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Freedom Watch - Oct. 8th, 2010. Ron Paul!!!

Part 1:

Parts 2-4 below:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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High School Students find FW most interesting news show

I showed my students 4 news shows to teach media bias and techniques.

Freedom Watch
O'Reilly Factor
Rachel Maddow Show

They overwhelmingly enjoyed Freedom Watch because it discussed stories, supported its arguments with the Constitution and did not focus on November election gossip and gallops.

Thanks for posting these. Really good.

I was behind a car today with these stickers:

One World, One People
"We the People"
(Obama's insignia) and the words That One '08
The Bible says, "Don't Kill."
End the Wars

I can't tell if this person is coming or going and I think there are many as confused as she.


This material deserves as much time & though as possible & ends with the Judge bringing on a real criminal investigator.

Time for the Judge to get legit.

I think the pace is

part of what makes the show so successful. Most news and/or information shows are real snoozers.


ok... i'm giving the judge another chance... the past couple of episodes, the judge abruptly ends the interview or it's a wham-bam interview.

i hope this episode is less frenetic.

what am i in for?

If you think the Judge's pace is too fast,

then you're just too old.

My favorite people in the world: Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Peter Schiff, Judge Napolitano, Milton Friedman, Bob Barr, and John Stossel

Can't stand the way the judge rushes this info

& why does he not call for a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION?

He has two experts telling him the 911 commission is a LIE from top to bottom.



When is the judge going to have on a real criminal investigator

that America can get behind?

Everything else @ this point, is a waste of time.

a real criminal investigation

How could the Judge not ask them this or even bring it up?

Been lurkin

But this episode deserves a massive BUMP!! Good to hear the judge gets to fill in for the punchbowl turd.

9/11 Commission, "...a white-wash and lie from top to bottom."

- Michael Scheuer, former CIA Chief of the Bin Laden unit, 10/9/2010

Video 2, 3:14

Holy crap!

This is a crazy Freedom Watch!

What would be crazy

is assuming they were talking about an inside job. That's not what they were talking about. They were talking about hiding who was guilty of laziness - of neglecting to do their job of looking through the intelligence.

My favorite people in the world: Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Peter Schiff, Judge Napolitano, Milton Friedman, Bob Barr, and John Stossel

If the whole thing is a lie.

Then the official story is a lie.

"Inside Job" is the wrong term, because it implies everyone in the government was involved, when it was only a corrupt few.

The World Trade Center was brought down with explosives and over 200 Israelis were arrested.

That's been known for a long time. But at least hints of the massive cover up are beginning to get aired. That will result in others questioning and researching what really happened.

Eventually, it may all come out.


Is that the same "in-house" council the senate used under Clinton?

And he decided what went into the Commission report?



was Clinton's defense attorney in the impeachment trial.

part 2

first segment. The guy said Ben-Veniste decided what went into the Commission Report and what was left out.

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Splendid show!

Be sure to send this link to everyone:

Huge damning summary.

In part:
In case sleepy observers have not noticed, Team Obama in the economic dugout just disbanded. Nobody is left except a junior Senator posing as President, whose words are impressive but actions echo inside great voids. In his hip pocket is found a copy of "Dialectical of Materialism" without much public notice. The helm is empty. The Ship of State is adrift, a derelict vessel. Peter Orszag is gone (broken budget, spiraling deficits). Christina Romer is gone (wise mediocrity but ignored). Lawrence Summers is gone (loser preppy). Cindi Sparks is gone (stimulus plan architect). One can only hope that Tim Geithner departs too.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

This looks like a really good one from intro!

"How America blew it leading up to 9/11, and the ensuing ruthless campaign to hide the government's mistakes."

Watching now.


"Everybody on the Commission Was Covering for Someone."

- Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer U.S. Army (ret), former Intelligence Officer in Afghanistan, 10/9/2010

1st video 10:05


Excellent interviews.

Thanks for posting this, otherwise would have missed it.

Thanks for posting

I thoroughly enjoyed that. I love how the judge is constantly bringing Ron Paul into the psych of the american people. Can't wait for this to be a daily program.

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I missed it :p

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

TY for posting this. Really a

TY for posting this. Really a great show, especially the first half. The judge did not even overtalk his guests. VN

I agree! Thanks TY!

I must admit, this has got to be one of the very best episodes of Freedom Watch that I have ever seen! I was at the edge of my eyes and ears the whole time!
When one matches the very recent history of Judge and Ron Paul being on the Alex Jones show, while taking into account what they both said there, and then finally getting to see Judge's next Freedom Watch - as well as the Judge doing what he said he would do on Alex's show and actually doing it - I am so happy! This exposure, what has been said, and as a Political Science student, even, watching this all, I would say that this is phenomenal! ~Totally exciting~! I am also glad Rand was mentioned, as well! I watch everything that Ron Paul says that I can actually get my eyes and ears on, and because I hear a lot of things that are redundant from him - which is one of the many reasons why I love the guy - consistently and constantly pounding his message out, however, this moment that he had on this show, he (as usual) nailed his predictions to the wall, painted them with his solutions, stayed positive, and really just painted and paved it all out right in front of everyone watching.
'Everyone watching' is the key here, however. I can't believe an episode like this could ever make it onto Fox, for one, and for two, my guess is that the people who run Fox are relying on their own version of the statistical probability that most of the people out there, that are 'actually watching', are 'already in the know' and/or supporters of what is being said during this episode. Call me wrong, but my perception of Fox's idea that once this episode is said and done, and that all of 'us' have heard and seen it, that on top of that: all of this information would just fly over the rest of the people in the the rest of the general audience's head that aren't really that into this. As in: Fox would take the credit from us for letting this be aired, while at the same time, perhaps, chuckle at how the 'entire' audience wouldn't even be listening so intently - except 'us' that support this all so heavily. What do you feel about that? Am I wrong? I guess, in the end (and in this new beginning) it always comes down to all of us helping to get out this information out to potential newcomers (in the form that they understand which would eventually and hopefully lead to their awakening).
Anyways, I am impressed and thankful. Ron did an excellent job! Rand was mentioned! And everything about all of these issues (like all of the 9/11 commission being a cover-up which needs a new independent investigation, and the Fed's soon and impending failure, etc.) was brought to the front line!
I have a lot of homework that I have to do for my own classes at university, but honestly, I am struggling to care because I want to watch this again! - but I care.
Thank you, again, TY for posting this! And power to the momentum of the snowball of what was mentioned on this episode. I am ecstatic! That was really great to watch, and then to see, hopefully this all eventually keep building and building, while we all fight in our own worlds for it, on top of that, and then see the eventual results!
Watching this made my night!
My apology for the long post. I wanted to say more, too!
(from Canada of all places)

It really

was a great show, wasn't it? I'd also like to give a big thumbs up to Judge Kaplan (for not condoning torture)...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond


for a real criminal investigation.

Come on Judge, you should be leading this charge.

Bump for the judge to transform into

a legit law enforcement man & not a media guy doling for ratings.

Please back a legit prosecuting lawyer or firm,judge.