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Political Fund Raising, and the MSM

Every election year I am amazed at how much more money gets pumped into the political process of getting people elected. Huge sums of money in every major race, and in many lesser races too.

It seems the "money race" is what dictates alot of coverage, drives polling results, and picks winners and losers even before any vote levers are pulled. Lots of coverage about "who raised how much?" and the horse race of dollars.

Ever wonder about that?
Cui Bono? Who benefits?

Well, it's our pals at the MSM.
That's why they cover that so eagerly. It's their future income stream.
All the money pouring into the candidates coffers winds up in the pockets of the MSM newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, etc.
In fact, I have long thought that this is the "payoff" to the MSM for their lap-dog compliance with the establishment.
Every 2 years, and especially every 4 years, they get windfall profits of billions of dollars paid into their advertising pockets, from all the candidates.

Of course, I understand that the candidates all want to be seen, and want to inundate the public with their faces and slogans.
But, "the beast" is being fed with this activity. The money spent is actually arming the opposition at another level, and depleting our own resources.

I think this needs to be thought about. Who do we really want all this money from our donors going to?
Our friends, or our enemies?
Right now, it seems to be a "blind" activity. Raise money and give it to the MSM. I think it's not the best thing for us to do.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about how this can be turned more to our advantage, and less money funneled into the institutions which control the mass media propagandists. Alternate strategies which can be very effective need to be put on the table, so that the money from our wallets doesn't end up in the pockets of the juggernaut that opposes us.

What do you think?
We have our own "cutting-edge" think-tank right here at the DP. Modern techniques have been developed here that have changed the course in politics over the last few years. I think the minds here can solve this to give us more advantage, in new ways that the establishment dinosaurs won't benefit from.


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It's a good question

about an ugly, and strange catch 22.

I have advocated using guerrilla techniques for infiltrating the monstrous MSM machine, and bashing them back over the head with it, without giving them a penny..

I haven't taken the time lately, but I have made a few comments over at Glenn Beck's site (The Blaze). Last I checked, I hadn't been booted. I think...or at least I hope, that I was able to plant a few seeds here and there. Mike Lawson predicts I will not make it to 6 comments before I am terminated. I think I'm at 4 or 5. All of them powerful messages.

I have been successful in the last few months getting on the air on our local MSM talk radio shows, and successfully planting seeds. These are things I can do while just driving back and forth to work. It reaches 100's of thousands of people at the least, and doesn't cost a dime.

I support the use of MICRO/PIRATE radio stations, and then putting money into advertising them on the street.

In many cases, I would rather spend money and make 300 bumper stickers advertising the micro radio station, and then donate the stickers to the local book store here, so that people can have them for free, and put them where they feel the best visibility is.

Another avenue we used to campaign in early 2000, was Public Access TV. All it takes is time and effort. That's how Alex Jones got his start.

There are some creative folks in this movement, and the RP campaign was a good example of how people could get the word out with limited resources.


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