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Ron Paul: We Can't Say Cut Spending For Food Stamps But NOT For The Military Industrial Complex!

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Where are the cries of "bleeding heart?"

I posted a thread a few weeks ago saying essentially the same thing... We need to stop complaining abouut feeding our neighbors and start complaining about murdering them. I was schooled on how the entitlements are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more expensive than war, and "the budget" was cited although any half-witted sheep knows the war is being funded mostly off budget...

Anyway, is it OK to love your neighbors now that Dr. Paul says to? Well, I know, he did not quite tell you to love your neighbors. Carry on with your hatred of all the people who are doing the best they can in a world they never had a chance of understanding. I mean, it s ABSURD to blame "Zionists" for controlling the education system, the media, the government, for running eugenics experiments on unwitting subjects - "victims." Don't you hate them? Glen Beck, now there is a really swell guy - he can hate victims without even being ashamed of it. There is someone to follow!

If you are not actively seeking to aid your neighbors as yourself, you are just as evil as anyone on this planet. This notion that being "awake" makes you better or more deserving of good things is ridiculous. Those of you trying to profit from your neighbors pain really ought to be ashamed, but instead you are "free market" heroes. Those of you getting rich and gloating while doing NOTHING to held the less fortunate will be treated to the pleasure of watching your neighbors starve. I suspect you may find it less enjoyable than you thought.

What does "the left" have that "the right" lacks? Love. They try to love each other. The tuckfards twist it around and make it into something sick, but at least they begin from a place of love rather than a place of "How can I make a buck on this?"

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

let's clear our head a little

ron paul is saying it is political unwise and unfeasible for him to propose the priority as food stamp cut > military cut. it has nothing to do with you or your neighbor taking up responsibilities for yourself and for those who shy away from lower pay jobs with lower prestige to do so because their after-tax cash flow would fall beneath the untaxed unemployment benefit.

in other words you're not running for office so food stamp cut is just as important as military cut and it would be hypocritical to place one above another. get it straight.

Clear your heart a little

It is as important to you to cut people off of food stamps as it is to stop buying warplanes for Israel?
You are not my ally.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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Cherry-picking your examples. It is true that

some idealists and genuine humanitarians are loyal Leftists because of clever Progressive propaganda. But it is obvious that all government mandates are based on force and hatred of individual freedom; so to call that love is ridiculous. Also True-believing Leftists have been grossly guilty of looking the other way as their mandated programs fail and rip off people and destroy the people and lands the Gov claims to "protect."
If you want to look for true love and charity, you have to find it in the private sector as always in history. Churches and charitable institutions have been hit hard by the declining economy and by government regulations of everything. Now it's happening underground in neighborhoods that are skirting regulations to build resilience.
Again, freedom advocates are the ones who truly care about people, as individuals not as voting blocks to gain power.
Anyone for freedom accepts that humans have great potential for good and that it is the natural impulse when folks are not backed into corners by artificial scarcity and social disruption caused by government monopolies, restrictions on work, drug war, forced institutional schooling... I could go on with hundreds of examples but we here on the DP should know all of this by now.

Cooper or should I say OFFICER KRUPKI!

Yep he's on yet another Ron Paul is an Islamist rant!!!!


"The 9/11 truthers are leftist revolutionaries and they are also acting as provocateurs and a diversion to create paranoia against the government. Obama, Soros, Van Jones and the 9/11 truthers are all on the same side. Ron Paul is no different than the leftists and Islamic propagandists when you subtract his economic policies from his script. "

The subject line comes from a song used in the musical West Side Story

For The Power of The Republic!

I was ten feet away! And got to meet Ron Paul!

I was at bloggers row about ten feet away from the site (I moved out of respect for the situation and for Cong. Paul!) and then got to meet Cong. Paul. It was great (forget washing my hand for days! :)) and he is a genuinely humble man for one who leads a movement followed by millions. That is Cong. Paul's faith in Jesus Christ in action. It was very exciting.

Sandy Sanders

Personally I am voting Dem this year

I hate the tea party and thier canadates. Rubio sucks and Christ is just a politico. Supporting Dems fo ranit war and well I do not agree with Paul on economics.. it just does not make sense.. when His policies would end up killingo andor causing needless suffering.. I love Paul for a lot of things.. (not speaking of Rand who I do not agree with). But this year its Dem. From "I am not a witch:: to Nazi drssing cnadates.. nope.. done.

When it all comes down to the

When it all comes down to the nitty-gritty both parties vote in accordance. There is NO difference, therefore there is No change per se. What is the reason that America has only a 2 party system and a 3rd party has No chance to make change by getting elected? Remember, the people must accept as "legitimate" both parties being totally and completely at odds against one another in order to keep the citizens believing in their governmental system. When the people "Awaken" and find the false system, then the government will acknowledge the citizen folk to be "threatening to their power" and they then label the citizens "extremists" and unleash scare and fear tactics to quiet them down a notch or 3. If you look at Obamatron and Bushies foreign policies, you will find that they are both the same. GWB escalated the patriot act and Obamatron steroided GWBs policies making them his own. No difference in either one of the 2 dictators. The Repubs & the Democrats are both the same when it all boils down to facts vs fictional party paridigmn.

hear hear, from a THREE YEAR member of DP

might we not hear the subject of membership seniority brought up ever again here on dp

reinforces goes to my statement, that there are many closet liberals here on dp, hence the constant smearing of our candidates and backstabbing instead of discussion of any practical evaluation of issues and policies one against another to fair out who the best candidate is.

tread carefully, be mindful of enemies among us and be wary of personal insults and attacks on our candidates. now we know that many of our hidden enemies' very core beliefs are different, and any questioning of our candidates on their principle when there are such disagreements is just ludicrous.

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TimC, why are you bragging here that

you will vote for continued bombing of innocent children, continued support of the banksters and corporatism, escalating debt and inflation, continued war on drugs with its insane levels of nonviolent citizens in jail, continued decimation of our society by adding droves of veterans maimed in body, mind, and spirit; continued schooling children for obedience and servitude to the State?

If you have been on this forum any length of time there is no excuse for your ignorance and complicity in continuing the war on all people of the globe by the US government.

I applaud your rejection of NeoCon, big-spending Republicans, but to vote for their twin NeoCon, big-spending Democrats is to be a vital part of the warmaking and tyranny and economic ruination of all people.

TimC...You say you do not agree with Ron Paul on economics???

Then why are you even here on this site?

Not that everyone isn't welcome, it's just that I don't know why you would waste your time here.

If you don't agree with Dr. Paul on economics, then what DO you agree with him on?

Are you one of those who thinks that our flawed foreign policy and war mongering have nothing to do with our economics and are not related?

Ron Paul says over and over that our spending on military adventurisms must be cut along with our socialist programs in order to significantly cut debt and limit government.

This is why BOTH major political parties are wrong.

The republicans believe all we have to do is to limit government spending on social programs while continuing to police the world.

The democrats believe all we have to do is to cut military spending while continuing to fund huge government socialistic programs.

So each party is only half right.

We have to cut BOTH because neither are the proper role of government if you want to live in freedom.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Thomas woods has put together

Thomas woods has put together a set of books and articles for education on Austrian economics. Often times you will find that the use of Austrian economics in society will accomplish the goals that many democrats wish to accomplish.

Personally, I have learned a great deal from Mises University, which can be found here, http://mises.org/media.aspx?action=category&ID=17

This will take some time to learn because it's the real deal.

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

It doesn't even take that long

I don't think. Learn the Broken Window Fallacy, and you'll get the general concept of looking at both what you see, and more importantly (what everyone misses) is what you don't see. Here is a great site, it has the broken window fallacy. Read just that lesson and you'll be ahead of most people:


Also, the book 'Economics in One Lesson' by Henry Hazlett is a really good book to get the basics too.

Maybe you just don't understand economics

Trying to find a cogent plan from TV sound bites, is like trying to build and airplane by riding in one.

The Wonderful Advantages of Fiat Money [Republicae]

Free includes debt-free!


...because Obama and the democrats are doing such a great job ending the wars so far?

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

The complex....

.......keeps people off food stamps

Perhaps you may also like:
-cell phones
-the inner net series of tubes
-space travel
-memory foam for your fat ass
-health care procedures that save your fat ass
-drugs\vaccines that are procured quickly and have long shelf lives
-plentiful food and unique (now commonplace) storage techniques
-availability of items to exercise the 2nd amend
-freedom to bitch about all things that annoy you when you roll out of bed from an all night pizza and cable tv marathon

Yes, we should scale back our physical presence in other countries. However, we should not scale back the technological advancement that comes from research and training for the inevitable.

If not for the complexes

the useful things on your list would have been conceived 100s of years ago. Space travel? Complex sanctioned "health care procedures"?

I am not sure these are convincing arguments

The period before 1913 made us the a powerful group of individuals. Since 1913 the system has been milked dry.

Research should be privately done. Government is always pushing one agenda or another based on political whim.

When individuals gather their resources, what is beneficial survives. Government breaks this process when they interfere.

Except for prosecuting fraud and property damage according the the rules of judicial due process.

Free includes debt-free!

great interview

I've been away for 3 weeks and it is so nice to start the day with the good doctor! He is so on target! I love him.


Tea Party Straw Poll

Gov. Chris Christie wins POTUS straw poll @ VA T-Party convention, followed by Gov. Sarah Palin and in 3rd, Rep. Ron Paul.

RICHMOND -- The surprise winner of the 2012 straw poll at the Virginia Tea Patriots Convention -- announced by a literal drum roll -- is Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.). He won 14% of the vote in a 15-way ballot, beating Sarah Palin (13.5%), Ron Paul (12.5%), Newt Gingrich (8.4%), and Jim DeMint (7.3%), in a poll of 1,560 attendees

I can't stand the way neocon

I can't stand the way neocon Sarah Palin has usurped the Tea Party movement. Anybody who favors unending war and claims to favor limited government is a hypocrite. She is sufficiently removed from reality to think that Obama would improve his popularity if he bombed Iran.

Dr.Paul shares my concern:

Dr.Paul shares my concern: http://dailypaul.com/node/146058

Let's face it, when it comes to spending the Republicans will quickly fall to their knees and worship the Military Industrial Complex but then turn around a go blazing for the middle class and poor. This is why the Left laughs at us because we are all a bunch of dummies!!!

But the left has the same

But the left has the same hard on for war and destuction of the middle class as well.

Fox Video is Cut Right When Ron Paul Blames Republicans.

"Are we as Republicans going to do better? You know, we had a chance, when we had the House, and the Senate, and the Pres...[video cut]."

- Ron Paul

Time 1:50

Your DP comment has made it to Infowars


I sent it in as a news tip and they picked it up.

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Also I thought I heard him

Also I thought I heard him say he's worried if Rand wouldn't work with the grassroots at about 5:55 and onwards in the video

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

That's not what he meant.

He meant that he's not worried about working with the establishment, he's worried about working with the grassroots.

"Worried," as in interested.

In other words, he's saying that Rand Paul will work with the grassroots, not the establishment.

funny I never hear that before

Ron usually doesn't say one thing and mean another.

I took it too mean the opposite of what you do. He usually says what he means...

It was because of the question

the question was, are you worried about working with the political elite. He basically said no, I'm worried about working with the grass roots. RP is a master at handling loaded questions, he turns them around on interviewers all the time.

That's right.

I'm surprised a couple of people would interpret that the wrong way. Because if they know where Ron Paul stands, there's no way to interpret it incorrectly.

I guess they just don't know Ron Paul.