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Who is Christine O'Donnell???

Specifically, how does she stand on Foriegn Policy... because, lets face it, if you don't get foriegn policy, you don't get it.

I heard her on Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday, and sean was spewing his nonsense about what conservatives want - strong national defense, reccognition of a war on terrorism, must hate muslims, blah blah blah - and she said she agreed with him. Also, Rush and GB have been pimping her pretty hard, so I really doubt she is anything but a neocon.

Anybody know?

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A Sarah Palin clone.

A Sarah Palin clone.

Rove is using reverse psychology

he knows the Tea Party despises him so he bad mouths her = Rove endorsement. I'm afraid she solidly has the backing of Armey, Palin, and even Rove.


Establishment people want to maintain control of the party. The Democrats are no threat to them, but the Tea Party could destroy them.
We know the Bush family is planning their next president(Jeb,God help us). The Tea Party is a threat to that.
If the Tea Party people take control people like Rove are history.
If the country club, Ivy League establishment can't control the Tea Party they'll try to destroy it.
The battle for the Republican Party is on.

Google Dick Armey

and the Tea Party Express. Armey is establishment. Was O'Donnell backed by the grassroots? We have to take TPE down!

Did the Google

Isn't Armey head of something called Freedom Works not Tea Party Express? Armey and others in the establishment have tried to co-opt the Tea Party movement. Don't join his organization.
The choice is between O'Donnell and a man who wrote a paper in college calling himself a Marxist.
If you're from Delaware the choice is clearcut. Too many at DP are looking for the perfect candidate.
Jesus ain't running.

If I was in Mary Kay

I'd love to have her in my downline...
She's another POS.

I don't care if she's a cannibal lesbian who sleeps

with kangaroos.
What's important is how she'll vote in the senate compared to her opponent. This is for the people of Delaware to decide, not Karl Rove or any of the rest of the outsiders.
Don't mess with Delaware Texas Karl!

I have watched a couple videos of her

The first thing I noticed is that she is damn good looking and comes accross more symphatetic than most politicians (which is hardly an accomplishment by the way).

But I also think she is full of shit...unfortunately.

During the presidential election cycle she made a couple of appearances on Foxnews to pitch in favor of the Republicans, I bet she didn't mention Ron Paul even one time. She did say Giuliani had "the strongest record on fighting terrorism."


I don't trust her at all.


from this she appears to be steeped in neo-conservativism--totally immersed in the republican/democrat paradigm--

so sad--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--