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Old thread that never gets old>>The Ron Paul Insider SECRET Thread ... UPDATE #13 Just in!

UPDATE.....this thread has turned out to be a gem of info. Thanks to all who have added stuff. I have read every one of your comments....they are all golden. Anybody out their in any other field of work, please add more SECRETS! I just found another one for roof Moss... I will add it as #9.


THIS WILL BE the most important thread of your life....You understand stuff that I don't know...right??? I have secrets that you don't know? Right? Well.....Show me yours.....and I will do the same.......this is the RP show it all thread...
One of my favorite sayings is "You don't know what you don't know." Right? Well, this will be the "Insider Secret" Ron Paul thread. I will tell you a few secrets that I know...and hopefully you can add to the thread and give us some hints on how to save money. I have hundreds of secrets...and I will add them as I see fit in trade for yours. Here are a few of mine...ready.
#1 Home Depot......If you set up a contractors account...you get 10% Off forever. You don't have to be a contractor...just say you want to set up a contractors account. Also, if you are in the military, or know somebody in the military...they will give you an EXTRA 10% off Forever. So set up a contractors account with somebody from the military and boom...20% Off on every purchase...I use it all the time. This works at LOWES also. If they give you any trouble...just say (The other Store) was going to do it....Done!
#2 PAINT.....I know it sounds crazy...but after buying and remodeling home after home this is one of the little secrets that will save you a sh*t load of time and money. Never use paint from Home Depot or Loews. I only use Miller. This paint is the bad boy. It costs more up front..but saves you a fortune in the end. One coat done. NOTE: I do not work for nor am I associated with Miller Paint...LOL. This Paint is the best. You will not believe the difference. It goes on smooth....and it is so thick and has all of the right stuff to make the room perfect. You will buy 4 TIMES the paint in the BEHR brand to try and cover a room because it is so bad. I have done it. Coat after coat...nightmare. Miller paint.....there is a reason why they have stores that sell just paint! Try it...it is a dream. Also....spend the extra money on good brushes and rollers.....same thing. You get what you pay for. If you buy the right brush....you don't even have to tape off the molding or corners because the brush is so accurate. Do some research.
UPDATE: I have been painting and staining and I was told to buy the best brush I could. I bought a $28 Purdy Paint brush. As I was checking out...I was thinking "If this thing does not work like my friend says it does..I am bringing it right back." I have never spent $28 on a paint brush...are you kidding me? Well....I am humbled. I will never buy another garbage paint brush ever. No streaks, No lines, you can cut lines like a pro. No bristles falling out...I mean this is HEAVEN. I take good care of this baby...I already forgot to clean one of these and it sat out over night...RUINED. I was so pissed. You have to try one of these brushes. It saves you so much time and looks infinitely better than a cheese ball brush....try it.
#3 Insurance......I understand this will not work for some people...but it worked for me. My sister told me about Triple "A" car insurance. I was with Progressive and Allstate and I thought I was getting good rates. NOTE you must be a Triple A member which I am because my Dad gets it for me every year for Christmas. My sister was bragging so much about how much she saved on Car and Home Insurance I had to call. I called and gave them all of my info....they came back with quotes of Twice the coverage at 1/2 the price. This call saved me $3500 on my homes and all other Insurance with twice the coverage.
#4 Electronics....NEVER buy electronic items over the net. I own an electronics store and we see people getting burned every day. If you buy from a local store...you have a full warranty. If you see a cheap price on the Net on something you want, just print it out and bring it to the store. The store will either match the price or come close to it and you have a full warranty. Give them a chance...you will be surprised how willing they are to work with you.
#5 Any Traffic Ticket....Always plead "Not Guilty" and force the officer to come in for the ticket. 60% of the time the officer will not show up and the ticket is dismissed. If the officer shows up, you have lost nothing and you argue your case and deal with it. Roll the dice...the odds are in your favor. And remember.....With any traffic ticket the goal is to get it DISMISSED, not to have the fine reduced. The actual cost of the ticket is nothing compared to 3 years of increased Insurance rates. Think about it.....1 speeding ticket can double your Insurance for 3 years...Yikes.

#6 Credit Cards..
Credit Cards can harm you if you are not careful, but if you use them correctly...they are one of the biggest form of protection you can ever have. I wrote an entire book on this subject, and I am going to give you this secret right now. Credit Cards require all merchants to sign a dealer agreement requiring that ME as a seller to YOU as a customer takes care of you. Most consumers have no clue about what I am going top tell you. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO DEBIT CARDS. As a store owner...I have learned the hard way on this one...and then used it to my advantage...are you ready......
Any time you make a purchase of over $100 or more..make sure you use a CREDIT CARD. The reason for this is for you to be covered in the event that the product or service fails you. To make it really clear...here is how it works. If you pay with your credit card, you just protected yourself 100%. Free Insurance. If you pay with cash...you are done. Even if a Store has a NO REFUND policy....Credit Cards over ride that if you are not happy. Here is the policy that I HAD TO SIGN as a store owner...(Paraphrased). In the merchant Agreement that I sign as a store owner, I have to agree to make all "Card Holders" happy. If they are not "Happy" then I have to agree to the fact that the credit card company at any time can take the money out of my account and refund it to the customer to be able to continue taking that card. THIS IS HUGE. YOU have a responsibility FIRST. In your credit card agreement that you have never read states: YOU MUST MAKE 1 valid attempt to resolve your dispute with the merchant. So go into the store...tell them your problem...if they tell you to "Kick Rocks", just call your credit card company and tell them you have a "DISPUTE". The credit card company has authorization to take the money from the store and give it back to you. YES this is true. It happens that fast. The Credit Card company stands behind you...not the store. Credit card companies do work for you.........

#7 This is a Big One. Arguments!!
If you can follow this simple rule you will never end up in a full blown argument or ever get in a fight. It is so simple but most people don't, or won't do it. Also, this technique will not work if you are with someone who just thrives on conflict.
When you have a disagreement with somebody and you can see that the potential for an argument or fight is their just try and take a step back (mentally) and verbally ask the other person this simple question..."I see you are passionate about your position, what is the end result that you would like to achieve to make you happy." or some variation of this.
A normal person will stop all arguing and be silent for a moment because logic is very difficult to comprehend in the begging stages of an argument. Then they will tell you what they want...and usually it is something so minute that it is no problem. If it is something that you can not do...at least you have halted the argument and can try and solve the problem. Now realize that there are those people that are too quick to react...and when you say this they may explode on you because either the argument has gotten to far along, or they are one of those people that just can't stop fighting. I use this technique with my girlfriend, friends, family....once you get used to it....it is great.
I have to give full credit to TONY ROBBINS for this one. I learned this technique 20 years ago with his tape cassette program (Now CD) Personal Power. This little technique is called the "CAN" technique. Like I "CAN" do it. It works on Everything...Here we go.
First you have the letter "C" which stands for "Clarity"...get clear on what you want and understand what the end result is that you want to achieve.
Second is the letter "A". This letter stands for "ACTION". What action do you need to take right now to get closer to your goal?
Last...the Letter "N" which is the most important letter. It stands for "NOTICE". You need to notice whether your action is working. If the action is not working then change the action....notice whether that is working....if not...change the action again. It is a simple process that will get you to your goal.
Tony also tells you of a trick that speeds up the process so you never have to reinvent the wheel. Success leaves clues, so all you have to do is copy somebody else. Very simple.
Lets go through it....say you want to lose 20 pounds. Well, find somebody who has lost 20 pounds and has kept it off for years, do exactly what they did and get the same results. That simple.
Again....many people hope to make more money....How has that worked out for them? So lets say you want to make more money...
Find somebody who is living the life you think you want. Talk to them, find out what they did or are doing, do the same actions, reap the same reward. It is simple.
#9 Roof Moss
First...the safe way to get rid of it is with Oxygen Bleach. Just buy some, mix with water and use a weed sprayer to apply. It is safe for you and the environment. This kills the moss and then you just sweep it off.
To prevent moss from ever coming on your roof again...You need to put a small copper strip under the first lair of shingles with the copper hanging out 3 to 4 inches. As the rain hits the copper...little particles of copper flow down your roof and moss will never grow again. Pretty cool. Here is the video where I found this....GOLDEN!!! ( I found this while dealing with my moss problem on roof_)
I am remodeling my Kitchen and was looking for under counter lights as well as above counter lights and I stumbled upon an entire new breed of lights that are incredible. I first found these lights in a local contractors store....and they started at $58 each light....and went up from there. I hate to say this...."I am a China whore" I went to ebay and started doing my searches and have ordered some samples. Well...what I got BLEW ME AWAY!! I ordered these LED under counter lights that actually swivel 45 degree angles....THEY ARE AMAZING....and are better than the ones I found locally for $58 each. They are so bright it is insane...they have to be put on a dimmer. Here is the link...

Then I ordered these as a sample......and these you have to be careful.....they are like a spotlight they are so bright....I have never seen anything this bright in such a small package...these would be perfect for lighting a home on solar power...I am going to use these in my hall way and outside under my soffits outside ....NOTE all of these lights come with a step down transformer from 110 to 12V dc.

LED Lighting is the way to go....

#11 Photobucket.com
Now many people here might use another site...but I found this one simple and easy for me. Simple sign up and Simple to use. This site for FREE allows you to upload and store all of your photos and videos. Sure nice if you have a crash!
This is a good one.....Lowes and Home Depot are always in a battle for your business right? Well you can go on Ebay and buy 10% off or more Lowes coupons that work at Home Depot for a couple bucks! Type in "Lowes" but be careful and be picky. Watch the expiration dates, and be wise! I am using these like crazy. Stack that on your Home Depot 10% Military Discount and your Contractors discount and your ???? discount....here is another 10% it works!
Solid State Hard Drives......well....hard drives were the only thing lagging most computers. This is the Ultimate Bottleneck in EVERY computer. It has moving parts, and uses magnetic media to store files. Well, I just stepped up to the Solid State Hard Drives. The price has come down...and I do video editing so I wanted to give them a try. I bought 4-64 Gig Drives and they are installed in a RAID configuration. You can look that up if you don't know...and OMG....talk about INCREDIBLE. Windows 7 boots up in seconds. All programs have ZERO lag. Dragging and dropping huge video files is like copy and paste of a paragraph. And if you are a gamer.....well...you will be the first to enter any game online because these drives are so fast. You actually have to sit and wait for other players while you are by yourself...like COD Black Ops. I have been kicked out of rooms because they think I am cheating. These drives make everything on your machine run like water flowing in a huge river.

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So I got 8 led's and ran them

So I got 8 led's and ran them under the cabinets just like you did but now 3 of them flicker. Even used the link from above. What dimmer did you use? I got a leviton sure slide dimmer.

By the way I can't find out how to directly email anymore!

Columbus, Ohio



If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

This isn't MUCH of a secret, but important to know, nonetheless.

Practice reverse psychology techniques and blame/shame shifting techniques when disputing ridiculous fees with cable/power/credit card/most other monthly payment establishments. We all know most calls are recorded quality assurance, you're usually informed of this before the dispute begins. Quality is the key word here. Write a list of things that that company does or has done to make you feel as though their quality and assistance is absolute garbage. I'll use Direct TV as my latest example.

- never ending wait times to speak with a representative (costing me cell minutes every time I call)
- the most recent disupte with Viacom over channels and my loss of said channels due to Direct TV's unwillingness to settle (I'm paying for channels I no longer get and putting the customer in-between their disputes is unprofessionaland)
- occasional signal loss
- set me up on a 3 month free trial offer upon installation to get HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc. Then hoping I forget to cancel (which I did) and then not informing me the trial was up and barging me for it

My $56/mo. Bill went to $149 because of the 3 month trial. I called, and after much debate, was charged at a pro rate for the additional days over the 3 months trial I went.

ME: So, let me see if I understand what you're telling me. You set me up with a complimentary 3 month movie channel package for free, which I didn't even ask for, then, you don't cancel it when the 3 month ends or even warn me that it's about to end so I can cancel it, but instead, jack the bill up to rip me off, right? That's how you welcome your customers, huh? (This was entirely my fault. They made it clear from the beginning I had to cancel it and if I didn't I would be charged for it)
DTV: Well, sir, that was definitely not our intention and not how we treat our customers. When you signed up, you acknowledged the terms and conditions and it should have been explained to you that you had to cancel the 3 month trial or you would be charged for them. But, what I can do, is pro rate the difference and subtract it from your current balance. Okay?
ME: No, this is not okay. To make things better, you're offering to rip me off less? You're still ripping me off.
DTV: I tell you what I'll do for you, sir. As a courtesy, I will waive the additional charges and you will not be expected to pay the extra fees. I'll remove them right now and your bill will reflect accordingly.
ME: Thank you for doing the right thing. Additionally, I don't see why I'm still paying the same price for your service when I'm getting about 15 less channels.. Channels that happen to be my favorite channels, you know.. the reason I even pay you for your services..
DTV: Unfortunately sir, Viacom wants to charge us $1B extra dollars for those channels and to afford it, we would in turn have to forward the charges on to you, the customer, and we don't think that's right.
ME: You know what, I think I'd just like to cancel my service altogether. I've heard nothing but good things about AT&T and their customers aren't going through this. They don't get signal interruptible, and my friend said he doesn't have to wait an hour on hold to reach customer service. So let's just go ahead and cancel. (I've had AT&T before and it is great with minimal problems. However, I don't get AT&T in my are and my local cable company sucks.. badly. Direct TV is my only option.)
DTV: Okay sir, AT&T and all other companies have these same issues. It's not just an isolated issue, I can assure you. I've actually been informed that we can credit your account $10/mo until you receive all of these channels that we're negotiating with Viacom. Would that be a fair gesture and enough to keep you as a Direct TV customer?
ME: You seem to be going out of your way to right these issues im concerned about. I will give you the courtesy of good faith and stay with you and see how this channel dilemma plays out before making a decision, I guess.
Thanks again, and have a good un'.
DTV: Sorry again about your experience with Direct TV so far and we hope we can better assist and provide for you in the future.
ME: Uh huh, bye.

Not only are fees 9/10 times waiveable, but businesses are hurting in this economy just as much as we are. You let them know they're flirting with a loss far greater than their ridiculous fee, keeping in mind this employee and his decision and assistance capabilities are at stake and are being monitored, they'll play ball. It's important not to lose your cool or insult the representative. Keep the "hot potato" in their hands and panicked via shifting the blame and shame. Chances are (A) they can probably relate, after all, they inevitably deal with their own kind all the time because they're just like you and I and (B) their job depends on their ability to keep customers and minimize company expense in that order of importance. You threaten to leave, they will choose the latter option almost every time.




info for everyday living bump


Nice thread. It reminds me of

Nice thread. It reminds me of the tips I get from Gary North's weekly tips... For example, last week he said:

"Before you spend money on insulation, check with Doug Rye. I
have recommended him for years. I first saw one of his seminars in Northwest Arkansas. He is the "caulk and talk" guy on the radio


The amount of money you can save with good insulation is considerable. Rye is big on cellulose, which is cheap and
effective. We don't hear about it often from insulation companies... www.DougRye.com"

So I guess that's my tip - Sign up for Gary North's newsletter and possibly also sign up for his paid site subscription - http://www.garynorth.com/

I make my own laundry soap

and it is so much cheaper then buying it. http://tipnut.com/10-homemade-laundry-soap-detergent-recipes/

#12 - Lowes discounts...

We use the Discover Card for everything (because of the cash-back; we do not incur any interest; we use it as a convenience and pay it off in its entirety every month). The Discover Card also has extra savings each month for different items (groceris, home improvement stores, etc.).

Discover sends Lowes discount coupons every so often; we were told by a manager to save them if they expire, they are still good.

Bed-Bath-and-Beyond has the same policy for their $5 and 20% coupons. Don't disgard them - they never expire despite the date on them.

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for later research...thanks takeaction!

Great Thread takeaction Here's two for you

About those Purdy brushes: Clean that dried hardened Purdy brush with a solution available at a paint store of methylene chloride, xylene, MEK, petroleum distillate, and ethyl alcohol (DANGEROUS) works. It is h2o rinsable; therefore, you need to collect or save the water and evaporate, and remove the rest to a Hazardous waste site.

The Lemonade Master Cleanse really works. I watched my friend lose 40 pounds over Lent and I admit, I was worried about him, but they not only lost weight, but their skin looked great and they healed themselves from joint pains too. I tried it for 10 days, and was never hungry, no cravings, it was really a great feeling inside and out.


The Purdy Brush thing works. Thanks


I still have some of those STIFF brushes...will give it a go!

bumping this..

just because its such a cool thread.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


Wish people would keep adding!

the only thing i can think of...

Is traffic tickets.

In ohio if u don't want a ticket to go on your record.. just pay a dollar over the amount of the ticket by mail in money order. Until you refund the difference the case is not closed. The ticket wont go on your record unless the case is closed. I learned that from a cop buddy of mine. It works in ohio. Not sure of other places though. I love this thread. Interesting to see so many different ideas. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

my boyfriend tried this and it appears to work...

until the end of the year, when everything gets updated.

The secret to not getting a divorce

The secret to not getting a divorce is staying married, even when you don't want to.

We need more Secrets!

What happened to this thread? The information displayed here is great! I'd like to see more secrets and more people contributing.

Here's a technique "secret":

If you need to cut a piece of PVC pipe in a tight spot, you can use a piece of nylon string!

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0GvqLFC32o

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

Thank you!

Very interesting, all of this. Much appreciated.

Sundry "secrets" I have learned:

*Homeopathic arnica pellets work amazingly well for bruises, trauma & pain. Try them on a child screaming after a painful fall, and see how fast they stop crying.

*White flour is the most fattening substance ever because it works like cement in the guts, so you absorb every calorie from the food you eat that stagnates there. It's constipating. By substituting whole grain, you lose weight easily.

*Essential oils in cleaning products for your body and home are worth the price. They smell much better and have disinfecting, uplifting properties.

Save Tons of Time by watching videos faster

Sometimes I have a lot of video content to watch for the information.

I found a program that will allow you to speed up or slow down flash video content like youtube videos.

This saves me countless hours each month. Once you try it I doubt you will ever be able to stop using it.

They offer a free trial as well. Hopefully all of us use this as it will definitely give an edge in the amount of information you can process in a day.


Best Times

Best Times To Buy...Whatever
This link helps you save money also...

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

The ebay link in #10 is no

The ebay link in #10 is no longer working...


I fixed it

Damn...they went down $3 from the time I bought them. These lights are amazing......1 Watt and they are like spotlights.
I was at Home Depot today...and they have some Phillips LED bulbs for $29 each!! What a joke!! Ebay is the place for LED bulbs. Again...Always order 1 to test before you order big. I tried to find LED replacements for my MAIN Kitchen Can lights....I use 45 Watt Halogens...and there is NO LED that works like these. For under the cabinets and soft lighting and especially outdoor lighting...yes(LED). For bright warm light...nothing is going to ever beat incandescent.
Here is a picture of my new Kitchen with these $9 Lights. I am buying these for the perimeter of my house also...
I turned OFF all of my other kitchen lights so you can see how awesome these are. 1 WATT!!
No cabinet doors yet...that is next week...lol

Your kitchen pic doesn't

Your kitchen pic doesn't work. And do you have a link for the screw-in lightbulbs that you bought? I want to try some.

Columbus, Ohio

try this link


and for the screw in light bulbs....when on ebay just type in "E27 LED BULB" thousands to try. I tried about 6 different ones and they all are good but do not work for my main kitchen lights. 45 Watt Halogens can not be matched yet in LED. These sure work good outside,,,and on my front porch. Now I don't have to worry about leaving lights on all night... 1 watt...lol

Number 13

just added....Do you have something special??

Just added #12

To the ORiginal Post!

Lowes 10% off. They have 10%

Lowes 10% off.

They have 10% off coupons in the USPS Mover's packs. Anytime I'm in the Post Office I ask for 3 Mover's Packs which are now located behind the counter.

If you use Home Depot, you can use this site:


This will send you a 10% off coupon too. I use the website Mailinator.com to send the Home Depot coupons to fake email addresses.

Columbus, Ohio

Joη's picture

huge list here


    "You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

    Neat list. Here's one gem that cracked me up

    183. If you wrap soap into towel it won't leave any bruises when you hit someone. You are welcome.
    same with potatoes in a stocking, and having someone hold a telephone book on the victim whilst another person hits the telephone book with a baseball bat.

    Delegates heading to Tampa, take note.

    Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose