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Is Cointel Pro responsible for this "Zionist" term that is popping up everywhere?

I hesitate to post this because I don't want to invite the ugliness that will ensue. At the same time, I’d like to hear from my DP brethren.
Ready to pull this thread...

The liberty movement is not good at self policing by definition....but if we keep allowing ourselves to be labeled racists an anti-Semites then we will not be able to spread our message.

This is my plea:

If you are honestly not racist, but are concerned about the Zionist conspiracy, could you just keep it to yourself.

Here is why:

It does not matter if we are losing our country and our liberties to a cabal of Zionists or lizard aliens.


If we live in a society with liberty and limited government then no conspiracy would be successful. ***

Anyone find this as disturbing as me?

Every time you find a liberty video on youtube these days the comments are filled with vitriol against these so called “Zionists.”

This is a traditional codeword for old fashioned jew hating. But, I don’t think there are that many jew haters around. I’m calling BS. I think with the exception of a perhaps a few unemployed neonazi wannabes, the only people that have enough time on their hands to fill comments sections on liberty articles and liberty issue treatments with ravings about “Zionists” must be on the payroll of people who want to discredit the liberty movement. Perhaps the pentagon, perhaps cointel pro, maybe the ADL…but I’m sorry, I don’t believe there are that many true anti-semites around these days to be making all of these comments.

I especially find them troubling on the DP.

(for the true believers, please don’t split hairs with the, “not all jews are Zionist” routine…if
you are a racist then you get off on using the word Zionist. It gives you a little rush…be honest)

**OK, let's say I buy into your collectivist notion that there is an extremely large group of people up to these nefarious deeds, what is your Final Solution?**

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Has it ever occured to you, that I post that exact thing, and..

and have detailed exactly how that evil globalist shadow government operates, and uses Israel.

The post you just responded to literally discussed that very thing!

You seriously need to actually read my posts, on this, and other threads.
Then you need to get off my d. I. c .k.

"People like me", you say, but then you say I'm the one throwing labels out. Puh-lease.

Again, almost all my posts are about the New World Order. You must be a total shill disinfo artist pal, to try to twist my words around that much, as to pretend they don't say what say.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


This is the first reply you have posted to me that actually contains reason instead of blatant emotional name calling and labels.

Thank you. I'm not sure what set you off in the beginning other than the movie I posted that you probably never watched. Just shot from the hip with your hate gun.

There was a lot of sincere discussion in that thread and here is a link I think you might find enlightening if your reply is truly sincere. To sum up the message I see in it (1938) is that all Faiths have a common enemy, and to survive they must unite against it.



Did you downvote this mr lawmanjed?

What a joke.

In your opinion I'm a racist.

You're just saying that because I'm white.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Yeah, yeah...

and "anti-Zionist is codeword for anti-semite". Same shit, different wrapping. Yawn.

In your opinion it's "anti-semite".

That's what Jewish supremacists call anyone who is critical of Israel.
Nobody, is saying that non-Jews should flood into Israel to assimilate the jews and create a homogenous non-Jewish state.
This happens only in White countries.
Only White children are affected by it.
Only White leaders support it.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

LOL This guy is a moron

"Europeans, who were good-hearted and open-minded enough to accept people of many different cultures..."

LOL Europeans are some of the most narrow-minded, racist, and self-aggrandizing group of fuck-tards to ever walk this planet. It's why we left Europe, in case you forgot, you fucking moron. Go suck Europe's cock in person. Don't bother doing it from your PC in America. We left Europe for a reason. For example... Big government, perpetual war, institutionalized racism, religious fanatics... etc We did not want that European shit in our country.

Why do you hate White

Why do you hate White children?

WOW! Stooping this low already?

Stormfront, right? Just admit it.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Apparently, the poster hates

Apparently, the poster hates everything European.
White children are of European ancestry.

So, why is the genocide of innocent White children acceptable to you?

I understand the intention...

BUT I have to disagree. Although anti-Semites sometimes use the word Zionist, racists also use the words Capitalist and Socialist. And usually, when racists use these terms, they're not using them correctly. Racists apply a completely twisted "definition" to the words "Zionism", "Capitalist" and "Socialist."

Examples: There ARE racists against Black folks within the Tea Party. There ARE racists against White folks in the "Liberal" establishment. There ARE anti-Semites that still recognize that AIPAC has disconcerting amount of influence on our Federal Government (sic.). They usually use the terms "Socialist" and "Capitalist", and "Zionist" respectively, as a pejorative.

If you are NOT racist, you have a Duty and an Obligation to educate people what the terms really mean, and to use them appropriately. We need to let people know what true Socialism, Capitalism, and Zionism really is---along with all the other isms and terms.

Once our language is hijacked, all it takes is ONE Generation, and words change. And once words change, interpretation of historical documents changes. Just look at how the word "regulate" has changed since the Constitution's ratification. And the word "infringe". And "Declaration" (of war). You could literally add hundreds of words to this list.

So maybe there IS a cointelpro of government-sponsored nazis trying to smear us by misusing 'Zionism.' Fine. Then it's up to us to correct it. And use it MORE in the correct way.

The word Zionism

means absolutely nothing racist but if you really, really want to know what it really means in the modern sense, read history and lots of it.

I am not trying to be obtuse but I can tell you (all)anything and you won't believe it so go read some history and make up your own mind.


OK call it "Bob" then...

"Liberal" now means socialist...you don't see libertarians using the word anymore...because the population defines the word not the subculture.

No it is because of the J word is verboden

Its not a new word and its a word created by the Rothschid's to steal an area called palastine just after ww1. Zionism is a in depth plan by a criminal mafia group to centeralize their dictatorship over humanity. Its a financial false debt plan. wherebye false national debts are used as justification to extort and theive any and anything of value from others.


Spot On!!

I have been wondering and now believe the same. It is Cointel Pro or the pentagon's equivalent. No question. Your observation reminds me of that quote in slacker, "There's not that many perverts around."

Anytime a good liberty video pops up the comment section gets over run with the "Zionist" nonsense.

And for the few of you who get frustrated because there is some nuanced conception that doesn't reduce to "Jew hater" then forget it. You may think a word has its one special definition..but words function by having popularly understood definitions. Hate Israel policy all you want but drop the Zionist meme.

Lest you march among the provocateurs.

Many people are well educated

Many people are well educated on the subject of Zionism and it's destructive history. People feel empowered to speak out more about it these days because TV news has little power to brainwash otherwise and shut down the conversation, because virtually no one watches TV news anymore.

With all of the labels and names being thrown around,

perhaps watch this, and maybe gain a little understanding that we are all in this together. Picking gangs with names isn't going to cut it.


The truth is people here don't know nearly as much as they think

... they do.

Especially about the Bible, and Israel.

I see so many misinformed comments, that get upvoted it just shows that many here are voting based on emotion, rather that facts, just like democrats and neo-cons.

Clearly, those who have no shame in being labeled racist, or prejudice, or Jew-hater, because that's what they are, are not good for the Liberty movement.

These people are here as plants to distract, discredit, and derail the Constitutional Conservative Liberty Movement.

They want us painted as racists, or they do not care that we are, just so they can focus their energies on being anti-Israel.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

"Especially about the Bible and Israel"

If possible, could you go into a little bit more detail about this statement.

"Especially about the Bible"

1 John 2:18
Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

1 John 2:22
Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

2 John 1:7
For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

I'm not telling you to avoid the antichrist way of believing, but please don't expect me to support it.

Anyone can cherry-pick a few New Testament quotes...

.. and take them out of context.

What about...

"Those who bless Israel I will Bless, and those who curse Israel I will Curse"..?

Or... "I have come not t change one iota of the Law, but to fulfill it"...?

Then there's "For the sake of the remnant shall my people be blessed"...

And what was all that talk about an everlasting covenant? Is everlasting, like a few thousand years? Or just until some ignorant pagan Sunday worshipper claims he knows better than the Lord Himself, because he quoted the bible a few times?

Whatever happened to the 4th Commandment: "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy"

That went out the window pretty quick under Roman pagan sun-worshipper influence, huh?

Keep telling yourself you know better. Keep fooling yourself.

Yeshua was a Jew who fought the Romans. You're siding with Romans, fighting Jews. I'm sure our Messiah is so proud of you.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

You keep throwing that quote out there

but it doesn't seem to be true. Seems more like an attempt to send a subtle threat at people--help Israel, or else....
America has blessed Israel with our money and other assistance more that any other nation for nearly fifty years, and during that time we have continually gone down hill. Yet, when I think of Germany, and many other nations, I see countries that have had great prosperity during the same period. If what the bible says is true, it could be that the Israel that we are discussing isn't the one that the bible refers to.
All the things that I post and that are on Alison Weir's websites are true...The nation of Israel is a land of cruel, murderous thugs--a righteous America should not support it in any way whatsoever.

Ron Paul stating that the actions of Israel are atrocious and that
America should stop supporting them:

Dr. Paul being called an anti-Semite:

We're morally responsible to speak out.

The truth is that many people here don't know the truth

The truth is that many people here don't know the truth about Israel...and you want to keep it that way!

JED, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST HATER ON THIS WEBSITE! ! ! You and your constant name calling of Palestinians, referring to them as Pallys.

If you love Israel so much and you believe the Jews should have a homeland and that a covenant with God has to be fulfilled, then you should GO THERE and LIVE!---- You're nothing but a damned double talking hypocrite who wants to keep your sneaky butt safe and sound here in America while you criticize anyone who is in opposition of drumming up another war in the Middle East by informing people about the actions of the cruel, manipulative state of Israel and their interaction with our corrupt politicians.

You say you don't support American tax money going to Israel, and I'm almost certain you would say you don't support war, but every time an Israeli related thread comes up opposing these issues, there you are calling people haters and anti-Semites. Actions speak louder than words!

Where do I begin responding to the BS accusations in this post?

I post responses to the one-sided Israel bashing because I am Jewish.
I would like to come to the DP to discuss actual liberty issues but half the comments I see are Israel-bashing.
Excuse me for defending my position, with half the audacity that you and a few dozen other posters have when condemning the entire nation of Israel and at least a large percentage of Jewish people in your rants.

Someone like you babybear, has a lot of gall calling anyone else a hater, when you are clearly full of hate yourself.

I am not looking to make friends with Jew-Haters on DP. I am not that big a loser. I am here to talk about liberty issues and what we can actually do to solve the problems. When it comes to Israel-bashing threads, I am going to keep pi$$ing you the fluck off by kicking your A$$es in arguments with points and facts that you will not like, and you will have a hard time refuting. Tuff Titty.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

So when are you moving to Israel?

If you believe in a homeland for the Jews, and that the Jews should return to Israel to fulfill a covenant with God that you keep mentioning, then when are you, a Jew, going to return to Israel to fulfill the covenant with God? You can go help the Israeli military murder Palestinian children and then tear down their homes and build settlements while you all sing Jewish folk songs.

Not one person here that takes sides with you has said one peep about you calling Palestinians Pallys ( I know, that's a term of affection) but I have no doubt that the first time someone else called you a kike, they would be all over it. Talk about things being one sided....

You really should try to stop hating Palestinians, Jed. They're welcome here just as much as you are. Israeli's are welcome here, too. I just ask that no one pretends to be from another country to hide the reason for their bias.

I don't know.

But you have more when you are done with this one.

This thread is 3 years old.

This thread is 3 years old. Someone had to dig pretty deep to bump it.

I wish the moderator would lock these kinds of threads.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

The term Zionist does not imply a race because

Zion refers to a certain hill and Jews have repeatedly denied Jew is a race and affirmed it refers to one who practices the religion of Judaism.

If neither term has anything to do with a race how does using either term become racist?

Some jews do claim to be a race

For example, ever heard the term "secular jew"?

There are also numerous speeches from Israeli leaders like Netanyahu referring to the "jewish race", and let's not even get into "anti-semitism" which implies that jews are collectively a semite race.

Zionism is Jewish Nationalism. Zionists see jews as a collective and believe they are inherently superior (chosen) above all others. It is a racist ideology plain and simple.

Maybe I can help

Jews are many races, there are Askenazi, Farci, Sophardic, Chinese, Ethiopean, and more, they are many nationalities, where in Israel, many Mushavs are nationality based, and that includes 4 American mushavs, containing many races.

Judaism has many branches, othodox, reform, conservative, B'nai, Kabbalah, and offshoots, Messianic, Jews for Jesus, some Catholics consider themselves Jews..

Secular Israel represents the freedom for all these people to exist and worship how they see fit.

Secular Israel also represents Israelis who are Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic and cults. They include people who want a sovreign Israel (The state protecting the people's rights), and globalists who want Israel to abandon sovreign statehood and merge into the UN as part of the UN Agenda.

Zionism takes many forms, secular zionist (globalist), Christian zionist, Kahanist zionist (orthodox radical), revisionist zionists, and more. The only thing these groups have in common is that Israel has the right to exist. Where they differ is how Israel has a right to exist. Some, like me, want a sovreign Israel so people can self determine, some want Israel to abandon sovreignity and adopt the UN Agenda (Israel is the only nation that refused), some want Israel to be symbolic, and not a state, but a bookmark with the UN headquarters taking Jerusalem and making it an international city. Some folks, connect the dots between Rothchild (private banking) to Israel, and fail to connect the dots to central banking (corporate socialist), confusing the two..

Israel is a very important topic because it represents the human struggle in a nutshell. There are 1/2 million Jews trying to move to Israel, so Israel has a huge problem with keeping within it's own borders. People who LOVE freedom and Liberty and live in countries where they are oppressed want to move to Israel. They are desperate, plus Israel has an aging population, no social security for them, and have to deal with sustaining this population.

So there are many human problems and how Israel manages them are important to anyone interested to how a "Liberty Movement" could actually work. For example, if Detroit was located in Israel, it would be thriving. Detroit shows us Americans that this UN Agenda is undoing us, and maybe we should look to Israel and see how they thrive against all odds?

Anyways, I hoped I helped you understand the complications of zionism.