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>Gold $1,294 Silver $20.30 Platinum $1,458 Palladium $862 Dollar 81.31

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Hidden Secrets Of Money
Part 1 - Currency vs Money
Part 2 - Seven Stages Of Empire
Part 3 - Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity
Part 4 - The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind
Part 5 - TRUE History Of Money
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Gold Manipulation: How They Do It (And How To Hedge It)
Visualizing Platinum & Palladium's Place In The World
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Welcome to the Daily Paul Metals thread. This thread was designed to keep all metals questions and comments in one place. At over 19,000 posts, we try to keep the price of Metals in the headline as up to date as possible...but sometimes it can get away from us. Feel free to ask questions about (all) investing here...you will get an array of answers that will help you in your decisions. Remember...any investment can have loses or gains...If we knew exactly where the markets will be tomorrow or a year from now we would all be wealthy.......The people here have strong opinions one way or another, so... Do your own research and then decide if metals are good for you. Ron Paul is a firm believer in holding physical Gold and Silver. Many of us share that same view! Welcome!
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How Governments will confiscate your GOLD!!!
4 Must watch videos...NOTE:These videos give you a heads up of what is coming!
Madness of a Lost Society (in 4 parts)
The Day the Dollar died...
Gold $5000 and Silver $200 an ounce...

Rob McEwen: Your readers need to appreciate: Gold is money. It is currency. I think the number of people familiar with gold will grow as people see gold as a currency. China, India, Russia are buying gold to diversify their foreign reserves. To restore the confidence in currencies, I think some central banks, such as the Chinese and possibly the Russian, will increase their gold holdings to the level that the percentage of their total currency will be greater than that of any other currency in the world. At that point, they will assert that their currency should become the reserve currency of the world.
Full Read....
Inflation or Deflation....Metals win...
Why Deflation is good for Precious Metals:

Live Charts Here...
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Submitted by SteveMT on Thu, 09/16/2010 - 11:51.

Metal Bid Ask
Gold $1,273.60
Silver $20.73
Platinum $1,602.50
Palladium $546.00

"Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves."
–Norm Franz, Money and Wealth in the New Millenium

Top Gold Goodies:
From Mark Twain: It links to one page for Options Expiration & another page for Futures Expiration. It is easy to save or print out for reference all year long. It is a handy reference identifying when US contracts expire for 2014.
This is where I watch it happen: http://www.goldseek.com
This is where I buy from: www.apmex.com:
A great read. Think and Stop Investing!
This is an incredible site for watching metals:
This site monitors all ebay metals prices.Check it out:
Jim Sinclair - a Great read everyday: http://jsmineset.com
Hard Core Gold site. Great reads: http://321gold.com

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that is easy to do and I

that is easy to do and I didn't type it the way I should have or make it easier to understand my tone. All is good Doug. Please keep posting. I do value your research and opinion. :)


But I am back in NUGT again for another bounce potential @ $33.09 and holding overnight.

Author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely
Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!

NUGT update

On day 2 of NUGT buy. Rough ride yesterday, but we got a good move up after Fed meeting. Moving stop up.

Author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely
Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!


Sold half position @ $34.05 pre-market.

Will try and get greedy with other half.

NOTE: I am more of a scalper than swing trader with leveraged ETFs. I take profit when handed and wait patiently for next set-up, and am quick with stops if wrong as noted earlier on my first attempt to buy NUGT. Patience for the right set-up is the key.

Author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely
Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!


Out remaining shares @ $33.50. Back to bed. Not even 4am here yet in Hawaii. Can't wait to get back to San Diego and trade normal hours again, lol.

News out today about India if anyone wants to post.

Author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely
Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!


Opened higher then fell as gold fell from its highs. Got in and out for a little loss. Didn't like it.

We'll get a bounce sooner or later for a trade. Busy writing so try and find good set ups and we had one with gold higher, but NUGT didn't want to play.

Selfish bastard.

Author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely
Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!

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Russia dumps $20B in Treasuries;Belgium buys $40B in Treasuries

Belgium = ECB
So to summarize, of the total $60 billion increase in foreign Treasury holdings, which rose from $5.89 trillion to $5.95 trillion, "Belgium" accounted for two thirds, most likely doing the purchases under the guise of a "private", unofficial account!

And once again, it is Belgium in "", because whoever is buying through the tiny European country, whose GDP is just double its reported total TSY holdings, is neither its government nor its people.

The question remains: who? Who has bought a whopping $200 billion in Treasurys using Belgium as a proxy since October?


Maybe the Bernank is swiping

Maybe the Bernank is swiping his AMEX Black Card while on euro holiday?

Southern Agrarian

dollar bulls?

“Well, a man who you’ve interviewed and that I respect is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He wrote a fascinating piece recently. If the dollar really starts to fall, Eric, that is going to have a great many repercussions. But what the Fed evidently did is they bought dollars through the Belgium Central Bank....

Continue reading the Victor Sperandeo interview below...


UPDATE: To hear which company just made one of the most exciting high grade

discoveries that just had a massive 101 meter drill strike, as well as

major financial backers click on the logo:

“The Belgian holdings of U.S. Treasuries went up a stunning $140 billion. So even though the Fed is tapering, they are buying securities through foreign central banks. The implication by Dr. Roberts is that the Fed puts up the money for these transactions, but most importantly the Fed is not disclosing what they are doing.

This sounds like a conspiracy but it makes a lot of sense that the Fed has to support the dollar. How does the Fed accomplish this? They effectively do swap lines with a central bank that is not in the limelight. How many people even know where Belgium is on a map? (Laughter ensues). So Dr. Roberts makes a great case that the U.S. security holdings went up, and it’s shown on the Fed balance sheet if you analyze it bank by bank.


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PCR interview about this


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
"Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves."

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Pop go the metals: The London Silver Fix Is Officially Dead

The Beginning Of The End Of Precious Metals Manipulation: The London Silver Fix Is Officially Dead
Following a crackdown on precious metal manipulation by various European regulators (mostly Germany's BaFin, recall "Precious Metals Manipulation Worse Than Libor Scandal, German Regulator Says"), which led to the shocking outcome that Deutsche Bank would pull out of the London gold and silver fixing committees, the London Silver Market Fixing company ended up with a most curious outcome: it would have just two members: HSBC and Bank of Nova Scotia. And, as an even more shocking result, overnight the London Silver Fix announced that after August 14, 2014 it will no longer exist - the first of many victories for all those who have fought for fair and unmanipulated precious metal markets.

U.S. Mint Sells More Silver Eagles In A Week Than Gold Eagles Ov

The U.S. Mint just updated their Silver Eagle sales figures for May, and it was a whopper. Since the beginning of last week, the U.S. Mint sold 1.939,500 million Silver Eagles. This is a big number. Total for the month of May is already at 3,262,000 oz.

We can see that May, with more than half of the month remaining, is only 300,000+ oz away from surpassing April’s total.


I saw that. The month total

I saw that. The month total for May should be interesting.

Southern Agrarian

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Sunday night, bored, decided to sell

Hey guys just wanted to run this by you, at 650pm ET after the majority of Eastern Ukraine voted to secede to Russia I decided to sell $231.5 million notional worth of gold futures. Good idea or GREAT idea?


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
"Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves."

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Japanese debt breaks through the one quadrillion yen mark.

Absolutely, this is sustainable. Don't even ask!
Little Japan with their dwindling population and radiation concerns has a debt now topping $10.02 Trillion @ current conversion of ¥101.8 = $1.
Japan Debt Update: ¥1,020,000,000,000,000.00


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Great Interview!

We are definitely living in the twilight zone: tiny changes in precious metal mine supply, huge worldwide demand for PM's but drop in prices!?!? Our time has to come soon.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
"Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves."

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A book about gold manipulation by governments.

The Gold Cartel: Government Intervention on Gold, the Mega Bubble in Paper, and What This Means for Your Future
by Dimitri Speck
Proof that the gold market has been "manipulated" for years.

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2013 consumer gold demand: 3,893 tonnes; 54% from the East

Lifted by a continued surge in Asian gold sales, consumer demand for gold reached an all-time high in 2013 at 3,893 tonnes. Amazingly, 54% of this demand came from two places: India and China. However, it is only recently that the East has dominated global demand for the yellow metal. In this infographic, we look at India and China specifically to see why demand keeps expanding in the East.


Stupid Americans won't even buy gold at $25. per oz


Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I would be cautious about

I would be cautious about buying it from a stranger out in the street. I could understand this. Most people will just see it as an annoyance and would have no use for it.

DJP333's picture

You beat me to it Steve

Was just about to post this. Interesting graphic for sure. I'm no Harvard trained economist, but if "consumer demand for gold reached an all-time high in 2013" and if "investors and banks are buying so much gold" shouldn't the price have sky rocketed up by now? Increased demand should equal rise in prices (in most unmanipulated markets, that is), but our MSM news would never make that connection. Not that I mind the low prices one bit.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
"Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves."

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The future after fiat is SDR's

Heads of state from around the world, including Putin, as well as international bankers and IMF representatives have all publicly called for the IMF to take charge of the global economic system through its Special Drawing Rights currency program.

However, for the SDR to become a dominant currency, certain issues must be resolved.


Keep on stacking those PM's guys, I doubt you will regret it in the years to come.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
"Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves."

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China Demands Gold As Collateral For Zimbabwe Loans

When will this be the norm and not the exception?
China, as we noted here, is happy to provide the financing to turn Africa into Disneyland - Monorails and all - but there is one catch... the loans must be backed by gold as collateral. As The Source reports, China wants Zimbabwe to use its mineral proceeds to guarantee any future loans having already extended nearly $1.5 billion in the last three years to Harare’s ailing economy. Various minerals have been discussed to back the loans "but we feel gold is more stablee," Zimbabwe's Mines Minister noted.

Is There Gold in Your Wallet?

"The CombiBar imitates a 5x10 grid, with each square containing one gram of gold. The squares can be easily detached by hand into one-gram pieces—a very convenient amount for making small purchases during emergencies."

Who Is Behind The Constant Downward Force On The Gold/Silver,


Well, Mr Jim Willie says, "China has used their accumulated U.S. dollar stash", to "BUY" J.P. Morgan investment banking company, and it is China who is now buying Gold/Silver big time trying to accumulate as much as possible, at low prices, through J.P. Morgan's company.

Please listen to this {approximately 54 minutes}



How many people here know

How many people here know that the London Whale lost over 100 billion of Chinas's gold bullion when he placed that bet and lost. This is why the Chinese got that JPM Morgan bank in New York for for a 1/3rd of what it is worth. He used China's gold bullion stored at JPM to back the trade he made.

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It is the paper metal masters. They are the opposite of the PPT.

With no movement in the very low dollar index, metals should be up rather than the being crashed down today.

Appearantly Steve, Zerohedge

Apparently Steve, Zerohedge has failed to inform you that the Dollar index and Silver have been pretty much moving in unison since about August last year.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
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