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"Only two thngs in life are certain. Death and taxes."

Ever hear that? Ever said that?

That is mass hypnosis, that is mind control. Did you ever question it?

You pay taxes because you are a citizen. You are a citizen because you were born here. You prove you were born here with your birth certificate. When did you consent to having a birth certificate? When did you consent to being a citizen? When did you consent to paying taxes? (You consented when you heard that lie, repeated that lie, and failed to question that lie.)

Taxes are not certain unless you have willing taxpayers. Who is more willing than one who never questions the "obligation" to pay taxes?

To reprise a fine question asked earlier on this site; Why do I have to pay to live on this planet when I was born here?

Are you ready for this yet? I have been posting this for about 2 years now...