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US Government confesses to plans to terrify citizens

Like Pierre, I watch what the intelligence officials have to say very closely. They usually say exactly what they mean, you simply must know how to listen.

Diane opens with a truthful nugget: "Al Qaeda has new ways of recruiting people inside this country."

Now, if you know that Brezinski and his buddies created Al Qaeda, you understand that Diane just told you that the CIA has been successful at the divide and conquer tactic, and now US citizens are at the verge of civil unrest.

Next little thing that most folks will miss? "In the past 18 months or so, at least 63 Americans have been arrested or convicted of terrorism charges."

OK, that is a pretty fuzzy timeline... and a pretty fuzzy number... and being arrested is really not at all the same as being convicted, so how many were arrested and then charges dropped, and how many were convicted? Therein lies your "terrorism." How many of those "at least 63" were political protesters who were tazed, tossed in the slammer overnight, then released? The terrorists are bragging, here.

Napolitano tells us we need to "assume it (this high number) is not an abberation." In other words, assume they were all terrorists, regardless of guilt or innocence.

I am not going to transcribe Robert Mueller's testimony - go listen and watch him for yourself. It is choice. And a warning, if you know how to listen. And Pierre sums it all up so nicely, too,

You have been warned. Watch out for Al-CIA(duh.) They have recruited more people who are immune from prosecution. They are preparing for another attack.

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well i guess 1 of those 63 is from around here....

a guy from here got mad at a c-store clerk and threatened to blow her and the store up. The guys had anger issues for years so it didnt surprise me to hear he was locked up for this. what did surprise me is they were charging him with a terrorist act and was facing 25 years for a first offense.

jimboz fight

Why is it that fools like Cooper...

Equate 9/11 truth with kooks like Ahmadinejad?


For The Power of The Republic!

I've noticed some very

I've noticed some very disturbing "anti terrorist" posters in the area that I work in (federal government)

basically it reminds me of the Fascist tactic of having the population police itself and is very disturbing.

I think this is clearly the future goal (especially with all this talk of "home grown" terrorism), we recently had someone arrested in Alaska for creating a list of targets; the whole thing was very fishy and I haven't looked into it as much as I should have but it was borderline unbelievable and seemed like a clear attempt to bring the "fear" to even the furthest flung states of the US.

very interesting times

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

Let Everybody Know

That the govt is planning a new false flag op (before the elections, no doubt)and that they are going to come down on US citizens for it.

This will be the beginning of the real police state.

Here's a link to Prison Planet's story: http://www.prisonplanet.com/feds-target-americans-as-terrori...

ABC news

spelled officials wrong in their link

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They are ramping up the fear quotient to

give themselves a wide open door to tyranny.

Big bump

Thanks for posting this my friend.

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Thanks, love!

I am screwing up the courage to record that song. I want to do it by a campfire, that is where I am meant to sing, you know? If I could require folks have at least 2 shots or 4 beers before listening, I would... Hell, I am a libertarian, they may use whatever drug they like, just don't listen sober! ;)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Wow, thanks for this info.

I got a email from a friend that is either propaganda or truth but it was about some fellow who knew someone that was with security. The fellow was at a meeting where they were told Muslim women were buying cell phones to send over seas and some fellows who were watching in a pickup truck a military base here in the US.

Could the next false flag be our military bases in the US. Consider this, the elite want to bring in foreign troops but the citizens wouldn't have it. What if they wanted to get rid of the soldiers who said they would not turn on Americans. They bought these soldiers back home and station them all at the same bases. They have their false flag people are upset the UN bring in troops to "help" (sarcasm). That would accomplish so many things for them.

I think it will be a false flag and then the market crash blamed on the false flag. Sheesh, I sure have an active imagination. Maybe, I should write one of those James Bond's type books.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

The foreign troops are already here. No one objected.

This is my back yard:

I see folks like Chuck Baldwin who think the Pacific NW is a bastion of liberty, but I am sitting in Idaho telling you folks it is BAD here. The "wakeful" are NOT, they are being taken for a ride. I won't even try to go into what all is going on, but just know that in spite of the reputation as a Mormon state, the Vatican is in charge here.

Oh, and it appears to me like the next false flag might be "The Dog and Pony Show: Alien Invasion episode." Or else a re-run of "Corporate Warfare Disguised As An Accidient." That episode is playing really well, I suspect they will do a sequel.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Re: Alien Invasion False Flag

For more info on this apparently "planned" event please see my recent post here (specifically item "11)"):


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