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Debate Video: BJ Lawson vs 22-year Incumbent David Price

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I like him, he's good. Well

I like him, he's good. Well spoken. Reminds me of Conan O'Brien.

I would like him to be more on the attack and pointing out his opponent's flaws and poor voting record. Though, I don't know how well that would be received by his constituents. He'll be able to decide that best.

Go get 'em BJ!


I like what the Dr. had to say, however this fair tax needs to be examined a little deeper. Some type of consumption tax would be a good idea, however issuing "prebate checks" creates yet another entitlement group and voter base for politicians to pander to. Be carefull with this idea

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

Bj Lawson did a great job...

... I hope the people in his area see he's the real deal. I'm always happy to see true patriots standing up against the machine and putting them in check.

This rEVOLution has only just begun!

Cheers BJ!


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

His voice pitch is high, speaks too fast (not authoritive)

Those things and others he can work on...

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I wish BJ would have specifically cited some of...

Price's votes, including the Community Reinvestment Act,
TARP, Audit the Fed, etc. I haven't looked at Price's record, but I bet he is vulnerable on all of those.

he is worse than all of the

he is worse than all of the rest. I live in his district and I went to one of the debates over at UNC. David Price was actually defending the patriot act because "some ethnic groups just seem to breed terrorism". The guy represents the most liberal part of North Carolina and said that out loud in public. The few Price supporters that were in there changed their mind.

Price is out of touch with his constituents but stays in because he chose the right party for the district. People here either do straight ticket voting. All the Republicans are bad to the Democrats and vice versa.

If people say more than the D or the R, Price would have been out on his ass LONG ago.

"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed."

- Mark Twain

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Another excellent debate by BJ Lawson!

He looked right into the camera and made a forceful, unambiguous, pro-troops pro-peace declaration.

He is as fearless as Ron Paul.


bj lawson can win this.

Good debate.am gonna bump the

Good debate.am gonna bump the other one I posted earlier, where they discussed the Dept. of education.

i dint catch that . amazing

i dint catch that . amazing he could say it without a cowbboy hat. bj was trying to speak more on the issues rather than attacking price. He could have easily won by calling him out on his record. If bj loses at least he was able to educate a little bit. that will live on.

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I agree. BJ came of honest and sincere.

Price was arrogant and dismissive.

Price pronounces it nuculer too...

just like W. Isn't that cool... Dems and Repubs finding a consensus. :)

Lawson won the debate easily. Price kept trying to say, "Don't listen to what he is saying! Listen to what he is not telling you."

Here's another good debate between Lawson and Price:


Thanks for posting! this

Thanks for posting!

this should be on the front page too!

the old dude said b.j. had

the old dude said b.j. had and 'extreme ideology'.one that was different from the status quo.

Wish b.j. would have said he is right i do have an extreme ideology its the same ideology jefferson and washigton has. my opponinet also has an extremist ideology its called socialism and it is one that is not compatible with the vision of the founding fathers.

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Democratic party / "progressive" MSM talking points manual . . .

must include repeating 'extreme ideology', 'weird', 'kook, kooky and kookiness' ad nauseum. . . and to *AVOID* mentioning any details of ObamaCare, moreStimulus$$$forWallSt, proFedRes'WallSt reform' and assassins-gone-wild-NoExitObamaWars. . .

Exactly the same rhetoric is used for so many of the panicky loser Dem candidates.