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Question about Ron Paul Bills

Dr. Paul introduced a bill that all bills had to codify the constitutional authority for the bill.

Which bill was it?

Can you please tell me your search method to find this answer?

Is there a list of co-sponsors from the last Congress?

Thanks in advance.

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Here is your answer:

It is called the Enumerated Powers Act.

Specifically H.R.450 and S.1319.

Dr. Paul did NOT author or introduce this legislation, though he was one of 70 cosponsors in the House.

As of early 2009, the bill died in Committee. (both chambers)

I found this info via http://thomas.gov which is the Library of Congress' website for legislation. ('thomas' is the name of the database server that handles legal texts) Simply do a word/phrase search on "Enumerated Powers Act" and you'll get links to the relevant bills that match that phrase including most recent text in various formats, a list of cosponsors, and the various official congressional actions on the bill.

As for the bills dying in committee:

This is a good thing. The bill is a really bad idea. Well meaning, but poorly thought out. The end result of such a requirement, will be that Congress will make up any connection to the Constitution they desire. This will give the Supreme Court the excuse NOT to hear a challenge to the bill by claiming any dispute over constitutionality is now a political question to be handled via the ballot box.

Thus the unintended consequence of such a requirement is that no successful challenge will ever again be mounted to the constitutionality of a bill. Congress will have carte blanche to do as it pleases with impunity.

Thanks a bunch ...

Great info.

As far as whether it is a good bill or not, I haven't thought about it at all, and thanks for the input.

I was merely seeking the info for another use.

Thanks again.

one other question ...

How did you know to use the phrase, "Enumerated Powers Act"?

I mean, bills have all kinds of names that really mean nothing.