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The Canary in the Mine....... He just DIED!!

Gold and Silver have been touted as the "Canary in the Mine". If you don't understand that comment....read here...
The Canary is Dead. Inflation is here. You had better buckle down and I beg of you to read this article in full. It has all the facts you need.....Are you ready...
It is a very interesting time to have Inflation in Commodities, yet we have Deflation in houses because of a propped up market and huge unemployment. This is going to get very interesting. Also....just try to shut off those 41,000,000 people on food stamps.....they can't....that is 100% street riot potential just waiting to happen. The fuse is lit, and our government can do nothing about it except to keep extending the fuse hoping it will burn out. The fuse will not burn out. And as they keep printing money to fund all of this crap....the fuse keeps speeding up....When does it explode...Any time frame ideas? Gold and Silver are giving you a glimpse into the future....just as the Dead Canaries did. When a miner saw that the canary had died......GET OUT!! Our Canary is dead. What are you going to do?

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This is NOT the time to go into fear!

This is OUR time! This is time to be COURAGEOUS not fearful!

We are gathering quietly. People are signing all the lawful documents needed to 'resign' from the de facto govt and join the Republic for the united State of America!

82 countries in the Hague recognize us now. This is time for Americans to choose.

Please pass this around.


I am not scared

or going to be scared....aware yes. And you must understand this article!!

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The Fed says we should make sure that the canary is dead.

They want even more inflation! We should kill the Fed and revive the canary. These bankers need some work in jail at 3 cents/hours, the present value of the dollar compared to the 1913 dollar.

Federal Reserve ponders if U.S. economy needs more inflation
Published: Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 6:06 PM Updated: Thursday, September 23, 2010, 6:27 AM

WASHINGTON -- It might seem like prices are rising wherever you look, from medical care to college tuition. Yet to the Federal Reserve, they might not be going up fast enough.

The Fed says a little more inflation might be just the thing to start a chain reaction that would ultimately create jobs -- and avoid a spiral of falling prices that could damage the economy.

In a statement Tuesday, the Fed avoided directly mentioning the dreaded word "deflation."



We are sooooo


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Sooner than I had originally thought.

Commodity inflation is already showing up in retail prices, and it could heat up very fast. We'll be paying much more for food, clothing, etc, and soon. Wages will not keep up. Prices may be kept down through the holidays; I expect 2011 to be the year general populations really start getting squeezed. If not prepared, listen to that canary! Here's more: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/rampant-inflatio...

Also, if you need more convincing or education on what to do, this is an excellent resource: http://inflation.us/videos.html

Undo what Wilson did

Yup---at the very least the canary is very sick!

Gardens have not done well in my area--my corn didn't even get ears on it, and the squash and pumpkins just produced a few.
I just traveled from Northeast Washington to home and many of the trees everywhere are turning BROWN, not gold or orange! Why? Is it what they are spraying in the air?