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Is Cointel Pro responsible for this "Zionist" term that is popping up everywhere?

I hesitate to post this because I don't want to invite the ugliness that will ensue. At the same time, I’d like to hear from my DP brethren.
Ready to pull this thread...

The liberty movement is not good at self policing by definition....but if we keep allowing ourselves to be labeled racists an anti-Semites then we will not be able to spread our message.

This is my plea:

If you are honestly not racist, but are concerned about the Zionist conspiracy, could you just keep it to yourself.

Here is why:

It does not matter if we are losing our country and our liberties to a cabal of Zionists or lizard aliens.


If we live in a society with liberty and limited government then no conspiracy would be successful. ***

Anyone find this as disturbing as me?

Every time you find a liberty video on youtube these days the comments are filled with vitriol against these so called “Zionists.”

This is a traditional codeword for old fashioned jew hating. But, I don’t think there are that many jew haters around. I’m calling BS. I think with the exception of a perhaps a few unemployed neonazi wannabes, the only people that have enough time on their hands to fill comments sections on liberty articles and liberty issue treatments with ravings about “Zionists” must be on the payroll of people who want to discredit the liberty movement. Perhaps the pentagon, perhaps cointel pro, maybe the ADL…but I’m sorry, I don’t believe there are that many true anti-semites around these days to be making all of these comments.

I especially find them troubling on the DP.

(for the true believers, please don’t split hairs with the, “not all jews are Zionist” routine…if
you are a racist then you get off on using the word Zionist. It gives you a little rush…be honest)

**OK, let's say I buy into your collectivist notion that there is an extremely large group of people up to these nefarious deeds, what is your Final Solution?**

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Hi Granger

I have a question to ask. When did being a Jew become a race? Historically speaking, Judeans were those from the Kingdom/Region of Judah/Judea.

Since the Dispora

The term derives from the Greek verb διασπείρω (diaspeirō), "I scatter", "I spread about"[1] and that form διά (dia), "between, through, across"[1] + the verb σπείρω (speirō), "I sow, I scatter".[1] In Ancient Greece the term διασπορά (diaspora) hence meant "scattering"[1] and was inter alia used to refer to citizens of a dominant city-state who emigrated to a conquered land with the purpose of colonization, to assimilate the territory into the empire.[4]

Its use began to develop from this original sense when the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek;[5] the first mention of a diaspora created as a result of exile is found in the Septuagint,[1] first in
Deuteronomy 28:25, in the phrase ἔσῃ ἐν διασπορᾷ ἐν πάσαις ταῖς βασιλείαις τῆς γῆς, esē en diaspora en pasais tais basileiais tēs gēs, translated to mean "thou shalt be a dispersion in all kingdoms of the earth"

and secondly in
Psalms 146(147).2, in the phrase οἰκοδομῶν Ἰερουσαλὴμ ὁ Kύριος καὶ τὰς διασπορὰς τοῦ Ἰσραὴλ ἐπισυνάξει, oikodomōn Ierousalēm ho Kyrios kai tas diasporas tou Israēl episynaxē, translated to mean "The Lord doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel".

So after the Bible's translation into Greek, the word Diaspora was then used to refer to the population of Jews exiled from Israel in 587 BCE by the Babylonians, and from Judea in 70 CE by the Roman Empire.[6] It subsequently came to be used to refer to the historical movements of the dispersed ethnic population of Israel, to the cultural development of that population or to the population itself.[7] In English when capitalized and without modifiers (that is, simply the Diaspora), the term refers specifically to the Jewish diaspora;[2] when uncapitalized the word diaspora may be used to refer to refugee populations of other origins or ethnicities.[citation needed](see http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/diaspora) The wider application of diaspora evolved from the Assyrian two-way mass deportation policy of conquered populations to deny future territorial claims on their part.[8]


Hey again Granger...

About the Bible, there are several things that we must take into account regarding the exile.

"Jews" weren't exiled from Israel by the Babylonians. The Assyrians destroyed Israel over 100 years before the Kingdom of Judah was conquered by Babylon. According to scripture, after the reign of Solomon, the kingdom was split into 2; Israel, or the Northern Kingdom, and Judah, or the Southern Kingdom. The lineage of David ruled Judah and its capital was Jerusalem. The tribes that were in Judah were Judah and Benjamin with some Levi priest. The Kingdom of Israel was brought down by Assyria and was dispersed. The Kingdom of Judah was brought into captivity by the Babylonians, and under the Persians, were allowed to go back to Jerusalem (well, some decided to go back.) The region that was inhabited was called Judea and was called that even in the New Testament.

That being said, the word Jew isn't in the Bible and I'm still looking for definite information on where and when it was first used.

The Bible has been translated many times

One interesting thing for me is that this calling I have for Israel, is also a calling to learn Hebrew.. the only ancient language making a full come back.

I hope to begin my classes soon. Then I will know, by reading the Torah.

That's why I always use the

That's why I always use the Interlinear version which has the original Hebrew and Greek, with original meanings and definitions. Actually, that's what made me really question the validity of the word "Jew," seeing that the original was indeed translated Judean. And they made me look more at the history behind the region and kingdom.

OAN, LOL @ me getting a downvote just because. It would be nice if people could come up with a concise reason for downvoting, other than doing it just because you can. *shrugs*

Thank you for sharing that

I didn't dish the downvote.. I rarely give any votes, the whole voting thing has become a tool for some small group that hates DP.


More and more, I'm starting to believe that..

If Jew is a race someone better include it as

a category on the United States census because thus far Jews have strongly objected to including Jew as a racial category denying it is a race akin to Hebrew. If Jews are lying I expect club fed to prosecute for lying to wise overlords.

Nice argument there.

Failing to address anything I wrote, and setting up strawmen. Terrible, obvious strawmen. Please just disconnect your internet and stop now.


I can see the polite language filter is off. Your comment stated some people do claim Jew is a race.

So I replied I want to know the truth of the matter. If it is in fact a race I want to see it included on the United States census as a race and I also want to see Jews who have been officially lying to the United States claiming it is not a race prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

My comment is directly responsive to your assertion some people do in fact claim Jew is a race you moron. Furthermore moron, it is impossible for something to not be a race and simultaneously be a race. Someone is lying.

I see you lack reading comprehension.

Go back and read what I wrote again. Nowhere did I say that jews are a race. I said "some jews identify as a race".

If you need a quick confirmation for this, just go to whatever search engine you use at your JIDF office and type in "jewish" + "race" + "check other". You'll find that some jews do in fact check "other" and write in "jewish" on forms. Moron.


Epic display of stupidity.

My comment:

"Your comment stated some people do claim Jew is a race."

Your comment:

"Nowhere did I say that jews are a race. I said "some jews identify as a race"."

My comment:

"So I replied I want to know the truth of the matter. If it is in fact a race I want to see it included on the United States census as a race and I also want to see Jews who have been officially lying to the United States claiming it is not a race prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

Your comment:

"You'll find that some jews do in fact check "other" and write in "jewish" on forms"

My comment:

" ... it is impossible for something to not be a race and simultaneously be a race. Someone is lying."

Your comment:

"Go back and read what I wrote again"

I read it. Some Jews identify as a race and the official name of that alleged race is "jewish" according to your own statement but that doesn't change the fact some people deny "jewish" is a race and some people claim "jewish" is a race which means one group of people is lying.

Sorry bro, it has been demonstrated I am not communicating with an intelligent life form and as such I am unable to continue.



Right here in action, my friends.

I swear, they could replace these shills with drinking birds and I wouldn't know the difference.

just when I thought I couldn't laugh harder ...

It must be a strawman because this:

"Your comment stated some people do claim Jew is a race."

is radically and fundamentally different than:

"Nowhere did I say that jews are a race. I said "some jews identify as a race" ... You'll find that some jews do in fact check "other" and write in "jewish" on forms"

because it is a complete misrepresentation. (rolls eyes) To rephrase some jews who identify as a race they call "jewish" as some people claim Jew is a race is a complete misrepresentation because there is no sameness. (rolls eyes) It is a misrepresentation because of some reasonable semantic distinction between the use of the terms "jew," "jewish," and "Jew." (rolls eyes) If a strawman was erected you would be able to precisely articulate it by demonstrating intelligent life instead of being some asshat shill who just throws a term around they are unable to use.

Wow, you sound really dumb.

And judging by the way you're raging all over your keyboard, you sound pretty mad too. Why are you so mad, bro?



Right here in action, my friends.

I swear, they could replace these shills with drinking birds and I wouldn't know the difference.


I mean it's not like you've been attacking ME with your foul mouth this entire time, while continuing to ignore everything I've said. Look, buddy. Your assertion that "it is impossible for something to not be a race and simultaneously be a race, someone must be lying" are your words, not mine. I've passed no judgement either way regarding the validity of their claims. I only said, "some jewish people consider themselves a race".

By the way, I'm still waiting for you to refute my original statement. Again, that some jews identify as a race. This is not about the validity or invalidity of their claims. What you got?

I am having an epiphany

I agree with you ... the only intent, purpose, and function of any claim is not to assert something as true (rolls eyes).

I agree with you ... there are infinite species of claims beyond merely being (a) valid or true; (b) invalid or untrue, or (c) partially valid or partially true. (rolls eyes).

I agree with you ... whether or not a claim is valid or invalid is irrelevant and should never be a part of any discussion about any claim. (rolls eyes)

Hey, let's talk about some people who consider themselves as a race. So ... how are these people doing? What have they been up to lately? I sure hope all is well with these people. Do they need anything? Hey, you brought these people up so what did you want to talk about with regards their well being?

Obviously we don't need to consider the validity of any of their claims since you have repeatedly objected to doing so. We need not consider whether it is true. We need not consider what such people call themselves or what they call the race they identify as. Let us simply recognize it is true for them and we have a duty and obligation to accept what they deem as true without consideration. I heard from a little drinking bird people thinking the world is flat may be coming back into fashion but don't worry we ought not consider whether any such claim is true (rolls eyes).

Thanks for being a well spring of wisdom. I couldn't have had this great moment without you.

Outright Nazi propaganda being pushed by manyon this thread...

Go ahead be a Jew-hating racist.

I live in SC with a bunch of gun toting red-necks who are Messianic Jews.

Your backwards, never-met-a-real-Jew attitudes do not serve the Liberty Movement well. But I'm sure you trolls already know that.

Go ahead and get all your Pally muslim brotherhood pals to chime in, or your Stormfront friends to all pile on this thread.

Go ahead and down-vote.

When the SHTF you will not be my ally. When it comes time to restore the republic, YOU will not be on my side.

F--- You, with all seriousness.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

The zio

Nuts in israel and congress support the Muslim Brotherhood.

” lawman” lol...now I see where the supremacist leanings originate.

Probably jidf

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Only professional Hate-Mongers use words like "Zio"

Because they get so tired of fully typing out Z-i-o-n-i-s-t all day every day.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I would down vote this and leave

if you hadn't discussed this further in a later thread.

I actually hope you run into a Muslim or two. A couple down the road run a convenience store. They are in their late 30's with a couple of kids I haven't met. What intrigued me was they (husband and wife) work the store by themselves in shifts. And a couple if times I noticed an older hispanic lady bringing paper plates covered in tin foil.

I ask them one day what that was all about, ....

The reply was, the neighbor was glad the store was open and she found out we liked enchaladas, and we kinda trade for our lunch.

I'm sick of labels and people living by the standards that TV tells them to.

Get to know people YOURSELF! Quit letting other people tell you who you shouldn't like and send people to kill.

Geeeez. Daily Paul? This is America. But only if we act like Americans.

Two of the biggest racist who troll DP have a problem with what.

I posted.
Big Surprise.

Now the personal attacks begin because I made points you can't refute.

I can care less what you have to say.

I read it every single day here at DP.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Tell me what is really upsetting you...

Feelings....we need to discuss feelings. I read in one of your above post that you did not care about one of the readers of your prior post. I do care about people who read my post, therefore, I care about you.

Tell me what it is that is really upsetting you. Is it people disagree with you or is it you are afraid? It is OK to be afraid, I'm afraid sometimes.

Tell me what I can say to you to be your friend, what do I need to believe or is it enough that I respect what you think and then you can respect what I think or is the only way we can be friends it that I must be like you? If that is what it will take, what will you let me do if I assume that I want to be like you? Can I take your wife, not that I would want to, I don't even know what she looks like but if she were beautiful, could I have her to be mine if I decided to think like you?

What else could I have if I gave up my right to think for myself and not disagree with you? Or would it be enough for me to look you in the eye and say, I understand you are afraid and you feel the way you do, but my friend I have to disagree with you and then you embrace me and call me friend. I get nothing but your friendship in this case, that my friend is what I seek, what is it you seek.

Read through your own posts Lawman

All you do is call people names. Labels and names of hate.

You can tell people everything they want to hear

in order to get what you want...or you can speak the truth. Dr Paul chooses the truth and so do I.

Ron Paul stating that the actions of Israel are atrocious and that
America should stop supporting them:

Dr. Paul being called an anti-Semite:

We're morally responsible to speak out.

You ANTI-SECULARIST! Noun for a Noun

it appears you have not read the establishment clause.

The establishment of the establishment clause was against the Anglican nature of colonial jurisprudence; in the 21st century it is a libertarian prerogative to separate the secular nature of democracy from zionist fascism.

You sir, want us all to be quiet; what good are you but a fly on the wall when time is ripe to make a difference.

You think the media wouldn't call us anti-jew in some fallacious wordage or another had we refrained from attacking Zionists?

we could all use a lot less pretending on this stage so please take a seat if you are afraid of the first amendment.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Short answer = yes

Government agents and neonazis are collaborating, advertently and inadvertently, to bring down Rand Paul now, just as they tried to do with Ron Paul in their daily, coordinated attempt on this site and others to attempt to associate the Pauls with antisemites.

The sad part is Ron and Rand are NOT anti-semite and this topic would sicken them.

But that doesn't stop some "supporters" here from trying to make them look bad.

I don't doubt it.

And there are plenty of liberal idiots and dupes who only get one side of the story and parrot parts of what they hear, too.

But there are also lots of people who hear part of the truth at DP, understand that we should be non-interventionist, that we shouldn't give foreign aid to anyone, and there is relationship between the U.S. & Israeli MIC that may be "less than kosher".

For the reasonable people on DP, my goal is provide both sides of the story. Muslim countries blame the US for everything too. But it is not US, the people, it is the government. The same goes for Israel, and their government, and 'Palestine' and the PLO.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

The government has dumbed people down in the educational


The propaganda on TV does the same. You know that, so why defend it? I'm not saying you have done so in this post but you have.

Waking up sucks, especially when you figure out what was lost. Spent killing other people that refused to go to sleep.

Bless you, Patriot,
My prayers are with you