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Ventura endorses Horner for governor

Saying Minnesotans should "shock the world again," former Gov. Jesse Ventura on Friday endorsed Independence Party candidate Tom Horner for governor.

"I urge people — if they truly want change, it's in their power — shock the world again. Vote Tom Horner in as governor," the first and only IP governor said in an interview with the Pioneer Press.

"That will have a much bigger effect than electing a Democrat or Republican. If you elect a Democrat or Republican, you're just going along with the status quo, business as usual," Ventura said.

Ventura said Democrats and Republicans have "created this mess that we're in. Why would we look to them to solve it when they're the creators of it?"

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Sorry Jesse. I voted for you and I like you very much, but

your suggestion is also NOT the answer. Americans who are smart and know the law are re-inhabiting the Republic.

This de fact govt is NOT 'we the people'. The current govt is the 'Trustee' of property they stole from all our ancestors in 1933. We are the collateral. Our children are also wards of the state and collateral.

This is nothing but fraud and dog and pony show.


I agree with BOTH you and Ventura.

Electing third party candidates will force the elite to scramble to buy everybody, rather than just the major party nominees.