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"Should Be Legalized" Eminem - Love The Way You Lie Parody Censored by YouTube

As many of you know, our political parody, Should Be Legalized, has been censored by YouTube and our virality, as a result, has been killed.

Watch and read more:


We were on pace to reach over a million views in a week after being featured on NORML's website, pro-marijuana blogs and boingboing.net. But we were halted to a crawl when YouTube deemed our video as offensive and sided with the handful of anti-Prop 19 dissenters that flagged us. YouTube's policy is a travesty to free speech, especially during the final build up to such a historic election.

Compare our video to Eminem's and tell me which one is more offensive. One that depicts marijuana use. Or one that depicts alcohol abuse, spousal abuse, sexual assault, arson, and murder. Youtube allows Eminem's to be seen by all ages at all times, and even sells advertising on it. Yet our fun loving political message is deemed and flagged as offensive for the mere FICTIONALIZED depiction of marijuana use. Help us fight this.

"Should Be Legalized" Eminem - Love The Way You Lie" Parody by Steve Berke (you must log in to watch)


Alternative link to video (no login required):


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"Should Be Legalized" CENSORED VERSION

"Should Be Legalized" CENSORED VERSION - Eminem Love the Way You Lie Parody

Exercise Your Rights. If You Don't Use Them, You Will Lose Them.
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They are loosing!

This is just another example of how the freedom message is being suppressed by ALL major organisations whether they are private, government, international, NGO's or whatever.

The freedom message is being suppressed everywhere and we just have to keep fighting and keep getting the message out to all ordinary people.

The suppressors are loosing this battle as more and more people wake up, but they won't go quietly and it is going to become a lot worse before it gets better.

Keep the spirit, we are on the winning team and we have morality, peace, freedom and love on our side.

I don't smoke, but that was

I don't smoke, but that was nice. RP should hire them for a video for 2k12 run... Be way worth it, they did a nice job.

Gotta love it, it's a good lil song, well done, very high $$$ production.


...um...here is a suggestion...

...Why are you, like everyone else in the "Legalize it" movement limiting the issue to just Medicinal Marijuana?
...Why are you not, instead calling for a legilizing/decriminalization of...
...ALL FORMS OF IT...The stuff that gets you high and the stuff that does not?
...The government deliberately targeted the stuff that gets you high so that it could BAN ALL FORMS OF HEMP...it was the scape goat and we all fell for it...
..."Medicinal Marijuana" IS NOT the real issue, it never was...it is about HEMP, in ALL its forms...
...Rally around THAT...HEMP...in ALL its forms, and ONLY THEN do you have a genuine protest...
...What you have now is just lame and pathetic and YouTube simply exploited that...
...Start calling for HEMP legalization/decriminalization and get a real protest going or just continue being lame and pathetic and playing the victim...it is your choice...
...It's like the government made all colors illegal, and all you folks have to rally around is to legalize the color blue...!!!...um, HELLO...?
...Wake the FK up, please...

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

They tried hemp in the 90s, it didn't work

You won't find a medicinal marijuana proponent opposed to hemp and you'll find probably 85% wearing some. If everyone who smokes weed grew weed it would be impossible to enforce the laws. Fear drives everything in our society. Very sad.


I don't really know enough about copyright law to speak with authority, but isn't it up to the injured party (Eminem) to bring any action. The fact that the host site preemptively took it down suggests they disagree with the message more than they're concerned with any copyright issue. Dirty pool - in my opinion.

Having gotten the legal business out of the way, let me just say "WOW!" I'm howling at the moon! What an UBER BABE! AND with a fantastic set of pipes! (Multi-level pun for your enjoyment!) Yowser!!

I'll also add that this is a very professionally made video regardless of any legal issues and my hat's off to you guys. Thank you for doing it and I hope it makes a big difference for Prop 19 and around the country as well.

I think technically

google/youtube considers itself liable for hosting such videos as well. always the gray area with creative commons, fair use, and parody/satire. however, parody/satire have a proven track record of SCOTUS decisions distinctly protecting them under the 1st Amnd. as far as I can tell.

the girl from a glance, I thought was Oliva Munn. with a MUCH better voice, of course.

that's a sweetly insane range of vocals the that girl has. awesome.

The next Aimee Allen?

Aimee Allen and Charlotte Bruyn should both be the musical face of Ron Paul 2012.

Gotta love the Vendetta masks. That's us all the way!

i love her

she just made me like weed even more! 8)

so much for quiting

for real. lol

for real. lol

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

That young lady.....

is enough to make anyone start taking the pot.


Only two things wrong with this video.

1) Don't want to look up to Bill Gates.
2) Don't want it regulated or taxed. Just legalize it.

with CA. Prop.19

I've been concerned with the same.

though I do contend, this is one of the few areas in which I can rationalize the much maligned meme of "a move in the right direction," in light of the Mex.drug cartel violence, is a MUST.

then comes the tyranny of good intentions with this: it will harm indy growers, home growers, and I suppose even the Artisan variety.

of, course there is also the reality of getting govt hooked on drug profits, and essentially making them drug revenue JUNKIES.

I don't know, which do you guys think has a harder time getting off drug money, the govt, or the cartel?

of course most of us who looked into Iran Contra, or Cele Castillo, Dick Grasso of NYSE and FARC, Mena, Arkansas, would say, um, what's the difference between the two again?

Okay how about Cartel vs. respective State Gvt. in the Union, NOT the Feds. Which of the two groups do you guys think would have harder time letting go of drug profits?

ech, probably rhetorical question, anyway.D

hear hear

with you on both points

Thanks for sharing. I think

Thanks for sharing.

I think people are so focused on government wrongdoings, that they're brainwashed into thinking we should not question business.

Without forcing legislation on the business to do as we please, we can and SHOULD be very vocal when they do something displeasing.

There's a fine line in supporting private property rights and becoming big business apologists. Judging from some of these comments, some on here have crossed it.


I do not think that this music video truly fits the premise that this site is dedicated to restoring constitutional government.

I like to refer the uneducated to this forum, however, this video is not educational. Many folks that I know would be offended by the graphic nature of this item. I wonder if our Good Doctor would like this on a site that promotes his ideals.

"It’s not like I’m just trying to win and get elected. I’m trying to change the course of history." ~Ron Paul

Fine... so you think it is

Fine... so you think it is tasteless. So should it be censored? That is the real question.

I do not know who owns UTube.

If it is privately owned, as is The Daily Paul, they can block whatever they want as far as I'm concerned. I can prevent people from putting signs on my private property, as well.

However, the censorship matter was discussed on a previous post. Someone suspected that it was more of a copyright issue. That is not really censoring. That is following the law.

"It’s not like I’m just trying to win and get elected. I’m trying to change the course of history." ~Ron Paul


I don't know about the merits of pot use ( I smoke cigars ); ... I don't know about the video's fitness as parody ( I haven't seen the Eminem original ) ... nor copyright merits, because I have no faith in the law, and even less in copyRIGHTS; ... as for censorship, I'm absolutist -- 'let it all in, God will sort it out' ...

... Now on the question of taste, ... well, that's a matter of personal sense and sensibility; and my sense of things is that that girl has, umm --

TASTE ... and her voice is -- H O T !

Since this is a political forum and the topic concerned an effort at free expression in the form of a music video on a political question ...

I vote: YYYYYYYYYYYessss.

... Turn up the volume, turn up the heat...

... We're talk'n SSSsssmmmooooooke'nnnn !!!!

i'm in love with that chick

i'm in love with that chick now...

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

Interesting points of view on

Interesting points of view on this forum...the same people explaining how McDonalds, vaccines, tap water or the chemicals in the air are destroying our lives...have no problems when it comes to drugs, suddenly the brain damaging marijuana is "healthy and fun", there are topics about how healthy is to have few beers everyday (like Budweiser is a 100% organic miracle drink) or they feel persecuted by not being allowed to smoke cancer causing cigarettes in public places...

So light up a cigarette, have another sip of vodka mixed with Red Bull and please let me know how bad is for me not raising my own chickens so I can have daily fresh eggs...

Some of you need to work hard to fix your double standard. By the way, marijuana is bad and stupid, like anything which affects directly the functions of your brain, in my opinion just the ignorant and semi-retards are using drugs.

One more thing, yes, drugs should be legalized, but should be illegal to use them in public , they should be sold in sealed packages like cigarettes, so people can take them home where they can inhale and inject whatever they want...plus higher medical insurance for the drug users, I don't want to pay extra for the crackheads who are treated for overdose.

74% good stuff in a 100% bad stuff world

is pretty good in my opinion. I really can't find the bad part about marijuana, but you don't care if I smoke it or not so you're ok there. But just because people come from the same society as others and learn a bit more about what's going into our bodies doesn't mean they can all suddenly become super-healthy overnight. I know pepsi is bad for me, but I love it. MSG, I avoid like the plague and still consume it almost daily--that stuff is haard to avoid. Man, it's hard eating right in our world but a noble effort is really really worthwhile.
Real eggs from backyard chickens are noticebly better and a lot bigger. Real veggies from your own garden are noticeably better and bigger. Chemicals are bad for things. It's just the way things are.

Once Walt Whitman, the great

Once Walt Whitman, the great poet, was told by someone that he contradicted himself. He replied, "Did I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradicted myself. I am large and contain multitudes". I thought of this quote, and I thought of human beings. We are not perfect. An excellent example of this is myself, who, growing evermore into organic foods, banning trans fat from my diet for YEARS, distilling my water and taking all sorts of vitamins, still smoke cigarettes. The years and new information may change some things within our minds, but that may not make connections to other things. I used to be EXTREMELY pro-abortion. I had a zillion reasons for thinking that way. All of a sudden once, something Ron said, actually, changed me 176 degrees in my thinking. If I, however, was 17 and pregnant and unmarried, I personally would get an abortion. To me still, a fetus has only the potential for life. To me, if it does not eat, shit, and breathe normally, it is not a human being. Yet, there is the right to life. Carried to the extreme, however, that would mean no animals or fish could be killed for food. Plants, too, have life, and one day I even thought I could feel the grass's fear, as my riding mower rumbled....of course, those plants which only have a one year life would probably adore being nourishment for someone, and one of their seeds planted somewhere.
Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that there should be no laws against abortion (for example) nor mandates on life. People's opinions change. They learn more and they see things differently. We must see the multitudes in each other and be tolerant.

We truly can never know if it is right to make laws, just because a few lawmakers feel a certain way about something. They (even YOU) could be wrong. I mean, as long as you do not hurt anyone besides yourself, what, besides traffic laws, should be illegal or mandated? We are Americans. We choose to be FREE.
Few laws, small government, WE run the place, not you.

Anyway, inconsistent may be added to my old statement of: 100% of all Americans are stupid in some ways, arrogant in some ways, and have feelings that none of us would EVER have.

never got to debate or vote for..

"McDonalds, vaccines, tap water or the chemicals in the air"
(big ag, big pharma & big chem)

but the politcians & alphabet agencies who were elected/hired & PAID to safeguard and represent MY best interest & safety on all of the above issues did..

Very interesting - where did you get your research on marijuana?

Because I am interested in its healing properties, and fascinated by the fact that one cannot overdose on this plant. Indeed, the research I find has led me to believe the entire prohibition on this plant is because it is a threat to the profit machine of the Pharma folks (same folks as the banksters, did you realize that?)
So as a person who is very interested in healing, I am very concerned that all of my research has failed to turn up this "very bad" thing you speak of. Please direct me to the research you are citing.

Here is the kind of research I have been finding:
Seems the National Institute of Health needs to hear about your research, too, as they have found it is neuroprotective. (Your brain is "neuro" stuff, just so you understand what they mean.)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

VN post fishy..

VN post fishy..

What is the justification for

What is the justification for making drugs illegal in public? I understand the argument with second-hand smoke... which directly infringes on the rights of people around you, but other drugs do not contaminate the environment. I see no valid argument for limiting their use to private spaces. Being "offended" is not a good enough reason to limit them in such a way... as the same argument could be used to limit speech.

..I hate to keep bumping this

..I hate to keep bumping this post but these comments are mostly SO great..I, however, believe that "Second-Hand Smoke" bullsht was of the same type as all the horrific turds they excreted against pot, especially in the 30's. Anyone knows it is not good for you to stand in a smoky room. Smoke that is anything, even just leaves. Standing by the side of a highway, waiting to cross or going to an airport (especially like in AR where I had to wait in line outside, once) is VERY harmful. MUCH more than standing in a room where a few people are smoking--anything, including tobacco leaves.
Tobacco helped make this country grow. People used to get paid in beer, FCOL. We should just be allowed to smoke outside in public. If you do not like the smell, be tolerant or just go elsewhere. If, in this day and age, a merchant or restaurant can not afford a good air purification system, then probably even I would not go there if smoking was "allowed" again. FREEDOM!

Transition period. We can't

Transition period. We can't go from having no drugs at all, to people walking around smoking weed or whatever. Socially it would be irresonsible to do so without a transition period so that society can figure out how to deal with it. It has been illegal for a LONG time, so a transition would be the safest way for all parties.

Ideally these will be state and local issues, where if they want they can ban it in their town or state. There still are "dry" towns and whatnot in this country.

The Majority of Americans

are ignorant and semiretards according to your logic. The majority of Americans are hooked on one type of drug or another. The only difference is that they are sanctioned and blessed because they are "FDA Approved." How naive we are. If you understood the history of marijuana, you would know why it is illegal. It is illegal because some pharmaceutical company can't make billions off of it. After all, you can grow it in your backyard.
What about hemp? It doesn't get you high but it is illegal. Why? It could completely replace oil, paper, wood, cotton and it could feed the world. It is a complete protein and has all of the essential fatty acids. It nourishes the ground and can be grown completely organic. It is a very renewable resource. However, it is illegal. Why? Because big chemical companies like Dow and the oil companies can't make money off of it. After all you can grow it in your own backyard.
You can say people are inconsistent on this website but please have your facts straight before you begin to malign individuals who happen to be more informed than you on a subject. Ron Paul thinks it should be completely legalized. It is a very beneficial drug for a lot of illnesses and pain. There is a lot of research on this. A recent study came out that showed that marijuana actually halts brain cancer cells. It does not destroy brain cells like alcohol does. So get your facts straight.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22