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Giant earth eating machine

Holy crap! This thing is a monster!


I bet it could eat a mountain in a single day. Your worst nightmare.

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It even tried to eat a giant bulldozer


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but..the the BAGGER 288 is there to safeguard all mankind!


    "The leaders of the world sat down around a secret table
    There was a threat to human kind they must defend against
    to fight against Godzillas they just simply were not able
    Doom robots from the future could be met with no defense
    The leader of the Germans stood with a triumphant roar
    "I've got it! We will build a machine that's totally great!"
    "A massive steel leviathan with blades covered in gore"
    Beelzebub himself will fear THE BAGGER 288!


    BAGGER 288 is there to safeguard all mankind
    The BAGGER 288 wreaks total, utter devastation
    The BAGGER 288 contains an artificial mind
    This mind is full of hatred violence is it's sole vocation
    This monstrous, murderous machine can never be defeated
    Its seething wrath and urge for blood are fueled by searing hate
    Any person who gets in it's way is soon to be de-meated
    Beelzebub himself now fears THE BAGGER 288!"

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