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Americans work for the Chinese...

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Also check out this re-make video response to the ad.

RE: Chinese Professor

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Good remake

They were busy with Lady GaGa and dancing with the stars.

Is not China

the oldest civilization on Earth ?

I thought Egypt was....

but China may well be the oldest existing civilation...

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It's been up for 3 days and over 200k views :-)

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

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did not see that I only saw it on Jim Sinclair’s website.
He always posts some interesting stuff.



Chinese government is paying for Chinese teachers in U.S.A.

The Chinese government has a program wherein they pay all the expenses for Chinese teachers to be placed into the American Public School systems. Naturally, the schools are welcoming a "free" teacher. Think of the process to convert American children to accept the Chinese culture as they learn Chinese as a second language. What a way to win over negative Americans--go through the minds of the children. The justification for this Chinese teacher experience is for America to be prepared to conduct future business with China. Conduct business or just give them this country?


Man who doesn't listen to his mother ends up alone. ATruePatriot would know this.

I thought this was fairly

I thought this was fairly common knowledge. It's widely known that Chinese language teachers are paid for by the Chinese government. Let's face it, ALL governments, and to a lesser degree, all individuals engage in propaganda in differing degrees to get what they want. Governments are made of people, people do things out of self-interest, so we can assume that in aggregate, governments do things out of self-interest.

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Hitlery refined the selling off of America for a plastic bucket.

See the early days of brokering sky scrappers in New York to the Saudi's. (basically monopoly money and treasonous in method)
Currently, she is convincing Pakistan to accept corporate mono crop intensified farming as people are erased of their cultures and local farm commmunities are dismantled.
Why couldn't we have endorsed and assisted the indigenous peoples with water, electricity and hygiene.
Why does Hitlery think she wants a cut of every single movement or garden growth in every corner of the world. It's like having "Hillary Rocks!" tatooed on your forehead. What entrepreneur wants to wake up every morning and see that in the mirror.
Leave us to fulfill our lives in peace!

By the way, middle management teams and supporting armies are already in place from China, Spain, Germany to name a few. The FEMA camps are the UN/NATO infiltrating a police department near you.

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”