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Gary Johnson: You’re going home? Wait! There’s still work to be done.

Imagine for a minute that you hired a group of people to work for you at your place of business whose job it would be to develop a budget, including revenue and the allocation of funds. You tell this group of employees that, while they may have a lot of other responsibilities, their most fundamental objective is to make sure that they figure out all the spending and revenue concerns for your business. It’s a big job, you say, but they have most of an entire year to do it. You allow them to start in January, and they have until September 30 to finish.

Can you imagine your frustration when that group — who all work for you and are responsible for spending your money — casually say in late September, “Hey, sorry, we got busy with a bunch of other things, like taking over health care and buying General Motors, and just didn’t get around to figuring out budgets, like how much money we should collect next year or how much we should spend.” “But no worries,” they say, “we’ll just take a short break and then come back and figure it all out. Don’t sweat, we promise we’ll get it done by Christmas…hopefully.”

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Well, whadya expect with

Well, whadya expect with Pelosi running the house..?