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Conway announces Conway vs. Paul debate on Fox News 10/3 with Chris Wallace moderating.


Wallace is a snake. Hope Rand performs deftly and cautiously with this one.

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Rand should say to Chris Wallace, I’d like to talk about intelligence… Do you have any sir?

Look at it from another angle

This is not a cake walk for Wallace. He will be under GREAT pressure to take down Rand. Under this pressure he can make mistakes and provide opportunities for Rand.

I'm thinking of Ron's reply "NO! I take my orders from the Constitution"

If Rand only does so-so it will not be the end of his campaign. If Wallace fails - it may very well be the end of his career. (at least at FOX)

Thanks for the info


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Last night...

... during a debate between Senator Shapiro and her Libertarian opponent Ed Kless, here in Texas, the incumbent expressed incredulity at the notion that you could run the state of Texas on a 10% consumption tax alone. I sent her this email, which I would appreciate if someone close to Rand Paul could pass onto him.

Dear Senator Shapiro,

Thank you for your willingness to come out last night and meet with your constituents. I was taken by your comment that you learn from this interaction. As the adage goes, I don't need a second invitation. You said you would like know what a 10%-Texas would look like, implying perhaps that no state can run properly on a budget restricted to 10% of GDP.

The Heritage Foundation's website provides valuable insight. Singapore is an example of how prosperous we can become by following some basic guidelines. In 1965, at the time of its independence, Singapore’s per capita income was $511. Today, Singapore’s GDP is $238 billion or $49,200 per capita, making it the 4th wealthiest country in the world on a per capita basis. This wealth is produced by 5 million people living in a country that is 1/8th the size of Delaware. The unemployment rate is 2.2%. (I'm not making this up.)

How did they achieve this phenomenal economic growth of more than 9% p.a. since independence? What is the secret of this success? Government comprises 12.5% of GDP. In the US, government’s share is approaching 30%, if calculated properly; some say, even higher. The Singapore government raises 14.5% of GDP in taxes, running a small surplus, which over the years, has accumulated to over $500 billion, or $100,000 per man woman and child. Here in the US, we have government debt equal to more than $40,000 per man woman and child. The highest individual tax rate in Singapore is 20% and companies pay 18%, but companies receive tax holidays if they meet certain requirement.

Linear Technology, a US semiconductor company, has manufacturing facilities in Singapore and pays no taxes on the revenues from goods produced in these factories. Do you blame Linear for "exporting" jobs to Singapore? No, blame our warped tax system that extracts 33% to 35% from corporations, but through a host of tax loopholes (engineered by special interested that provide ungainly employment to an army of tax lawyers and accountants), some companies are able to bring the tax rate down to the mid-twenties. Others like Union Pacific with very little room to maneuver (e.g., no R&D to speak of) pay a tax rate in the high thirties. Union Pacific competes against Canadian National Railways for business and capital, but is greatly disadvantaged because the Canadian government has systematically reduced the corporate tax rate down to 19%, about half of what Union Pacific has to pay. Jobs are created by the investment of capital. Why should the providers of this capital invest in Union Pacific when they can get a far better return on their investment in Canadian National? Instead of lowering the corporate tax rate, politicians prefer to confiscate from the likes of Union Pacific and then use the loot for distribution to special interests, ostensibly to create jobs. It just doesn't work for ordinary mortals like us, although the ruling elite do just fine. Are you surprised that the electorate is getting restless? (As an aside, companies do not pay taxes. They pass the cost onto consumers.)

Low taxes, balanced budgets, and small government, exactly as the Constitution dictates, is the path to prosperity; not the taxing of citizens to grow the size of government and use the loot on special programs/projects such as the Governor's Enterprise Fund just to mention one egregious example.


Plano TX

Insightful letter about

Insightful letter about Singapore


... some people's response was that Singapore is probably not the kind of society we want to live in etc... just to divert the argument, of course... all I care about is that limited government, resricted to a set percentage of GDP - the lower the better and running a balanced budget - and low taxes, create prosperity... societal issues are another matter for another day, but irrelevant to the above essentials. In short, just follow the Constitution - still true after more than three centuries... what Dr. Paul taught me!

Plano TX

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When Chris W asks Rand P, "Did you seek out to be friends with

B Kristol, D Senor and T Donnelly to ask for AIPAC's blessing?", I hope Rand P's answer is NOT, "Yes, of course. my buddy, Palin, and her handlers told me to do it. I want AIPAC money and they certainly have MUCH much deeper pockets than starving rag-tag Palestinians, you know. ha ha ha. . . Obama, Clintons, Backmann and others did it. What's wrong with THAT? heh. . . "

For more in depth consideration go to: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/145221



Rand should say that he

Rand should say that he debates Conway on Fox News only if Pelosi will also debate Dennis on TV and only if Demoncrats and Re-pukeblicans will allow Jake Towne in his district debates.

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Well if he didn't "kiss the neocon ring" he should expect a trap

If he did... should be smooth sailing.

I don't like it either way.

The best I can hope for is that Rand will be nimble and clever enough to dodge, weave and hit the traps out of the park somehow not getting slimed in the process. Either that or hope that Wallace has received orders to suck it up, toe the party line and go easy on the candidate with the R in front of his name. bleh... I really hope he knows what hes doing because this seems completely wrong.

This is a setup. Big mistake

This is a setup. Big mistake for Rand if he accepts. We all know FOX is Neocon central and nothing good will come of this especially with what piece of New World Order scum Wallace "moderating". God, I wish someone would shoot that SOB!

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Agreed. Very risky for Rand


Threats or wishes of death are not helpful.

Please remove that comment. Channel that passion towards positive action not violence.

Check out http://iroots.org/
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agreed, we do not need to

agreed, we do not need to give more ammo to the MSM.

Not when we're already winning hearts and souls

where it matters. Patience.

Free includes debt-free!

Their went this campaign....

This is lunacy to agree to this debate.

he sure will pull the civil

he sure will pull the civil rights comment out of his hat.
missquote and then missunderstand the answer.
it is a set up.
hope Rand will set him up.

I think he should decline the debate!!

Why debate Jack Conway after all the dirty tricks he's pulled. If he does I would recommend that he play the video of the COnway supporter that showed up at a RP event posing as a RP supporter. Then tell Jack that because of his dirty tactics that he is not qualified to represent the people of Kentucky.

Wallace is enemy #1

He suggested that RP takes his marching orders from Al Queda during a debate where he was supposed to moderate and not provide editorial or any his personal nazi-con commentary.

He is incredibly lame excuse for a human being. I am sure Rand is aware and will be ready to disembowel this neo-con nit wit.

Isn't THIS WALLACE A** the

Isn't THIS WALLACE A** the one who asked Ron Paul if he had "ANY Credibility at all"
What a slimeball disrespectful A**

ps I'm allowed to be disrespectful and call this jerk names after what he had done.

You are right..

Hard to tell the Fox talking heads apart.

I think he asked about Electabillity..

Dr. Paul knocked that answer out of the park though.

This is an ambush....

Conway agreed to go on FOX! - and his Demohead followers will watch, with a painful click of the remote, fearing a hackjob from FOX News. Then, Comrade Wallace will make Paul look like an isolationist kook who wants to go back to the 18th Century. And - then - many Repukes and Dems will switch their vote to Conway. And....scene.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

I think this is Rand's compromise

for not agreeing to the Meet the Press debate. It's still a Fox News debate (like Rand initially requested), only it's with Conway's moderator.

I REALLY don't like Wallace. It has 'ambush' potential. Alhough I can't imagine how it could possibly deal as much damage as when Beck interrogated Medina, the intentions motivating the hit will no doubt be just as treacherous.

Then again, Rove did get pounded by other Republicans for turning nasty on O'Donnell. It forced him to changed his tune about her. Maybe there will still be some fear in the air for other establishment talking heads...

(But really, they didn't call Rove the 'Architect' for nothing... maybe he purposefully slipped on O'Donnell in order to increase her Tea Party 'anti-establishment' bona fides...)

I don't think Conway supporters would dig a FOX moderator

I'll bet they're a little up in arms about it too.

Wallace is a snake

I agree. They should get someone who is true gentleman to replace him.


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double post


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Rand should debate but

ask for another moderator.

John Stossel!

John Stossel!