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Ron Paul on Wolf Blitzer

Ron Paul will be on The Situation Room with Wolf 5/16 at either 4pm Central or 5pm Central. My mom just talked with Ron and he said 5pm, but he was in Washington, D.C. (he didn't want to miss a vote, so he flew back at 5am) so that could mean Eastern Time.

Dunno....tune in.

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Great responses as usual . . . but that friggin' subtitle . . .

Why did CNN stick that huge "BLAMING AMERICA" sign right below him? Aarrgh! Just put the guy's name. That's all I ask .

Ron Paul on Wolf Blitzer

Another excellent interview by Dr. Paul.

Could someone post the link to this interview to Free Republic (many there think Guiliani was correct) with a brief description? I am not very computer savvy and don't know how to post the link ,but I think it would set the record straight for some who seem not to understand that Dr.Paul has sound reasons for saying what he did to Guiliani.

Ron Paul for President 2008!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!