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Gold or Silver, nagging question...

I've got a nagging question I need an answer to. I am a long time silver investor. I wholly believe that silver will outperform Gold on a percentage basis. (And I'm willing to believe that I might be wrong too) But there's a problem with Silver, IT'S HEAVY! A thousand dollar face value bag of junk silver is about 50 pounds (I believe) I can hold the same amount of gold in one hand. I had a friend growing up that escaped Vietnam, and their family is alive today because of the gold they smuggled out, and subsequently had to give to others to get out alive. They arrived here penniless but the entire family was alive. If the time comes when the US goes into all out rebellion, imagine trying to negotiate safe passage anywhere with silver. So my question is, should I keep buying into silver, bury what I can and hope for the best? Or does anyone here have a gold/silver percentage formula they'd like to share?

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As for me... if it comes to

As for me... if it comes to having to making the decision to flee or fight I am FIGHTING. My liberty and freedom are worth dieing for.

You do have a good point. There is nothing wrong with having some gold. If you have 100k to invest I would go 80/20. 80 silver, 20 gold.