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America First

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One of the amazing experiences....

of my professional career was an interview I did with the man who started the political organization called "America First" back in the 1930's. They're main goal was to prevent America from entering WWII. Charles Lindbergh was their main representative and they made incredible progress in a very short time (the Roosevelt administration openly acknowledged that Lindbergh was their main obstacle to entering WWII). Yes, Charles Lindbergh the famous aviator. It was an amazing two-hour interview for a documentary I was creating. The man I was interviewing was 93 years old and he shared some amazing secrets, including his involvement with the Skull & Bones boys, Ronald Reagan and America First. Totally amazing stuff. And believe me, this guy was a heavy hitter.

The funniest comment from him though was when he claimed Reagan was busy ridding the country of communists while head of the Screen Actors Guild. Safe to say he didn't do such a good job there.....