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24 Hour Plan to End the Banksters Tyranny - PEACEFULLY!

Forward this to EVERYONE you can. Post it on forums, chat rooms, facebook, myspace, email your contacts...

Today is the day. We can end this insanity tomorrow. No bullets, not even any sign waving or leaflets to pass out. ONE PHONE CALL. That is it.

If you have a mortgage, call your lender on Tuesday morning and demand to see the original ("wet ink" signature) contract and the deed to the property you are paying on.

THIS is the moment. If we let it pass, who knows if or when another will come along? Will you help spread the word? Will you make ONE PHONE CALL on Tuesday, October 12?

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Thats the link to a guy from Wells Farge that said the notes were scaned and than destroyed Just goggle it or itsposted on the livinglies website also, cannot provide link now since I'm not on my computer but maybe some DPER can. They also have people there that are looking for upcoming congressional bils that there trying to sneak though. great website

link here

Thanks - looks interesting.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

this is a great educational site

Recently I posted on a website called quatloos and it seems to me that the website is telling everyone to just lie down and let the mayhem continue.

not just end the fed but also fractional reserve banking

Sample letter

This is the template I'm planning on using for my letter:


As bobbyw24 points out below, this is a Qualified Written Request letter. Under Section 6 of RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) the lender is required to acknowledge the request within 20 business days and must try to resolve the issue within 60 business days.

I'm going to demand a certified copy of the original ("wet ink" signature) mortgage contract and a statement affirming this contract remains valid and a statement saying they're currently in possession of this document. Similarly, a certified copy of the lawful deed and a statement affirming they're currently the lawful possessor of this document.

I'm not a lawyer and know nothing about the mumbo jumbo. Anybody have any feedback?

Consume Lawyers use this Form

Qualified Written Request under the Mortgage Servicing Act of RESPA and Request for Information Related to the Owner and Holder of Note under the Truth in Lending Act

In the Matter of:
John Q. Public
Mary E. Public
City State ZIP
File Date:
Our File No:
Your Account No: 1234567890

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please treat this letter as a “qualified written request” under the Federal Servicer Act, which is a part of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, 12 U.S.C. 2605(e). This request is made on behalf of my Clients, the above-named debtors, based on the pending dispute in their Chapter 13 case about the proper application of payments from the Chapter 13 Trustee and from the debtors to interest, principal, escrow advances and expenses (in that order of priority as provided for in the loan instruments); about your use of suspense accounts in connection with your receipt of Trustee’s and debtors’ payments; about your use of legacy late charges with respect to post-petition mortgage payments; about your use of automatically triggered property inspections and broker price opinion charges and fees based on pre-petition legacy accounting for pre-petition arrears; and about legal fees and expenses that have been attached to this account in the form of corporate advances that have neither been applied for nor approved by the United States Bankruptcy Court. Specifically, I am requesting the following information:

1. A complete and original life of loan transaction history prepared by the Servicer from its own records using its own system and default servicing personnel.

2. A copy of your Key Loan Transaction history, bankruptcy work form, or XLS spreadsheet of all accounts associated with this mortgage loan (this would include both recoverable and non-recoverable and restricted and non-restricted accounts).

3. The Transaction Codes.

4. The Code definitions in plain English.

5. Please attach a copy of the MERS Milestone Reports and MIN Reports.

6. Please identify the full name, address and telephone number of the current holder of the original mortgage note including the name, address and phone number of any Trustee under the Trust or other fiduciary. This request is being made pursuant to Section 1641(f)(2) of the Truth In Lending Act, which requires the servicer to identify the holder of the debt.

7. Copies of all collection notes, collection records, communication files or any other form of recorded data with respect to any communications between you and the debtor.

8. An itemized statement of the full amount needed to reinstate the mortgage as of the date of your response along with an itemized pay-off statement.

9. Copies of all written or recorded communications between you and any non-lawyer third parties regarding this mortgage (including but not limited to LPS Desktop communiqués, NewTrak communications, NewInvoice transmittals, Newlmage transmittals, electronic communications by email or otherwise, collection notes, and any other form of written or electronic document related to the servicing of or ownership of this loan).

10. All P-309 screen shots of the history all of the accounts (principal, interest, escrow, late charges, legal fees, property inspection fees, broker price opinion fees, statutory expense fees, miscellaneous fees, corporate advance fees, etc.) associated with this loan.

11. In accordance with Section 131(f) of the Truth-in-Lending Act, 15 U.S.C. Section 1641(f), please provide me with the full legal name, street and mailing address, and telephone number of the true owner and holder of the promissory Note signed by my clients and secured by the deed of trust in my clients' mortgage loan referenced above.

To the extent that the servicer of this mortgage loan has charged the debtor’s mortgage loan account, subsequent to the filing of their bankruptcy case, any appraisal fees, broker price opinion fees, property inspection/preservation fees, legal fees, bankruptcy/Proof of Claim fees, recoverable corporate advances and other fees or costs that were not disclosed to the debtor(s) and approved by the bankruptcy court, the debtor(s) dispute(s) any such fees and costs and specifically requests that the account be corrected.

With best regards, I remain.

Very truly yours,

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This is awesome - thanks!

I just found out my daughter and will be meeting with the AG this week about this issue! Their office has been hounding him for over a year to investigate, so they are pretty pleased.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

What if my mortgage is paid up?

It seems the letter above is for a person who is facing foreclosure. In my case I'm attempting to determine if I'm sending payments to the correct entity. I'm trying to determine who has the legal standing to foreclose on me. If this information cannot be established then I'll put the money in escrow until the title can be straightened out.

My mortgage was current when I asked, almost a year ago

STILL no note.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Sue under RESPA--I posted it

Sue under RESPA--I posted it on your other thread

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Makes NO difference

Every homeowner with a mortgage should do this once a year

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Dodd-Frank Act: QWR Timelines Shortened and Other RESPA and TILA Changes
by Kevin T. Dobie
Usset, Weingarden & Liebo PLLP – USFN Member (MN)

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law on July 21, 2010. The Act changes the timelines for qualified written requests (QWRs), prohibits various servicing practices, significantly raises the stakes for certain RESPA violations, and makes a few TILA changes.

Shorter QWR Timelines
Servicers now have less time to acknowledge and respond to QWRs. The Act changes the acknowledgment deadline for QWRs from 15 days to only 5 days. The Act also changes the substantive response deadline from 60 days to just 30 days. It does allow a 15-day extension, if the borrower is notified of the extension and the reasons for the delay; but even with the extension, the time frames are still short enough that servicers must act quickly. Procedures for promptly responding to QWRS are now even more imperative.

General Prohibitions & Requirements
Servicers should also be aware of the new general RESPA prohibitions regarding force-placed insurance, as well as charging fees for responses to QWRs and general responses. The Act imposes new requirements for escrow accounts. For example, after receiving a full payoff, any escrow balance must be returned within 20 days. The Act also implements a 10-business day deadline to respond to a request for the identity and address of the owner, or assignee, of the loan.

In addition, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act changes a few sections of the Truth in Lending Act. Escrow accounts are now mandatory for many first mortgages, including all loans guaranteed by a state or federal government. The Act requires servicers to credit payments as of the date of receipt, unless a delay will not result in a charge or negative credit report. Also, payoff statements must be sent within a reasonable time, but no more than seven days after a written request.


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The Real Foreclosure Crisis: Who Owns The Mortgages?

For all the headlines given to foreclosure affidavits and robo-signing virtually no one has mentioned the real point, the idea that the affidavits themselves may not prove loan ownership regardless of how they were signed.

For several years foreclosure defense attorneys have been telling anyone who would listen that the entire foreclosure process is flawed because you have to own a mortgage note before there can be a foreclose -- and several courts have found that the affidavits used in foreclosures do not prove ownership.

Go back to 2007. Federal judge Christopher Boyko of the U.S. District Court in Ohio -- a 2005 appointee of George W. Bush -- was asked to foreclose on 14 homeowners.

In a lot of courts the borrowers and their families would instantly be on the street but Judge Boyko said before there could be a foreclosure the lenders would first have to show that they owned the delinquent loans and therefore had the right to appear in court.

The problem was that public records showed the loans were owned by the local banks that originated the mortgages, not the big banks before the court. So, to foreclose, the big banks would first have to show ownership of the notes. How? By providing evidence of ownership such as a sworn affidavit.

Judge Boyko looked at the affidavits and made this ruling:


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AND...if you want to bring corporations to their knees....

Stop drinking coke for six months. Max Keiser recommends this. Coke is a limited product company that will severely feel the effects of a public boycott and it's products are sold worldwide. The corporations will get the message that the people in concert have the power.

All Coke products


Two Questions

1) Is there a similar "rub" for Credit Card or Student Loan Debt?

2) How will people know if they are being shown the "original" or not?

one and a half answers

On original contracts, you can lick your finger and smear the signature. Thus the name "wet ink."

Did they bundle and swap student loans? If so, then yeah, those are probably worth looking into. I don't know about credit cards, as there is not the usual "sit down and sign a contract" for them.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Fishy: No answers

I did not ask for the name origin of "wet link"

Yeah, I did not think you were really looking for answers

You wet your finger, smear the signature. There is your one answer.
Done talking to you now, you are not trying to help anyone.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I was asking a question; I did not sign up to "help"

on this OP Thread.....questions suggest there is a lack of knowledge and unless they are sarcastic they show an interest in a topic.

Does this have to be explained?

It's wrong anyways

The term came from "Quill" pen days when they had to sprinkle sand on the ink to "Set" it.But Octo I must admit"Wet Link"Is funny!

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

OK, I'll buy that.

I am not going to bother to go search, I will just accept that I was probably wrong. Thanks for teaching me something.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I'm in


I wonder if they gave you trouble about this...

If one could create an affidavit that stated: If said company cannot produce the original signed note and proof that they hold the mortgage, then I assume that they have fraudulently hold my loan and I may well be sending my payments to the wrong entity. From this day forth I will continue to deposit said payment into a bank account in good faith until such time as "other party" has produced said note. This alone would cause them to shudder due to the fact that all incoming monies that they would use to kick people out of their homes would slowly disappear, and heaven forbid their CEO not get his billion dollar tax funded bonus! (no pun intended) You can bet the farm that if they found a mistake on your mortgage they would take your home faster than a cat ca lick its paw, so why are Americans so scared to take action against those that have and would again oppress them? What amazes me in all of these threads there are still people who think that the average citizen should treat these tax funded bailout greed junkies with anything but disdain for what they created, allowed to happen, hid, and then took our children and nations future repaying their mistakes and granting themselves huge bonuses on the tax payer dime. Did people forget that the banks are not government entities and that the only reason they had access to these dollars was because of an ultra corrupt minority in Washington? I think a phone bomb for mortgage holders would be great and send chills up their spines as families are kicked out in the winter cold, these CEO's might think twice before heading to Tahiti, but I doubt it.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

There is actually a lawful process in place

We had an attorney help us demand the note. There is some title or code or some nonsense that he cited, and the bank had a set time frame in which to produce the note. (60 days, I think.) I called a week later to verify they got the letter. All this was documented.
If you want to keep your home, put the payments back to catch up later. We no longer wish to have a contract with such slippery little eels, and so we are simply paying off other things and preparing to move if and when a person with the authority to foreclose ever shows up.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You can find this letter by

You can find this letter by searching for Qualified Written Request and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. It is now thirty days to comply as the Dodd Frank Act shortened the time for servicers to respond

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thank you!

There you go, folks!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Even Obama Cannot be Sure if his Paid-off Mortgage is Satisfied

Yep. Satisfaction of Mortgage - apparently robo-signed and thus potentially invalid.

Got it folks? The President Of The United States' personal home may not have a clear title.

It’s not the foreclosure affidavits only. Hello? It’s the whole kit-n-caboodle. it’s the fabricated assignments of mortgage, fake allonges, robo-stamped endorsements in blank, and satisfactions of mortgage, ignoring SEC and IRS regulations, disregard for the steps required by the REMIC rules. It’s all the top national banks and their servicing arms. The whole of it is a sham. Don’t believe the propaganda that insists otherwise.

I wonder what our Dear President thinks about these great banks now? You know, the ones that he has bent over to protect? Oh wait - he's been on his knees protecting them - and servicing them.


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Joη's picture

conversation tree?

    Possible responses I'd imagine:

    1. "Ok, come in, we'll show it to you..."
    2. "We'll mail it over..."
    3. "Why, I've got it right here..."
    4. "Why?"
    5. "No."

    What should people say next in each case?

    "You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

    Wrong conversation tree, Jon.

    They will not say "come in, we will show you." They MAY tell you to fill out a form. They will probably tell you yo need an attorney to see it. The actual papers are probably in some vault in Pennsylvania, if they still exist at all.
    If they DO have the items, they are certainly not going to mail them to you. You are demanding ORIGINALS. They may happily email, fax or mail you copies, then you go right back down and tell them "ORIGINALS."
    If they ACTUALLY have the original contract and a clear title to your property, you are a lucky man. Pay your bills and shut up.
    We asked to see the note. They have sold the contract again, turned us to collection and they HOUND us to apply for a modification. They have never coughed up a note, and we used an attorney to help us demand it.
    They do not have them. If they do, I will eat my hat and post it on youtube.
    Here's the upshot: You seriously could pay your mortgage for 30 years, never miss a payment, never be late. When it is all done, they will not have a deed to give you. (This happened to my son-in-law's car title. He NEVER got one after he paid it off, had to apply for a "lost title.")PLUS - Mr. "I had your contract all along" could come knock on your door and demand payment... if you have not verified that your payments are indeed going to the man who holds your WET INK - original - contract.

    Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.