold and Silver. Many of us share that same view! Welcome!
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How Governments will confiscate your GOLD!!!
4 Must watch videos...NOTE:These videos give you a heads up of what is coming!
Madness of a Lost Society (in 4 parts)
The Day the Dollar died...
Gold $5000 and Silver $200 an ounce...

Rob McEwen: Your readers need to appreciate: Gold is money. It is currency. I think the number of people familiar with gold will grow as people see gold as a currency. China, India, Russia are buying gold to diversify their foreign reserves. To restore the confidence in currencies, I think some central banks, such as the Chinese and possibly the Russian, will increase their gold holdings to the level that the percentage of their total currency will be greater than that of any other currency in the world. At that point, they will assert that their currency should become the reserve currency of the world.
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Inflation or Deflation....Metals win...
Why Deflation is good for Precious Metals:

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Submitted by SteveMT on Thu, 09/16/2010 - 11:51.

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"Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves."
–Norm Franz, Money and Wealth in the New Millenium

Top Gold Goodies:
From Mark Twain: It links to one page for Options Expiration & another page for Futures Expiration. It is easy to save or print out for reference all year long. It is a handy reference identifying when US contracts expire for 2014.
This is where I watch it happen: http://www.goldseek.com
This is where I buy from: www.apmex.com:
A great read. Think and Stop Investing!
This is an incredible site for watching metals:
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Jim Sinclair - a Great read everyday: http://jsmineset.com
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You know I've noticed

You know I've noticed something here. You really have no counter arguments. You only have this $2 thing, or posting some article written by a Silver salesman. The $2 thing being your most reliable argument...

(hint, why don't you start pointing out my spelling errors, that's always a good way to discredit someone's arguments when you don't have any real counter arguments of your own)

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

tx.. or should I say

tx.. or should I say 2dolla.... You have not been on this thread till silver hit 50.00 then had a correction. There is NOT one post from you. I do not want to sit here and rehash 4 yars of your bullshit proving you wrong again. You said silver to 2.00 You were wrong. there is no sense arguing with a fool. Silver is still up over 100% from a year ago even after the manipulated sell off. If what you say should have or is happening, silver should have went to your 2.00 mark LONG ago. So silver shorts get in a short squeeze.
The comex listens to its largest customer and raises margins 5 times in 8 days. JPM and all the crooks find May the 1st which is a holiday in Asia to beat the price down 6.00 in 15 minutes. Was this beat down because of deflation? NO it was a manipulated sell off to get some very large big banks off the hook. You and a few others on here are to damn stupid to look at the facts. Greed up there says 15.00 silver by the end of 2012.. The comic relief on this thread gets funnier by the day. But nothing was as funny as watching you predict 2.00 silver in 2009. That was funny. Any legitimacy you had went right out the window with that one. We are still much closer to 50 then 2.00. Or did you fail first grade math? NOTHING has changed in the silver market. actually there is less slver in the market then there was on may the 1st. All you have to do is read the COT's and the Bank particiapation reports. Who stuck almost 200 million paper and physical ounces in their vault? and if silver is going to 2.00 why would the biggest banks in the world want silver at 33.00? There was NO huge supply of scrap silver come to the market this time when silver hit 50.00 like there was in 1980.
so that theory that there was more supply then demand does not hole water either. You and a few others are just to damn stupid to look at the facts. Ted Butler, Andrew Maguire, Eric Sprott and the list goes on and on. The proof is all right there..

What we are seeing are a bunch of people who bought the Prechter BS about a massive deflation where those who saved paper dollars would be able to come in and buy silver and gold for pennies on the dollar. YOU are hoping and praying that this does happen because you don't want to admit you missed the boat. So you and a few others come in to bad mouth the metals so maybe just maybe in your simple little minds you will keep a few people from buying so the price won't go up any more. I think its funny because with the tiny amount of people on the daily paul and the amount of silver or gold that could be bought would not make a tiny blip in the price even if all of use took every last dime we all had and bought together. That is what is really funny. So there is no reason to waste my time or anyone elses time sitting here and debating your bullshit that has already been debunked.

I am here to show people the facts. I present the articles form the true experts in the field. Those who are billionaires and made their money knowing the markets they invested in. I'm not here to debate some dimwit who predicted 2.00 silver where he was going to buy all the silver he could stand. You and 3 other of your friends are going to be on the wrong side of this trade. You are going to suffer. The man you supposidly want to be president of the US is on the opposite side of you. NOTHING you deflationists have talked about has come true in the time you have been posting on this site. Alph Fields, Martin Armstrong, Peter Schiff etc etc etc.. EVERYTHING those Men and especially RON PAUL has said has come and is coming true and you and a few others come here to throw off the thread and causedistraction. GO START YOUR OWN DEFLATION THREAD.. Why won't you? because you know it will be the same 4 nutcases talking to eachother. The thread will die in 2 weeks.

The reason why Myself, Takeaction, and others are here is becaue we want to help people get ready for hard times. It just isn't worth my time to sit here and fight with an ignorant person like you over stuff that was hashed out years ago and through just this 4 short years of time was proven wrong. RON PAUL will be proven right again. We are heading into an INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION. You and greed will be wiping your asses with those worthless green pieces of paper with a government promise backing them
that you all seem to be so fond of. And that is what is really funny.. supposidly you are here because you believe in Liberty and Freedom.. Nothing is more anti liberty then The US paper dollar. Yet that is what you push. I no longer have time for you or your jackass comments or arguments. Time is short. The time to prepare is getting shorter. I really don't care what you think or what you say. I will spend my time with those who have more then 2 braincells and can see what is coming and know that there are some very Rich, liberty loving Men who are far smarter than you, greed, ronisnotforreal and velveeta cheesehead.

We will see if you show you face on here when silver breaks 50.00 and keeps going higher here shortly.. And ofcourse we will have a correction. NO market goes straight up but you will be back thumping your chest telling everyone how smart you are even tho the low in silver on that correction
will be higher.. Then you will be really kicking yourself in the ass because you will have missed the boat again waiting for that Prechter promised 2.00 silver BS.

The facts speak for themselves. I don't need to debate a bunch of mentally mastubated crap. I have made a tone of money with silver in the past 7 years. I will continue to make a ton of money in the next 7 years. So to me its not worth my time to dabate blockheads who can't read a friggin chart going over the past 10 years and see that silver is in a bull market that is getting even more bullish by the month.. Good luck to you I wish you well, 2dolla.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

—William Shakespeare's Hamlet

Still no arguement other than

Still no arguement other than the $2?

The drop in silver prices was due to deflation. Deflation is a reduction in the money and/or credit supply, and RESULTS in lower prices. The Comex increased margin, thereby REDUCING the amount of CREDIT in the Silver market. Whether it was done with the explicit purpose of dropping the price of silver is irrelevent. The fact still remains that credit was reduced (deflation) and the RESULT was lower prices.

The housing market is the same, lenders slowed mortgage lending, and the RESULT was lower prices on real estate. They didn't slow lending with the explicit purpose to lower housing prices, they did it because they we seeing to much risk in real estate compared to putting their money elsewhere. The reason they did it is irrelevent, what is relevent is that they reduced credit, and prices dropped. And yes, this is the short incomplete version of why they slowed lending, but the full version is the same. Reduce credit (deflation) and prices drop.

The same is true of Zimbabwe, the credit was reduced resulting in deflation, and the government's response to deflation was to hyperinflate by printing hard currency. It does not matter if the deflation was caused by sactions or by natural forces, the result is the same. Deflation(reduction of money supply and/or credit) comes before hyperinflation IN ALL CASES.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

SteveMT's picture

Tx, I listen to everyone.

All of us should. SIERRA is not the "IN' guy and you guys are not the "OUT" guys. I appreciate your opinions about what you say is happening out there.

Diversifying is the key to covering your butt on this important issue. That is the way to go, IMO.

Discussing metals and the economy is great. You guys respectfully talk, and we listen and decide for ourselves. Go for it!

Weekly Silver chart looks to

Weekly Silver chart looks to me like a cliffhanger. The dow and gold look kind of toppy. If the dow goes down a lot, I think it's quite possible that silver would go down rather significantly.

government of the people, by the people, for the people

ya i was surprised.. but it still hasn't dropped past 36

i suspect the plunge had more to do with spillover shorts from stocks.. next mon/tues should give good indication

Looks like, as I stated last

Looks like, as I stated last week, $34.50-$34.80, with $34.81 looking like a nice target for a temporary bottom.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

nice bounce

off of $34.55 so far

Relative Strength made its

Relative Strength made its low (15 minute chart) at $34.55, and RSI has now turned up and the metal trends lower. There should be one more low with RSI making a higher low (RSI trending upward as price trends down). Probably minutes from now...

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Gold at $15k?

Gold at $15,000/ounce by 2020 without any hyperinflation?
So concludes DoctorRx at the Daily Capitalist. Here is his analysis:

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Maybe $11,000 by 2037, but it will see $250 first in the

coming deflation.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

US hyperinflation 1775-1781

A brief history lesson of the USA's hyperinflation of 1775-1781. "Not worth a continental."


Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Its strange how these days

Its strange how these days nobody notes, when they talk about the US hyperinflation of the Revolutionary period, no one seems to note that the British were counterfieting the Continental Dollar enmasse to create hyperinflation in an attack of economic warfare against the colonies. The North did the same thing to the Confederates during the War Against the States.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Deflationists, this one's for

Deflationists, this one's for you. The man for whom this site is named...the man himself, now says inflation will reach 50%.


"I don't want to run the

"I don't want to run the economy, I wouldn't know how to run the economy. Ron Paul

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Great quote.

That is a great quote from Dr. Ron Paul, but it actually supports Dr. Paul's comment from the article rather than contradict Dr. Paul. Bureaucrats putting their fingers into every corner of commerce and manipulating the monetary system mucking things up thinking they know how to run the economy is what enables possible 50% inflation.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

this is what the

this is what the deflationists don't understand.. ITS THE DEBT STUPID. The Government will print the money to pay its obligations making your money worth less and costitng you more to live.

SteveMT's picture

Bravissimo, cleburne61

"Paul, who spoke to admirers and Republican activists at a Manchester house party, said the inflation will act like default."

"Social Security checks will still be cut and interest payments will still be made, but the inflated dollars will allow the government to repay borrowed dollars with devalued money, Paul said."

Now, let's prepare for what's ahead.

Ron Paul 2012

fireant's picture

88,439,960 Dow volume

Not to worry, I'm not going to start a daily volume report. Just thought it worthy of note; near identical and pathetic volume on an up day yesterday and sharp down today.

Undo what Wilson did

Stocks really getting slaughtered

Ouch. OTOH, if AAPL continues to fall, I'm going to buy. I figure anywhere near or below $300 is an outrageous bargain considering the tear they've been on and they remain one of the few tech companies making money hand over fist in this economy. It's entirely possible that massive shorts are driving this activity in an effort to visibly shake and discredit Obama (that is, even moreso than usual).

fireant's picture

You give far too much credit to republicon cunning (or.......

...republican conning; either works)
Besides, such conjecture is idle fantasy, based on nothing knowable.

Undo what Wilson did

If such a thing were

If such a thing were possible, I'm not certain Republicans (in particular) would be behind it.

"Clear & Present Danger" Mystically , twice this week . 'W'

Both Gold & Silver option prices traced a "Clear & Present Danger."

        ♞ 'W'

Seems the price of Gold & Silver is going up. See: Gold & Silver coin.

Price of promises wavers. See: Gold & Silver Options. The Golden 'W' was clearly formed. The Silver 'W' gave a sense of danger... Perhaps a reminder of George 'W' & illiterate scribblers following Wall Street.

      "Clear & Present Danger."

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Gold & Silver coin link

Just a note on the link- those who follow it are going to see a lot of junk on the result. Change the Ebay search string to 1 Oz. Gold Eagle (or the bullion of your choice.) The St. Gauden's and mini coins are not bullion, just plated.

Aut Invenium Viam Aut Faciam.

You guys see this?

Kitco Charged With Massive Tax Fraud Scheme, Business Viability In Question


I hope Nadler doesn't have

I hope Nadler doesn't have some 6'6" 300lb hairy backed fella as cellmate.. From what I am seeing he is going to be in big trouble. This is just the beginning. Just wait till this goes to the bankers and COMEX.

I hate NADLER.. but I hate

I hate NADLER.. but I hate the TAXMAN much worse. On their site yesterday they were claiming that they were having a massive electrical outage and that was the reason they were not conducting business.

Fed Trough: Mr N's No Bear. No complete Bull. A Bullock!


The Sacramento Daily Union, April 17, 1866

Honolulu, March 19, 1866

In writing about sea voyages....

We had a bullock [aka: a castrated bull; steer; bull for market] tied up on the forecastle, and a box near by with two sheep and a pig in it. These animals afforded a trifling amusement for us on our fair days, and when the opportunity offered we used to go forward and worry them. The bullock was always down on his beam-ends. If he ever dared to get up on his feet for a second in stormy weather, the next lurch of the ship would "snatch him bald-headed," as Mr. Brown expressed it, and flop him flat on the deck; and in fair weather he was seldom able to get up, on account of his sore bones, acquired through the bangs and bruises of his foul weather experiences. So the bullock lay down pretty much all the time from San Francisco to Honolulu - and ever as his wandering gaze rested upon reeling men, and plunging ship and towering billow, his eloquent eye damned the weather. ...

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

guess what, next month the

guess what, next month the economy will be at its tipping point, for the 100th time in the last year.