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Martin Armstrong: NICE try but no CIGAR

This piece is written My Martin Armstrong. Please sit and read this when you have some time to absorb what Armstrong is saying and teaching us.

In my Opinion Martin Armstrong is one of the top, if not the top economists in the world today.


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Please note where Armstrong

Please note where Armstrong thinks the price of gold will go.

Hey! He's telling my Ug and Grog story!

"... the first individual to put something on his head and tell everyone he was king..."

Hahaha - that was after he stole Grog's mastodon bone by pointing at a shooting star and shouting "Aliens!"

OK, I'll get serious and go finish it now. I just had to laugh at that start...

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Martin Armstrong, America's #1 political prisoner.

Armstrong's analysis is always insightful. His use of recorded human history very effectively demonstrates how everything is cyclical.

The zenith of the Amerikan Empire reads as follows: Banksters steal trillions, fools run nations into the ground and the brilliant mind of Martin Armstrong is locked away in prison.

No wonder he uses a typewriter!

I took a quick glance at his article and thought, "There's something terribly wrong with an economist that uses a typewriter and literally cuts and pastes articles and images onto paper."

I guess they don't let him use a computer in prison.

I agree.

I agree.

Thank you Sierra

This is a good article.

long read.....

but it does contain some good stuff,
thanks for posting!

welcome. we live in

welcome. we live in interesting times.