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Dollar Continues its Plummet: 78.05 and Falling


77 is a pretty big resistance level. If it breaks through to 77 we could see the next resistance level at 74 or 75 by this week. EVEN LOWER depending on the "jobs numbers".

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Keynesion Economics Simplified By Ron Paul,, Paraphrased.

From Ron Paul's Money book. { Currently out of print }

A farmer sells a quart of pure Cows milk.
His property taxes are raised, so he decides to sell more milk to pay his taxes, but his one cow won't cooperate by producing more milk.

So, the farmer adds about one quarter of a quart of water to every quart of milk he sells.

His property taxes are raised again.

He adds about one half quart of water to every quart of milk he sells.

His property taxes are raised again.

He now adds one full quart of water to every full quart of milk.

Now, substitute paper dollars in circulation for the farmers watered down milk.

It's Big Time FRAUD!

Are you a part of it or are you buying precious metals with ever depreciating dollars?


A Chart Reader to Be Sure. Plumbing For the Botton No Doubt.

I too draw up & study many a chart, always acutely aware of he depth to the bottom. This is important while navigating rivers & harbors.

Mark Twain = 2 fathoms

Lies deeper than were not originally mine.

Bobing for Dollars

Dr Ron Paul stated many times, the US Dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power over the years since the Fed took over custodial ownership. He stated only 4% was left. Your charts indicate another penny is lost... Gone with the wind.

3 cents left?

As the dollar bobs up & down on your chart, keep in mind your dollar measure is against other elastic currencies. They too bob up & down. Picture fishing boats, bobbing up & down in a calm sea harbor. Storms may come & go; but the average waterline of all the boats remains about the same. About the same relative to each boat and the water surface.

This is generally true for paper currencies through the centuries. On my watch, currency exchange rates are statistically fabricated out of London or New York.

Bobing for Boats

Now, back to the boats. Imagine yourself on the deck of one of those fishing boats going out to sea... Would you continue measuring the water level against the average waterline? Or would you prepare to go fishing?

When you return, I hope you will share some of your catch.


Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I think it rather exciting that once again, we will be able

to use real money in regular commerce.

Our money will not lose value.

We will once again have a stable store of savings.

No more bubbles or economic mood swings.

And no massive bloated government trampling our liberties.

It's almost as if the people in power now are really freedom lovers who are secretly plotting to bring the whole thing crashing down for good.

But me thinks they are not that bright.

The exact same quarter

That I used in 1964 to purchase one gallon of gasoline will now buy me almost two gallons of said oil derivative. Goodbye and good riddance to you mister paper fiat dollar.