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Rush Limbaugh FINALLY gets it!

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He does finally get it. Bi partisanship is a vote for nothing. Compremise with the devil and you end up the loser. God wants you as intended , PERFECT.
Perfect, as defined by GOD.

It is predestined to happen one day. It is the moment you see your true condition. The condition from which HE supplied the way out. That way is HIMSELF. This is where you need to be carefull. There are lots of deceptive ideas floating around that immitate. You need transformation not conformation. ONLY GOD can do the real deal.

After reading that article....

I've come to the conclusion that Limbaigh still doesn't get it and neither does Joe Farah. The stealth "branding" they are giving to the third party rise is still neo conservatism.

He is appealing to the neo- con

but he has the reality correct.