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Ron Paul Candidate, Tim Mullen Money Bomb , Oct 3rd

The first Tim Mullen Money Bomb will take place this Sunday, October 3rd. www.VoteMullen.com

Ron Paul Candidate, Tim Mullen is running for State Representative in the 120th District in Pennsylvania. (Wilkes-Barre)

Please Donate to Tim Mullen http://www.VoteMullen.com/donate.html

Lets make history in Pennsylvania.

I know most of you on the Daily Paul have never heard of Tim Mullen. I'm the Campaign Manger for Tim Mullen. I've been reading the Daily Paul for the last 3 years. I have been a supporter of Ron Paul ever since he announced his presidency in January 2007. Tim Mullen himself has had a big part in trying to get Ron Paul elected in 2008.
Now he is trying to keep the Revolution going.

im Mullen is running for State Representative for the 120th District under the Libertarian Party. Tim has the best chance of any third party to get into the General Assembly. We have a full fledge of Democratic and Republican endorsements. Such as a 5 Borough Council members from both parties spanning the district and a few Republican committee members. Tim Mullen even has the former NEPA campaign coordinator for the John McCain campaign running his campaign office and a former Vice-Presidential Candidate, Wayne Allan Root, whom donated over $5,000 to the campaign. Tim Mullen also has the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Jersey helping his campaign. On May 18th, Primary Day, Tim Mullen had the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the National Libertarian Party helping out at the polls for him. The drove up 6 hours from Virginia just to work the polls for Tim Mullen.

If you have never heard of Tim Mullen. He is a registered nurse working full time. He served in the 3 tours in Iraqi in '03, '04, '05. He also served a tour in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. He has 5 humanitarian awards and received the Bronzes Star.

Just on Tim Mullen's background the voters are eating him up. His main platform is to help pass H.R. 1275 Eliminate School Property Taxes and on standing strong on the 10th Amendment. Tim believes the states have the right to nullify Unconstitutional Federal Laws.

All the political elites are shocked in how a Libertarian can be getting so much support. Tim Mullen's yard signs are everywhere in the district, more than the Republican and Democratic candidates put together.

Tim Mullen is challenging an Democratic incumbent of 20 years and a Big Government Republican. Tim Mullen stands on the principles of smaller government, less taxes and more freedom. Tim is a Ron Paul candidate.

Tim Mullen's election will send shock waves across Pennsylvania, because Tim Mullen will be the first 3 party candidate to win a seat in the General Assembly in the last 80 years. In the 1930's the Democrats and Republicans changed the election laws to make it much much harder for 3rd Party candidates to compete.

If you are ready for a rEVOLution, Tim Mullen is the best candidate to achieve that in Pennsylvania.

Please Donate on October 3rd http://www.VoteMullen.com/donate.html

Help make history in Pennsylvania, and throughout the United States

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Thank you

Thanks for the Donations. We raise over $1,000.

We are having another Money Bomb this Sunday 10-10-10. It just happens to be my Wedding Day as well, give me a great Wedding present. Donate to Tim Mullen for PA State Representative. www.VoteMullen.com

Just earlier today, Vice Presidential Candidate Wayne Allan Root and Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee annouced an endorsement and helping send funds of only 13 candidates nation wide. Tim Mullen is one of those candidates that was endorsed.


Please Donate to Tim Mullen, the first Libertarian Candidate in any State General Assembly. www.VoteMullen.com