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Today Was A Great Day - I Discovered a 25.7 pound box full of silver American Dollars

So my parent's are moving from their big, housing bubble house to their smaller, affordable house across the neighborhood.

My mother called me into her room to pick up a heavy box for her. Me being me, I decided to take a peak inside this heavy ass box and I almost fainted when I realized it was filled with

439 ounces of American Silver Coins!

She can't even remember when she bought then. They could even have been passed down.

Its worth about ten thousand dollars at todays price and could be worth a HUNDRED thousnad if prices go to where I think they will ($120 an ounce silver).

Beers on me tonight boys and girls.

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Great story- cheers!

Just think about it.

That silver could have been doing some good for someone in years past, other than simply looking like silver.

Well at least it did itself well by being out of circulation it created it's own price increase.

But I'm glad for you and your mom.

Let me clarify some things

First of all, I made a typo. The title of the Article shoud say 27.5 pounds of siler.

What I did is I took the entire box and put it onthe scale. It came out to 27.5 pounds. I subtracted .1 pounds due to the box and then multiplied 27.4 by 16 to get 438.4 ounces of silver. Rounding up makes it 439.

I am back in Tallahassee but as soon as I get back I will look at the coins and make sure they aren't worth too much of a fortune.

Sorry about the confusion

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My Advice Would Be To Take/Make The Time To Inspect Them.

They might be "Pieces of Eight" which was "Legal" American money for many years.
If they are, collectors would probably pay a good price for those in good shape, but, again my advice is, don't spread the word around about your find too much or Mr.tax man may make a special visit.

You're the second person in a week that I've communicated with that has no idea what their Silver coins are worth.

I recommend buying a current issue of coin prices magazine.

Good Luck !


good for you... I think this

good for you... I think this is great.. hope you find more.

If they are Peace or Morgans or older, they should be

worth way more than 10k FRNs

Sweet find.

Now why stuff like that doesn't happen to me?

What is Her New Address?

We want to come see them.

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Excellent news for you

Today is a bad day here. Just found out we need a new septic system and we'll most likely have to sell our silver to pay for it. Sweet.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

bump for

good news. Gee, that must have been so fun to discover that treasure. It will help down the road.

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These would need to looked at one at a time

Do some home work and you may find you have much more than you think in collectors value.For example a Morgan 1893 S is worth Anywhere from 2,400.00 to 11,000.00 depending on condition.Really! do your homework on this one you may be surprised.


If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

O for heavens sake,

how can anyone here make an educated guess as to worth?

Weight yes, not worth - if they are one ounce coins as in 439 silver coins.

(First off, it's not "American" silver - it's U S silver.)

First off you need to find out what which silver dollars they are - what do they look like?

Silver dollars were first minted in 1794. If these were maybe handed down as you say - who knows what they are.
They could be Morgans (1878 - 1921), Peace (1921 - 1935) or perhaps dated even earlier such as Seated Liberties (1840 - 1873).
They could also be later. They could be Eisenhowers (1971 - 1978).

What do they look like and what are the dates?

I'm curious now.

Whatever they are, they are good to have.

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Ikes were not silver.

Caveat: There were some 40% silver ones made in sealed sets for collectors. Odds are, you won't find them loose anywhere.


that is true. The collector Eisenhower's were 40% silver and those in circulation were copper/nickel.

I looked it up to see exactly how much 40% was and it is .3161 net weight of pure silver.

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double post

all weekend DP slow.

Today. Too fast.

Don't you just love when that happens...

Congratulations on finding buried treasure, both for you and for your mom!

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Pay you over face value

There only worth a buck each, I'll buy everyone for $1.25 each! No.....fine, I tried.

There is an add in the free paper here

every week. "I buy silver coins at 5 times face value"

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

25.7 pounds

and 439 ounces of American silver coins, or dollars ( the math does not compute)! The story changes from the thread title to the body of the post.

Those are quite precise numbers, considering that you said that you just took a peak (I assume that you meant peek) into the box.

Interesting story, though.

I am so glad the daily paul

I am so glad the daily paul has you vlbc.. Always here to point out spelling mistakes etc.. the daily paul needs its self appointed mistake finder.

I suggest you look into pre 65 American silver coins.
the math does compute. A 1000.00 face bag of US silver coins is 55 pounds, and contains 715-720 ounces of silver. So that is about right.

since he just took a peek, i'm sure he is only giving an educated guess.


I suggest that you are free to buy into any fairy tale that is posted here, or anywhere else, (such as this one, or stories about silver going to $100.00/oz., or $1000.00/oz., (hell, why not $100,000.00/oz.), or whatever,

and that others are free to question those same fairy tales.

That's what the free exchange of ideas is all about.

So many people keep yakking about FRNs being worthless, and yet, at the same time, they keep quoting what gold and silver are going to be worth in FRNs.


so this is a fairy tale? the

so this is a fairy tale? the guy finds silver coins and its a fairy tale? Its going to be fun saying I told you so.. Just like the fairy tale about the silver manipulation.. do you remember how many people were on here saying that the silver manipulation was just a conspricy theory... quit whinning about the free market sierra.. yada yada yada.. Then Michael Nystrom himself posts the whistle blower. Sierra proven right.. This will be the same way. Seems the guys jzneff, jeff23456098 just don't like being wrong.
they never show their faces here. Are you going to be the same way as silver passes the 100.00 mark?

I agree the free exchange of ideas is wonderful.. the problem is what you call an idea is much different
then what most of us believe. When most of exchange ideas we do not talk down the other poster.

Now as for the price of silver going to be worth 1000.00 an ounce and the dollar be worthless.. What you do not understand is that is showing you purchasing power... another words, if silver is 20.00 per ounce today, what will 20.00 buy? in the future that same 20.00 silver eagle will buy what 1000.00 buys today. Looks like one hell of a trade to me.

All one has to do, and I have said this now for over 3 years is look at the FACTS. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. It will be funny to watch you try to kick your own butt as this thing passed you by because you thought you were so smart you didn't need to do some homework. Ted Butler has laid it out.
The silver market has been illegaly manipulated for 30 years by 4 to 8 large US banks. Since the silver price was kept artificially low the miners could not mine silver. The vast stockpile of 3 billion ounces of silver was consumed by industry. There is now a huge physical shortage of silver. The price has only one way to go once the manipulation or the shorta are over run. That is straight up. I suggest you look and see what happened to the price of palladium a few years ago.. from 60.00 an ounce to over 1200.00. why did that happen.. then really recently go look at Volkwagon.. their stock went from 160.00 a share to over 1400.00 within a matter of days. Plase tell me why? The same reasons is why silver will explode.

I always get a kick out watching people font something they have no idea about. Pure ignorance.
Facts are facts, all you have to do is take the time to read and do the research. I hope you will.. I would love to see you and others make your retirement in 2 months. Yes even you VLBC.. the question is will you take the time to do the research so you are not so ignorant about this market? This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Everything Ted Butler has written about for the past 10 years has come to fruition. EVERYTHING.. I was told that Butler should retire etc etc etc... funny thing is Butler is still here and trolls who questioned him and the information I supplied to our fellow Ron Paul supporters are not.

Thanks for the rant, sierra.

I may be mistaken, but, by the quality of your post, it appears that you may be into the sauce.

A little bit early for that, isn't it?

I am a morgan dollar collector

Those silver dollars are worth it more than silver value. Please educate your self in those values. For an idea of how much they are worth go to numismedia.com and you will find prices from 17 dollars to millions of dollars. Don't ever clean than and try not to touch the coins with you bare hands.

At silver prices, what about numismatic value?


Free includes debt-free!

so how bout giving to the

so how bout giving to the NickM fund?


you're making it sound like your moms box of coins is now yours. Have you told her what she has?

Of course

She knows their value.

In my situation, when the dollar collapse happens, I will take complete control over my family and family member. My dad is old, fat, and frail. My mother is a good business woman but she has zero survival/strengh skills (can hardly cook a bowl of easy mac). And my sister, we'll she is basically a tatted up bum who leaches of my parents so she can live in an apartment with her friends and do drugs.

If I weren't around when the dollar crisis starts, they would be huddled up in a dark corner crying like infants, just begging for the national guard to put them in a camp.

Thats just me those

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul


Thanks for the laugh. I don't think my family is quite like this but I can certainly relate. When it comes to economics or preparing for the crisis they are completely brain-dead.

"The sinews of war are infinite money" ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

If you were me and I were you

I'd be up all night checking dates and researching prices..Treasure hunting at it's finest !! yahooo!!

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow