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There's a full fledged attack on Justice Clarence Thomas on CNN right now

invited his "ex-girl friend" to talk about his personal life etc.

upon further surfing on google it seems this guy never got along with obama and his wife had written favorably about the tea party movement once? i don't know too much about this justice, but it's interesting when an obvious attempt to bring him down is brought up by the most despicable media outlet there is--cnn.

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What's up with Thomas anyway.

What's up with Thomas anyway. His wife called Anita Hill recently and asked her to recant her accusations about Clarence. That is really odd, especially 19 yrs later

I have become so cynical...

Around here, every other park is named for some "Indian Chief." Know how we know he was a Chief? He signed a treaty. Know how he BECAME a chief? He signed a treaty. These men had no power in the tribe, but they were willing to cut deals with white men, so they were suddenly "Chiefs" and since it was the white guy writing history...

Clarence Thomas and Colin Powell both strike me as black "Chiefs."

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

His wife is

Ginny Thomas a lobbyist and founder of Liberty Central. Ginny Thomas is just another example of how wrong DC is. She thinks she knows how to run your life. She is a major player in the hijacking of the Tea party movement. Hopefully the hottest places in hell are reserved for peeps like her that are fake as the makeup they wear.

ah well, i suppose they're just another family of center-right