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Hooray for Robin Carnahan!

Democrat Fights Back against Fox News Lawsuit
Tuesday, 12 Oct 2010 07:25 AM

LOS ANGELES - Last month, Fox News filed an unprecedented lawsuit against Democratic senatorial candidate Robin Carnahan, claiming she violated its copyright by using a Fox News clip in a campaign commercial against her challenger.

Now, Carnahan has struck back, telling a Missouri District Court that Fox News sued before properly registering copyright on the clip.

The Carnahan camp submitted a motion to dismiss the lawsuit on Friday, arguing that the popular cable news network was premature in initiating its copyright claim.

Carnahan's lawyers say this is "more than a technical failure." Instead, the campaign contends that Fox couldn't complete a copyright application because it would have trouble claiming copyright on all elements of the clip that Carnahan used. The footage itself, it turns out, incorporates an image first broadcast on C-SPAN. The campaign says this may be proof that Fox abused the copyright registration process and filed a frivolous claim in bad faith.

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I am soooooooo conflicted

I dislike Robin Carnahan as much as I hate FOX News.
I wish there was a way they could BOTH lose.

Seriously, I'm glad FOX will lose their claim. This copyright crap is getting out of hand.

"This copyright crap is getting out of hand."

I regret to inform you that I said that last week. Please send me money or I will have to sue.
I am feeling feisty today, I better go get something useful done.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.