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Wake up! The Government creates jobs and they destroy jobs. They do so with the

policies they put in place that governs how businesses are run. Some regulations are good and a lot are bad but some controls need to be in place or the banksters with all their wealth would just gobble up everything. Like The Glass-Steagall Act which prevented the wall street firms from gambling in the derivatives market and destroying the American economy. That is what is happening now. During the Clinton administration,Clinton with the help of Larry Summers and Rubin they managed to get rid of the Glass Steagall act and here we are.

Though the Government should not create jobs directly they are certainly involved in creating and destroying jobs. Mostly destroying here in the US anyway and they still are. By giving incentives for manufacturing companies to move out of the US and move overseas they are destroying jobs here in the US. ARE YOU NOT AWARE THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS ACTUALLY PAYING COMPANIES TO MOVE OVERSEAS BY GIVING HUGE INCENTIVES TO DO SO! So they are in fact creating jobs over there in China, Korea, Bangladash etc.. while we lose our jobs here.

So what would happen if the US government stopped giving incentives for industry to move overseas. Less companies would move. Now what if they started giving incentives for companies to stay here? Well, more would stay!
Now what if they started giving big incentives for companies to start manufacturing here in the US? Well even more companies would stay and start up manufacturing here and industry would grow in the US creating more and more jobs. Now suppose they started giving tax incentives etc.. for companies to move back to the US such as no taxes for 5 years and 0 percent financing like they give the big banksters on wall street. Well jobs would come back and the US would again be prosperous and expanding the tax base.


How do you rebuild the inner city's and infrastructure without raising taxes. Very easy but you won't hear it on the news. For every dollar any company or individual invest in rebuilding the infrastructure in the US they get a two to one tax deduction or even three to one.
So when I read a headline like the one I saw that says the government cant create jobs I get upset because the Government destroys jobs and create jobs by putting policies in place that causes growth of jobs or loss of jobs. The government by giving huge subsidies, Tax and regulatory favors to the big corporate farms they have and continue to destroy family farms. So wake up THE GOVERNMENT CAN CREATE JOBS BY PUTTING IN PLACE POLICIES THAT PROMOTES THE GROWTH OF JOBS. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT!

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The government does not

The government does not literally create jobs. The gov is a consumer of resources, not a producer of resources. The government cannot even staple two pieces of paper together without first taking the resources from someone else in order to do so. Those "resources" which are taken amount to job destruction in the private sector, because that money goes to supporting the government rather than towards real job creation or spent into the real economy supporting job creation.

The only thing that the gov can truly do is create a political environment where businesses (which do create jobs) can survive and thrive.


exactly.. well said.. the

exactly.. well said.. the government does destroy jobs I agree with that.

AAAANNNDDDD what's your point?


the governmnet has no

the governmnet has no business sticking its nose in the economy. The government DOES NOT create jobs.
You say how do you rebuild the inner cities? It is not the Governments job to rebuild anything. the person who owns that privat property must do the rebuilding.

The problem with inner cities is crime. Decriminalize drugs and see what happens. Also eliminate all income tax and see what happens.

did you say no business running the economy

so I suppose they should not regulate the dollar or set the value thereof like it says in the constitution?

Or do we just dump that part?

I believe you may be

I believe you may be misunderstanding some parts of the Constitution.

Gold and silver was the "money" of the time and that has not changed via any amendments the the Constitution. "To coin Money" meant to make gold and silver coins. Regarding this also refer to section 10 where it is specified that no state make anything but gold or silver a tender in payment of debts. No amendment changing that, either.

Gold and silver is commodity money. Paper money, representative money, came into play in order to make it more convenient to carry larger sums of the metals. The paper money simply represented the commodity money and could be exchanged for it. In that sense the representative paper money was essentially the metal that backed it, just that the metal was stored in some vault. Over time, representative money was switched over to fiat money, which is backed by nothing as you surely know. This was done over many years and I suppose that the people were conditioned for some time to look at pieces of paper as being the "money" before the gold & silver was removed from backing it.

The responsibility of regulating money is not quite as it seems, not in the way in which the concept of regulating is known today. Back when the Constitution was written, "to regulate" meant 'to make regular.' So by wanting Congress to regulate the value of money they wanted Congress to make the value of money regular, to make the value stable. Take a look at the value of our money throughout the entire 1800s and you'll see exactly that, extremely stable money. What we have today is a Congress that shirks its duty of making the value of our money regular and instead we have the Federal Reserve (unconstitutional) that "regulates" (manipulates) interest rates instead and causes the value of our (fiat) money to fluctuate wildly.

Do you believe that the founders wanted any government to be able to literally steal away the value of the money that the people worked so hard for? Under the constitutional system, the value of your money was yours and could not be stolen via legislation which causes inflation. Today, it does not matter if you hide your paper dollars in the most secure vault in the world - the government can still steal every penny of it without ever touching it, via inflation.

The founders never wanted bankers in a private bank to be able to manipulate the value of the money in your wallet.


I know I know article 1 Secton 10

says that No State shal make anything but Gold and silver Coin legal Tender. But there is commercial Law.
They can not control your private comings and goings they have no right. They have no right to control your movements upon the highways unless you are using the highways for business purposes. Which comes under commercial law etc...

To coin money and set the value thereof OK?

But none of your comments address what I posted. Because the fact is we need the Government to keep a level playing field. They are not doing that and in order to rectify the damage they have done they must reverse the course that we are on by bringing jobs back here. They drove the jobs out by giving incentives for firms to move overseas. By doing this they destroyed our manufacturing base. They set out to destroy our jobs and they did and they have not stopped destroying our jobs they are continuing to give incentives for jobs to leave the US.
Do you want jobs to come back? Or do you want jobs to continue to leave or won't you care until you lose your job. Because if you keep buying the foreign goods at Walmart, KMart, Dicks clothing etc.. the odds are that you will lose your job.
So why don't we bring the jobs back and the way to do that is to give incentives for firms to come back and stay back. The Government by doing this facilitates job growth. It is a fact! By their action jobs will either grow or go away. Do they go out in the work force and run all the businesses certainly not. But they create the environment that causes jobs to come or go. That is how jobs are created!

you don't need the government

you don't need the government to keep a level playing field.. they are incapable of keeping a level playing field because they are corrupt. The reason why we have the problems we have today is because large corporations buy off their senator or congressman to write legislation that benefits the corporation.

In an economy the more competition the better. Government rules and regulations stifles competion.. they pick the winners and the losers.

The Government certainly do create jobs

if you had read what I wrote you would have understood that. I used to think like that but I realize that there is such a thing as restraint of trade so we don't end up with monopolies. But I suppose you don't care if water is monopolized. In some countries where people can't afford to pay for water the greedy corporations have managed to pay off politicians who passed laws making it illegal to save rainwater. There are even some states here in the US that have laws against saving rain water but Billionaire is buying up the water rights in California and I suppose you think that is just fine when he starts squeesing money out of farmers with the monopoly he is creating. Or how about Monsanto who is burning up seeds while creating Genetically modified seeds that they have a patent on them so the farmers now are forced to buy their seeds from Monsanto. But they are terminatore seed and the plants don't grow new seeds which stops the Farmers from harvesting seeds which they have done for thousands of years.. This is what happens when big business go wild and buy up everything in sight leaving nothing for the multitudes. You just can't have a free for all. Have you not heard about the sweat shops in the late 1800 and early 1900. How cruel these businesses were and how it would have stayed that way had it not been for Unions that fought the ruthless barrons and made a better working environment for everyone. Now we are going back toward the same because of people like you who don't understand how the big boys with the big pockets will walk all over the public. Today you have the corporations owning the government and passing laws to benefit them as they destroy America.
Wake up. Ron Paul is right about most things in politics but not everything. But he still gets my Vote for his integrity.

Well written

and I agree.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


is whose dream. Not mine. We pay to have our jobs sent overseas, I guess in the name of equality and spread the wealth. A brain child of who ?
We Americans certainly are not spreading American ideals, so what's the purpose ?

The purpose is to destroy America

by demoralising and bankrupting the Americans they will conquer the world. If only Americans would rise up in the millions.

Like william Wallace we can fight and we can win we got the numbers and if we march on Washington in the Millions and not return until they have made the changes we will win.