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* CLASSIC Ron Paul! 1983 Debate, vs. Chuck Partee(Member of FED.Res. Bd. of Governors) @ Mises Inst.'s 1st EVER Conference!

From a fellow r3VOLutionary. YouTube description:

Gold versus Discretion: A Debate Between Ron Paul and Charles Partee


LibertyInOurTime | October 02, 2010

A debate between Congressman Ron Paul and Charles Partee, member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors presented at the Ludwig von Mises Institute's first-ever conference, "The Gold Standard: An Austrian Perspective" held in Washington, DC; November 16-17, 1983. http://mises.org

DISCLAIMER: The producer of this audio presentation, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, has given permission under the Creative Commons license to publicly repost as long as credit is given to the Mises Institute and respective guidelines are followed. More info at: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/

This YouTube channel, LibertyInOurTime, is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, any of its lecturers or staff members.



The Doc, sharp and consistent as ever. Who else in public service could claim such principled consistency?

While the Doc was busy bitchslapping statist lackeys, with class, in 1983 Huckabee was probably adding on 200 additional lbs. eating squirrel popcorn hardfried in lard; ah the magic of gastric-bypass surgery.

- Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!

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it's been oft repeated,

but the Doc, truly never ceases to amaze, even at this juncture in history.

For those of you, whom may not have heard the Good Doc speak and respond, with a more "biting" and "youthful" precision, gotta check this debate out!


forgot the title, now updated:

"Gold versus Discretion: A Debate Between Ron Paul and Charles Partee"