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Backscatter radiation vans / terahertz energy, someone is lying to me...


It is a good article, one of many that explain to me that the airport scanners and vans will use "terahertz" rays.

But then, I keep finding things like this:

"But no matter how bright they are, T-rays can't penetrate metal or water. So they can't be used to inspect cargo containers on arriving ships or to diagnose conditions deep inside the human body."

So, can it see inside cars or not?

And, "mom" says I ought to point out that I tripped onto this stuff after posting my "It's Sunday, let's talk soul" thread and look what else this little site has to tell me...
"The Web site of Dr. Xi-Cheng Zhang, a T-ray expert at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, predicts that "the future 'killer application' ... will be in biomedicine." "

The "killer application" the man says. I am sure he meant it, "Like, dude, it is going to be killer" because foreign PhD's often speak that way.

They tell you to your face, do you know how to listen yet?

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