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Is Cointel Pro responsible for this "Zionist" term that is popping up everywhere?

I hesitate to post this because I don't want to invite the ugliness that will ensue. At the same time, I’d like to hear from my DP brethren.
Ready to pull this thread...

The liberty movement is not good at self policing by definition....but if we keep allowing ourselves to be labeled racists an anti-Semites then we will not be able to spread our message.

This is my plea:

If you are honestly not racist, but are concerned about the Zionist conspiracy, could you just keep it to yourself.

Here is why:

It does not matter if we are losing our country and our liberties to a cabal of Zionists or lizard aliens.


If we live in a society with liberty and limited government then no conspiracy would be successful. ***

Anyone find this as disturbing as me?

Every time you find a liberty video on youtube these days the comments are filled with vitriol against these so called “Zionists.”

This is a traditional codeword for old fashioned jew hating. But, I don’t think there are that many jew haters around. I’m calling BS. I think with the exception of a perhaps a few unemployed neonazi wannabes, the only people that have enough time on their hands to fill comments sections on liberty articles and liberty issue treatments with ravings about “Zionists” must be on the payroll of people who want to discredit the liberty movement. Perhaps the pentagon, perhaps cointel pro, maybe the ADL…but I’m sorry, I don’t believe there are that many true anti-semites around these days to be making all of these comments.

I especially find them troubling on the DP.

(for the true believers, please don’t split hairs with the, “not all jews are Zionist” routine…if
you are a racist then you get off on using the word Zionist. It gives you a little rush…be honest)

**OK, let's say I buy into your collectivist notion that there is an extremely large group of people up to these nefarious deeds, what is your Final Solution?**

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sorry you lost me immediately... but I understand.

Modern ZIONISM began in the late 1800's and many groups identified themselves as ZIONISTS.

SEMITIC - Look that up too.

The improper use of these terms and inappropriate use of these terms is an issue.

E.G. Many Israelies are Anti-Semitic. This obvious by their actions on Palestinians.


Because the term "zionist" never existed before cointel pro AND cointel pro has something to gain by promoting it...

If you are honestly not racist, but are concerned about the Zionist conspiracy, could you just keep it to yourself.

Anyone attempting to act as a friend of liberty while trying to stifle it is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I don't care if you're morally, legally, or logically wrong; everyone has a right to voice their opinion - anyone attempting to hinder that is a massive douche bagger and can personally suck my balls.


I read as far as the following and then the rat smell overwhelmed me.

"It does not matter if we are losing our country and our liberties to a cabal of Zionists or lizard aliens."

That is passive aggressiveness mixed with false guilt by association with a straw-man argument all rolled up into one sentence?

How much are the liars paying themselves per word these days?


oligarchs--whatever their ethnicity or color or . . .


enslave the rest of *us* by using division and confusion.

Both are found in quantity on this thread.

Liberty. How do *we* become 'liberated'?

That's the big question, and I am not sure I have the answer.

We've tried by being self-sufficient, growing as much of our own food as possible, not buying popular 'trinkets', living simply, avoiding poisoned food and water and not employing conventional medical practitioners--

our garden isn't doing so well this year, and it's hard not to be discouraged.

Liberty is this:


And, in spite of a lot of hard work, we're not succeeding--

could be the climate; too much rain, then too much drought; I don't know--

we've tried everything--

ultimately, one must hope and have faith--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I agree

Wouldn't surprise me in the least if TPTB encourage divisiveness between zionism/libertarianism,

much in the same way they are currently fomenting dissent between sunni and shia in the arab world.

It is much easier for them to gain control in this way.

Generally, zionism or the roots thereof, have been around for a long time. It is the particular strain that concerns Likudists (Israel) and Neo-Cons (US) which I find disgusting and reprehensible.

The state of the middle east after their last twelve years of policy speaks for itself.

Mubarak, Ghadaffi and Hussein look like shining beacons of civility compared to what exists now with destabilization.

If the entire region becomes destabilized, Pakistan, Israel, India, Saudi Arabia and Iran start shooting off nukes at each other and the entire middle east gets vaporized, how does this help Israeli security?

The entire neo-con/likud strategy was based on exerting complete control. However, the opposite has occurred. They have lost control. Dictatorships are very predictive. They have lost that predictability.

The author of this thread is uneducated evidently.

Since when did the term zionist equal racist?

So when they pile on the freemasons does that mean they are racist against fat middle aged anglo-saxon white folk?

Honestly, the false outrage is just lame.

Any religious-political movement is ripe for criticism.

The author should quit whining and grow up.

Another brave jew who speaks out about Israel and Zionism

Gilad Atzmon: Zionism and Jewish Identity


I've heard him; he's really . . .


well-educated; he's got some interesting ideas--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

What would make a person who

What would make a person who says or discusses Zionists racist? Why all the sensitivity with this word?

(No subject)

A signature used to be here!


Now antisemites from Stormfront are finding this an attractive place to spew their venom. We need a moderator to delete this filth before they start praising hitler and saying he should have killed more.

Doctor paul would be sickened that this crap is going on under his name.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

I agree

If it's not cointelpro it's sure a big freebie for them.

Let's assume that everyone who uses the word zionist uses it in the 'techinical' sense, and has no racist bone in their body.

It doesn't matter one bit, it's like using the N word in a 'historical' or 'colloquial' sense. Protest all you want, you're gonna be perceived as a racist. Similarly zionist. Except it's really worse because people who might even be racist against light or brown skin people will jump on you also because jews are the chosen people. It's a religious matter as well.

So yes, do I suspect there are people who toss around the word 'zionist' that are sockpuppets trying to make us look bad.

Yes, yes I do. And it works.

It's also WRONG. It's like a persian hating Americans because of what our government does.

If someone called me an American Imperialist Pig, I would be hurt. Because I'm NOT.

And not because I hate America. Because I love America and the dream of her I decry all that is done to weaken America by turning it into an empire. Empire is poison speed like arsenic, you'll get a little kick before you die.

Cyril's picture

Devise, divide, conquer, and spread... The game of plunder.

Collectivism always eventually develop into imperialism.

The insult to our intelligence is the collectivists often pretend to decry, denounce imperialism, while it's actually their final aim.

We can look at soviet Russia and the satellite nations it was only but craving to devore and enslave, their turn. Or communist China with even the heights of Nepal.

The evergreen plan is always the same:

first devise antagonisms, then divide genders, generations, labor and investors, the countryside and the cities, the intellectual and the manual, the natives and foreigners, the believer and non believer,... you name it... and breed envy, jealousy, resentment, injustice among them, then conquer them with a brutal nanny state, and spread the rotting from inside (subversion) and plunder farther.

Collectivism and its elites feed on misery, division, ignorance, delusions, hate, and only wishes to be always more encompassing.

The individual and economic harmonies around him or her is our only hope for a way out, or humanity will die.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

in order to keep peace

from now on we'll use the term trayvoonschlictenclitter

hows that for diffusing a situation !

sounds sexist to me.


Not a chance bozo

Why would cointel pro be responsible for the term Zionism popping up all over the place? On the other hand Zionism should be popping up all over the place because it is largely responsible for the manufactured problems of the world today. The FED = Zionism, our criminal government = Zionism (AIPAC), banking = Zionism controlled and influenced, military adventurism against "goyim" populations = Zionism. I am sure the list goes on.

Fuck you for trying to misdirect the conversation away from identifying who is responsible for our ills. Other than unengaged and uninformed sheeple (whose minds are controlled by Zionist controlled media), Zionism is topping the list.

Also I should add, the bad

Also I should add, the bad guys are not zionists. That's a very simplistic, even superstitious, lens to view the problem. Israel isn't sacrosanct because TPTB gives a flucking fly about Israelis, or jewish people, whatsoever.

Israel is sacrosanct because it gives an endless excuse to waste American blood and treasure in an endless war. Further Israel is never allowed to win. And they could have multiple times, might even still be able to pacify the entire region if they were allowed.

But they never will be allowed, because the endless strife is gold in the bank for our fascist overlords. The religious overtones are just extra bonus useful because there are so many Christians in the US and it's easy to use that.

Most Israelis aren't fooled into thinking they are anything but a catspaw in the games of TPTB.

The fact you can't see the obvious, or know it and are fomenting hate, is telling.

To be sure you are correct

You are correct that Israel is just another card in the deck. But I never said anything about Israel or those of Jewish faith. But the Zionist agenda is very real and those who have the most power in this world appear to be attached to the Zionist agenda lock, stock and barrel. Is there anything you would like to add?

Just one counter example

The 48'ers and their various progeny are zionist? They have infected the US government for almost 2 centuries and their goal is much different.

There are more factors at work that what you see looking through this one lens.

The Snowden affair demonstrates this pretty well. Or do you think he really did this on his own?

This is a power struggle. A struggle necessarily implies more than one actor.

In all cases, even if all the bad in the world is a result of zionist actors with zionist agenda, it's still counterproductive and useless to be on about it.

In addition to the tactical and PR reasons stated above, which are quite valid, because it doesn't matter what you say, you lay yourself open to easy discreditation as a racist. You will never be allowed to explain yourself, and even if you were, you would in fact would have difficulty doing so, as you do here.

But more importantly, focusing on actors won't solve anything. So long as the levers of power exist, someone will seize them. Having people focus on one boogieman, even if he's real,, and even if it works to destroy the boogieman, will just result in another boogieman.

So let's stipulate the zionist agenda is in fact the sole and only enemy we face. If we remove them but people still believe in the religion of statism they will just be in turn ruled by another cabal with another agenda, or maybe the same cabal in different guise.

Focusing on zionism is absolutely useless.

When I see people attacking some specific entity or group, I must always wonder, do they really want to free humanity? Or are they just looking to replace the rulers?

Good Question

Your analysis is solid as far as I can tell. And so recently I must admit I have become an anarchist. The levers of power need removal via our individual moves towards freedom and independence. Self-empowerment via personal investigation and research is one mechanism I can use to withdraw my personal power from this system. Another mechanism is, according to James Corbett (Corbettreport.com), how we spend our money. Every dollar is a vote towards the type of system we want to see in our future. And so continuing to feed into a tax system that is exploitation or fortune 500 companies that all operate on the same premise is to further empower the beast. Small-scale local farming and business interactions can and do remove influence from the beastly system. Yes Zionism and other boogie men will always exist so long as we do not seize our personal responsibility to be informed and active. Thank you.

ZOG = Zionist Occupied Government.

ZOG = Zionist Occupied Government.

P.O.S = Michealwiseguy

P.O.S = Michealwiseguy

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

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I think I owe you a -small- apology...

On our previous disagreement.

I had been a way from DP for a while, so I had not realized how embedded these white nationalist fucktards had become on here, so I can understand your over-sensitivity to our subject at hand, at the time. Don't get me wrong, you were still wrong... :)

But, I am now giving you the benefit of the doubt, because it is hard to distinguish the difference between these assholes and actual DP members and legitimate arguments. They are good at keeping their crap subtle. And they apparently have a large number of fake accounts because there is NO WAY that real DP members support their garbage in the numbers that it appears.

Michael needs to clean house.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Thank you... accepted.

But I am not wrong on circumcision.

I certainly would never force it to be done for those who don't want it, but it should never be out-lawed.

Again, it is a religious custom. One with very specific effects, that remain with you the rest of your life. And one I am glad I got done, on the 8th day, as a baby boy.

I spoke with my parents about it. Because of the convo on DP. My mother, Catholic, was nervous and very skeptical of it. My father was nervous and skeptical as well, but he felt it was safe and part of our tradition. My Mother still says it was a little hard to watch, but she understands why it was done as custom, and why it is done in modern medicine, and is glad it was done, especially since I am glad. My father actually held my legs for the Mohel, and seeing as I don't remember squat, he admits he got the worst of it. Apparently, there was a lot of blood, but that is normal, and everything healed up, jut perfectly, lol.

So again, it is basically preference, but mostly not yours or mine, but... 'Hers'.

I would recommend insisting in hospitals that they do not do the circumcision there, because they might have some Med-school intern or first-year grad perform the procedure

Make sure to get an experience Mohel (pronounced Moil, or Moyle), to perform the briss on the 8th day, ot just because of custom, but because the 8th day is apparently the physiologically the best day to do it, for the baby to be ready, and for it to heal correctly.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

deacon's picture

an apology?

lawnmanjed went on a rant accusing me of claiming
i was talking about every jew/israelite/hebrew
knowing full well i was talking about their government,our government
and all gov's we support,but this fact,didn't matter
It was for asking a question
And anyone who questions,thinks different,is automatically wrong (in his eyes)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Dude you lumped in the whole country....

Again, you're talking about the Israeli government as a whole. I was talking about a globalist faction with ties in the Israeli government.

I made a specific analogy between Israel and the US, with how there are still good people in Israel, and their government, like the US, but actually less infiltrated.

You failed to acknowledge that point in your post, the one that you are referring to that I responded to.

With all the anti-Israel and anti-Jew, Jew-Conspiracy comments that are on here, such as ones you often chime in on, you should understand how I could not tell a difference, if indeed there is one.

But, as for painting people with broad strokes, you are telling a completely separate individual, that I relate to everyone a certain way based on how I allegedly related to you.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

deacon's picture

you have indeed

lumped myself and others here into the same mold, now if i am wrong,I am sorry,but as of now,I don't feel I am wrong
never have i lumped everyone into a conversation
as it does not apply to everyone
I have told you all gov heads are hand picked,they are related
to one another,so how is this lumping on my part?
I also believe this whole interbreeding amongst the illetes is to keep it all in the family,so is this lumping? or is it calling out the ones in charge?
I have never personally given a hoot what others do in their lives,as long as it doesn't affect me badly
I believe all wars are fought over family control,with one family member taken out,and another member installed in that open space
I believe them pharoahs left egypt during the revolt,went to england
started another country,this led to america,as america is still owned by england,as we never won that war of ind,we were though financed by our supposed enemy!!...nw here i could mention the catholics,and their bibles,but this leads to others just getting pissed by it

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

You are able to view in the

You are able to view in the forefront of your mind at all times the vast knowledge you accumulated over your many years. You are able to see the big picture. There aren't many people that can do this. Deacon is one who can.

Hmmm..this thread popped

Up the same day as this hit piece. Remember, American tax dollars fund legions of israeli
” opinion-changers”, some overt, like the JIDF, many covert military based.
Just google ” israeli wikipedia editors”


Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is being billed as the keynote speaker at a September conference sponsored by the Fatima Center, which one civil rights organization calls “the single largest group of hard-core anti-Semites in North America.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch blog noted on Tuesday that Paul had reportedly accepted the speaking engagement at the Fatima Center’s September “Fatima: The Path to Peace” conference in Canada.

Other speakers at the conference will include John Birch Society President John F. McManus, which has been accused of contributing to anti-Semitism for decades.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav