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Influential Blogger in Florida Endorses Libertarian Party Candidate Alex Snitker

I was really encouraged to see that Chris Ingram, the influential political blogger on the Creative Loafing website, just endorsed Alex Snitker, the Libertarian Party candidate for the US Senate from Florida. To read his enthusiastic recommendation to vote for Alex see: http://blogs.creativeloafing.com/dailyloaf/2010/10/01/irreve...

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OCT 3 - Campaign For Liberty – Senatorial Debate

Campaign for Liberty is hosting this event today. If interested, please attend.

October 3 – Port Charlotte Campaign For Liberty – Senatorial Debate

Alex Snitker will be participating in this important Senatorial debate hosted by the Port Charlotte C4L. Let’s see if the other candidates have the courage to do the same. If you’ve never met Florida’s Liberty Candidate please take this opportunity to ask him your questions and let him tell you his plan to tear down the political establishment. Snitker Supporters please wear your Snitker shirts to show your support for Alex’s fight for Liberty!

When: Sunday, October 3rd From: 3-5pm
Where: Port Charlotte Cultural Center – 2280 Aaron St, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

For more information on Alex Snitker:



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