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Fiscal House of Horrors … in 3D!

How to Slash Government Before it Slashes YOU
Great, scary FUN! 3D - Entertaining and clever vehicle for future liberty endeavors:

UPDATE: First 3-D Printing Store Opens In U.S.

Experience the true terror of out-of-control government spending!

by Nick Gillespie, Austin Bragg & Meredith Bragg | September 30, 2010

A Warning from Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska)


I Spend on Your Grave!


Night of The Living Debt



As the United States grapples with the grisliest economic downturn in decades, many politicians seem strangely unable or unwilling to stop their zombified shuffling toward a full-blown fiscal FUBAR.

President Barack Obama pushes for yet more stimulus spending and the Republican leadership pledges to stay mum on the prospect for serious spending entitlement reform until at least election day.

Given the decade-long spending binge that started under George W. Bush and a Republican Congress and has accelerated under Obama and the Democrats, America's balance sheet hasn't been this scary since World War II.

The only way to tell this story is in 3D: Debts, Deficits, and Despair!

3D Fiscal House of Horrors!